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First off, not sure whether this should be in this topic area or under home rules...
Under the alchemist class feature at a certain point he becomes immune to poisons. Does this apply to alcohol as well? I'm not sure, and my dm thus far has been playing it as being immune to getting drunk as well. but, in a recent session, it was brought up that i may in fact be able to enjoy the brew to it's full effects. is there somewhere that i can look to clarify my confusion on this subject?

I have the Master Alchemist feat and am a bit confused by the wording in part of it stating to use the gp value as sp value when determining progress. Normally you would multiply the gp by 10 to get sp cost of an item. For example, if you are creating invisible ink (superior) it costs 75 gp and has a craft DC check of 25. So normally to calculate progress you would take 75 x 10 and get 750 sp value. With master alchemist, does that mean instead the sp value is 75 sp, thereby letting you create it faster?

Thank you for all of the input. I will ask my dm about the not tracking the vials part, and see what he rules. As far as the cost for the vials, I believe that is in Ultimate Equipment. There are listings for both iron vials, and vials. The iron vials actually cost less at 1 sp, but weighs 1 lb each while the standard vial is more expensive at 1 gp and has no weight listed.

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:

One think I'd like to point out, (and maybe it was because you were just giving an example?) And Int of 18 would allow for 5 doses to be made at one time, not 4... It adds doses equal to your int bonus to the crafting, not just sets it to your int bonus. But I digress.

A couple of questions:
Is the character in question an alchemist? Swift alchemy makes a big difference in time too. I wondered because...
Your figures are off by a bit, so I was curious how you got them.

28 (ave check) * 14 (dc of poison) = 392 sp

150/39.2 = 3.82 (weeks) (Swift alchemy would make this 1.91 weeks)

Now, if an alchemist with swift alchemy he'd then be able to make 5 doses in 6.25 hours (Of course, if he were an alchemist he couldn't have an 18 skill with an 18 int he'd have to have a 19 with the master alchemist feat... But again, I digress.)

Now, you mentioned that your house rule doesn't come into affect, but it does. By increasing the poison's DC, that will also increase the DC to craft it, and by doing that, you decrease the time it takes to make it. The higher the DC (assuming you can make the check) the more progress you make. Example:

poison DC 14 Skill 18
check = 14 * 28 = 392

Poison DC 15 Skill 18
check = 15 * 28 = 420

Poison DC 20 Skill 18
check = 20 * 28 = 560

So by increasing the DC you would be allowing them to make the poisons even faster because they're getting more work done. (That's why you can voluntarily add +10 to the craft dc to reduce the craft time)

I just wanted to note, that you actually would only be able to create 4 poisons with an INT of 18, because the Master Alchemist feat states that you can create a number of doses equal to your intelligence modifier (minimum 1) at one time. It does not state that you add your INT modifier to number of doses created.

I have an alchemist and am constantly using vials for my mutagens, extracts, and bombs. My DM had me buy vials to use for these and I track the number remaining after each session. If you just drink a liquid from a vial, as opposed to throwing one, can you reuse it?