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I am reading the Beginner Box - Hero's Handbook, and I'm a bit confused about some of the rules regarding carrying and using items.

As I read the rules, if a PC carries an item in a pocket or a sheath he needs to spend an action retrieving it (e.g. 1 action to draw a dagger from a sheath or 1 action to take out a cigar from a pocket). And then he needs to use one action to actually use the thing (e.g. 1 Strike action to hit with the dagger, or 1 Interact action to light the cigar).

But then it seems there are some exceptions to this. In the description of the Healer's Tool and the Repair Kit (among others) it specifically says that "you can draw and replace them as part of the action that uses them".

The way I understand this is that by default I need two actions: 1 to draw/retrieve and 1 to interact. UNLESS noted otherwise in the description of the gear/item?

Is that correct? Seems like a weird distinction I must say.