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I am finding it really easy to scan the cards in, since there are so many duplicates it cuts down the time required.

Funny someone mentioned the custom backgrounds, it would be also nice if he could add the ability to put a text note on the background.

Neat little program.

The problem with the IPAD 2 as well is the camera need to make a decent setup that you just slide the cards under then hit the take photo button then it would take a few hours to get them all in.

No a goblin warrior had a piece of the art ripped.

Heh, I own it already I guess I will just have to do it myself:)

Funny I just checked my email, they need a pic of the card...will have to do that tonight:)

Can you share those scans??

What about replacements for damaged cards our of the box??

I agree about letting it breathe, just was thinking out loud.

I guess I was thinking of mini side quests within the actual game.

Hah, cat out of bag.

So there is a plan for different base sets?

First off Just want to say I love the game.

I was thinking of a way to increase some choice in the adventures by having a card that is a location card within the locations you are investigating.

For instance in your pile for town square you could have another card that opens another location to adventure in. The location could have some interesting item or what not to make it interesting. However, you don't get added time to your blessing total timer. This makes it interesting to investigate but not without sacrifices.

This also could be used instead of a villain the players have a choice card that they have to vote on to see which route they take in the adventure, this could also lead to different rewards.

Feel free to expand on the idea, it is just a quick thought.