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Yes, the NPC premades are extremely useful for me. I won't lie, My ability to make spell casters in relatively sub par (MARTIAL FOR LYFE!) so anything that allows me to at least look at or generate spell lists and stat blocks and what not is a god send!

Oh wow, this is really neat. At least it will give me something to pull from, I can adjust numbers if need be during combat (or tweak things after fights and what not).

Super handy though. Thank you very much!

Yeah I wanted the difficulty to ramp up fairly quickly so I gave everyone a little bit more cash with a few limitations. He chose to take the mithral full plate cause "it suits his character".

I also know for a fact that he will be buying a belt of physical perfection as soon as he can (not too soon though as the cash has been scaled down drastically from the beginning [plot stuff and all]) so he will eventually have at least 18 DEX giving him +4 total to fill out that +4 MAX DEX on the mithral armor. I suppose I should have thought of that too! too many variables, lol. His base 39 would go to base 41.

Ioun stone

would bump this up to 43, the Defender feat would be 44. I think these numbers are a little more secure for the most part.

I'll let him know about the shield though (I knew about it, but didn't even think of that), 4 rounds of an extra 3+ AC.

He is officially of the Two-Handed arch-type for the smashy smashy fun times.

I immediately thought of ioun stones as soon as I hit the submit button. The Hat would do the trick for a +1 and negation of crits (every so often).

As for defender, I'll have to check if he's ok with taking it as a feat along side dodge. I know he wants AC but I also know that he doesn't want to sacrifice any of his ten trillion feats that make him kill things better :/

Hello everyone,

This may be a shot in the blue but are there any online resources that allow you to roll up enemies (including stat lines, abilities, spells, etc). Something outside of the SRD/OGC/what have you and their static numbers that allow for fluctuating levels and such?

As it stands, making enemies for campaigns is ok for me to a certain extent but I am god awful at making spell casters (literally every time I've used spell casting enemies it's been fairly laughable). As well, I am more keen on stating out specialized enemies for more personal engagements with my crew and not so keen on stating out the things that stand in the way (such as when they go "rumor hunting" and do some dungeon crawling through some trash mobs).

Is there anything like this?

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering if I could get some advice in regards to a Fighter that I have in one of my campaigns?

As it stands we are starting at level 5 and have been going at a fair pace with equipment and cash flowing at a reasonable pace. The one fighter in my game (I am acting GM) has recently come to me with a query about his AC and how to optimize it so that he can be more durable in fights (outside of his massive freaking health pool). His kit is as such right now:

+1 Mithral Full Plate
Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
DEX score of 14 (+2 modifier)

This make for a grand total of 24 (10+10+2+1+1)

I did some math and ran down the list of things that stand outright to assist his AC score and came to the conclusion:

+5 Mithral (properties here) Full Plate
Ring of Protection +5
Amulet of Natural Armor +5
DEX score of 14 (+2 modifier)

This makes for a grand total of 39 (10+16+2+5+5+1)

I have been humming and hawing about whether or not this would be enough by the time we hit around the level 16 mark... considering that a lot of things around that point (at least those things hitting with melee or ranged) will be hitting with AT LEAST +20-25 (with BAB, STR/DEX modifiers, weapon enhancement, and whatever else might end up as bonuses on enemies).

Is there any way, outside of the above listed gear, to raise his AC any higher without impeding his ability to smash things?

So it came to my mind that I have a wizard that does not have proficiency in thrown weapons of any kind (same with my monkey familiar) if I were to throw either of these items (range incriment 10) would I be taking a -4 penalty to throw it (meaning throwing it within 40ft would net me a negative of -8 to 10?). If so would me and my monkey (+6 and +4 to hit respectively) be inable to even reliably hit unatended squares (ac5 needing 9+ on d20 to hit a square)?

Greetings friends,

I come to you with a fairly simple question that I hope you will be able to give me insight into!

So I will be getting an improved familiar in the near future and have the desire to turn him into a UMD monkey (of which the mechanics and particulars have been happily taken care of). However, my main concern is I'm not 100% sure what to give him in order to maximize his potential.

I'll be using an Imp that will at most times be invisible and up to this point have settled on a wand of Ill Omen, but if anyone else can think of some particularly useful spells to throw onto wands that would be great!

The spells themselves should be relatively universal and can be party buffs, heals, or debuffs!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Its not for the PFS n, just a plane jane game. I jusy want to maximize my action economy for my familar and using magic devices seems to be the greatest way of doing this haha. I figure that I could wear the headband of INT get him his 8 or what have you ranks (8th level) give him an ioun stone of CHA +2 and get him to 11 in UMD (for the level). At the 10th level with this setup alone my familar would have +13 to UMD where having him at 15 or higher would be optimal (DC20 to activate wands and rods and such).

I don't think it would be wise for my wizard to take skill focus in UMD due to the need of spell feat through those level (specifically metamagics) so is there anything else that can be done to boost up a wizards familiar UMD? I hear so many people talking about how great they are at doing this but Im finding consistency to be an issue (needing 9+ on the die is basically 50:50).

Hmmm. So I could buy a headband of vast intelligence, associate UMD with it which will give me 2 ranks in the skill (says ranks not a bonus or anything like that) until I have it on for 24 hours upon which it will give me a total number of ranks equaling my HD (so wear the headband, get +8 ranks in UMD as per my 8 levels of wizard)

Meaning that should I get an Imp at 7th level he would have UMD with 7 ranks and +2 from his CHA score leading to a UMD score of 9. I was hoping to get him to be able to consistently use the magic devices that I give him... is there any way to make his UMD score any higher?


So I'm trying to plan ahead for the not to distant future and am hoping to pick up an Imp for my wizard at 7th level using the improved familiar feat. I have some questions though as to how I would go about getting this Imp to have UMD.

I know that they are supposed to innately be capable of doing it (due to the ability to speak and use their tiny little hands and stuff) but familiars can only use the skills that it has or that the Wizard has. Given that the Wizard does not have UMD as a trained skill and it is a trained skill ONLY and that the Imp does not have UMD on it's skill list I'm a little confused. How would I go about getting UMD onto my Imp familiar when the time comes?

As well, would I have to invest skill points into UMD on my wizard in order for him to utilize them or would he be able to allocate skill points to UMD on his own list and use them that way? I'm not 100% sure how skills on a familiar work other than that they have bonuses listed on their familiar page.

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question. Is it possible for you to throw items such as: Caltrops, Smoketiks, etc, at a targeted square? A square has 5 AC (from my past experience with targeting specific spaces) and shouldn't be to difficult to hit (even with the -2 to hit per range increment).

I can understand that Caltrops, given that they are in a bag, would be difficult to manage this with (and therefore incapable of doing so) but the smokestik or even some of the other items of this nature are use and go, so it would seem igniting a smokestik and throwing it would make at least some sense.

Is it possible to throw either of these items or am I firmly placed in the realm of having to place them myself? :3


How exactly does Improved Familiar work? Obviously I get to pick a better familiar from the list provided (which is great) but the list of familiars provided from the basic ones all give special bonuses (such as the +4 INIT discussed already) where as the ones from improved familiar do not. Are you replacing your familiar and losing the bonus in lieu of just getting better EVERYTHING in general?

I always forget the buckler... I can use the buckler and still have my dagger in the same hand right (or is that thunder striker im thinking of?) i think there is a resistance bonus enhancement i can get on my weapon (+1 enhance) that takes the magical +1-5 bonus and turns it into saving throw bonuses (which will be nice for ensuring that i pass the late game save or be extremely sad checks i know my DM will be throwing at us). I would like to keep my dagger in one hand and a rod in the other! If i can have the buckler out as well that would be handy!

Other than that... Im really muddled up over my familiar choices now :( The roleplaying aspects of my character will be fairly limited (think of him as a pre-cottage frankenstein for those who have read it haha, OR someone who doesn't talk much or interact much but grows to) at this level im gunning for sheer use over everything else until my character grows to have a voice (which is when ill have improved familiar and one that can speak, use magic devices, and have a number of SLAs). Thus you can understand my conflict. Having a familiar used for touch attacks or "attacking" (if you can call it that lol) with 13hp and up to 20AC is essentially a 1 turn dead familiar.

I know I sound like a broken record but I really do want the most out of my familiar and aside from my spells I am placing a lot of trust and reliance on it, lol.

I like the pearls and I agree that I could get a fair amount of use out of a Pearl of Power 1 (getting an extra level 1 spell a day is pretty useful!) I'll have to look into that.

I figure that my party composition will probably have a cleric or other class with cure light wounds on their list so I might buy a wand of cure light wounds for the sole purpose of handing it off to them should theirs run out.

I can't honestly think of anything that I could really use other than situational potions/scrolls and what not. With a pearl of power purchased and if I +1 my haramaki I'll have 2543 gold left over. Any particular potions or scrolls that you think I could get with my Caster level restraint that will give battlefield control or help my party out?

Also I have been looking at my familiar choices again... I really really want to have that +4 Initiative (at 4th level with my DEX and a Ioun stone [500gp if I get it]) I can have a +9 initiative modifier and go first ALOT. However, I'm not 100% sure I know what I could do with a scorpion or a dino that wouldn't just result in them getting killed from sending them out to fight. Obviously the scorpion is more prone to getting things done (having 20 AC (with my bonuses added in) and a few other stats) but given that I'm focusing on summoning things I should have equally powerful monsters on the field to aid my companions (with 2-5 eagles or what ever I like from summon monster II). I want my familiar to actually be able to do something other than sit at my side and dick around. Would it be worth it to take the monkey so that it could use alchemical items (fire, ice, acid, etc) as well as the other great low level items (tangle foot, caltrops, etc)? As I said... I really do not want to lose that +4 INIT bonus... going first means more bodies on the field or other things to mess up the enemies.

"A familiar grants special abilities to its master, as given on the table below. These special abilities apply only when the master and familiar are within 1 mile of each other."

I think it works within one mile of one another?

Hmmm, yeah you're right I did not think about that (thinking to much of Jurassic Park Raptors and their door opening skills, hahaha). Is there any minion at this level that I can get my hands on that will give me the ability to have more battlefield control? I'll be getting Improved Familiar for better choices later on so I'm just trying to get the most out of my familiars at this level without running the risk of getting them slaughtered!

As for extra information:

This is a very high magic world that will have many many options down the road to make lots of money and buy a fair amount of stuff. The only stipulations are that I cannot purchase any consumable items that are above the caster level that I currently posses. So no buying stupid high level 1st level spell scrolls/potions! I really have no preference for any items, just due to the high magic world that we're in I'm always looking for useful items and devices!

Hey everyone! I'm going to be starting a low level (4th) campaign relatively soon and was hoping to get some advice on one, my gear choices, and two how to utilize my familiar to the best of it's abilities.

As it stands my Wizard is fairly basically fleshed out with all the mundane gear he can use but I'm not sure if there is anything else that I can bother with to make him any better.

We're going off a "here's 6000gp cause you're level 4, don't spend more than 1500gp per item" and my DM is pretty stringent about NOT going over that 1500gp limit.

I have purchased the following thus far:

1x Cloak of Resistance +1 - 1000gp
1x MWK Haramaki------------ 155gp
1x MWK Dagger-------------- 302gp

obviously the cloak is mandatory! The MWK Haramaki is just cheap and fancy and has the MWK quality so that I can make it magical down the road and the same goes for the dagger (getting extra enhancements and stuff for better quality of life).

Other than that I'm not sure if there are any CORE items that I should be looking at picking up. I'm mostly just looking at items for my familiar which leads me to my next question:

I have a Compsognathus (for obvious reasons hehe) and figure that at this level there is not much that the little guy is going to be able to do for me OTHER than give me my +4 initiative and run about the field doing my bidding. That being said, it it best to utilize this guy as a battlefield controller? He has 40 ft of movement and has an INT score. My question is how can I use him to the best of his abilities to aid me and my team?

My assumption was that I could give him a bag with a bunch of alchemical fires, acids, caltrops, tanglefoot bags, smokestiks, etc and have him utilize them as they need be. The fires would be thrown for the use of pyrotechnics when I followed him actions, the acids would be there for just basic damage, caltrops for more battlefield control as well as the smokestiks, and the tanglfoots just to make people sad pants. Is this an effective use of my familiar and would these ideas even work?

(((P.S. is it possible for the familiar to move 20ft, draw an item as part of his move action, drop the item as a free action at that 20ft mark, and then move his remaining 20ft? So he advances, draws so caltrops, drops them, walks back to his previous location?)))

Artanthos wrote:

Keep the summoner's hit points, modified by the fused CON score.

Hit points that would come from the eidolon are treated as temporary hit points and can only be regained by using Restore Eidolon.

Right Right. That makes sense. Thank you for simplifying everything!

That being said, at level 4 for instance, a Half-Elf synthesist summoner has access to 2 feats, all the class features outlined in the archetype and anything that the summoner base class gets that isn't canceled by the archetype?

Also does my summoners HP (we'll say like 35HP) get applied to the Eidolon's HP (ie. 101) to make a total (136)? Or is it Eidolon HP -> Eidolon HP=0 -> Eidolon disappears -> Summoner HP?

chaoseffect wrote:

1. Nope when fused you are one creature with one set of actions per round.

2. Eidolon has no feats or skills of its own, just it's physical scores and evolutions which the summoner gets to use.

3. Summoner keeps his mental scores and uses the eidolon's physical scores (including all evolutions and natural armor). He uses his own feats and skill ranks.

So basically when I'm looking at the summoner, and then looking at the Eidolon, all that matters is: Evolution Pool, Max attacks, STR/DEX bonus, ARM, BAB, FORT, REFL, and most likely WILL saves? The rest belongs to the stats of the Summoner?

Hey everyone, long time no see :3

So after a long while I'm going to be going into a new game and want to try playing something a little more so along the lines of melee bruiser (DPS/tank build) and figured what better way to do that than go with a class I 1. Have no idea about and 2. Have heard marvelous things about! Haaha. However, upon inspection I haven't really been able to get a complete grasp on how the synthesist summoner really works and have been getting caught up on very small things.

So I'll cut to the main problems that I'm having:

1. Are the summoner and the Eidolon still considered to be separate entities that exist on their own?

2. If they are separate (assuming they still get two distinct character sheets) does that mean that my summoner will have his OWN feats, skills, etc, etc, while the Eidolon has HIS OWN feats, skills, etc, etc?

3. If the answer for "2" is yes, how does this affect the two when they are fused? Do you use the Eidolon's saves (with the summoners INT, WIS, and CON scores), skill ranks, feats etc, etc, or does the summoner retain the ability to use his own skill scores and his own feats along side the Eidolon's. For instance: The Eidolon is spec'd for all primary attacks, Tripping things (combat reflexes, Improved Trip, Greater Trip, etc) while the summoner inside is loaded up with some Meta Magic feats for the spells he will be using. Can the summoner use his feats and then proceed to engage in combat utilizing the Eidolon's or is, while fused, the summoner completely over shadowed by the Eidolon's abilities?

I can't think of anything else right now but I feel like what I'm reading about the synthesist summoner is enough to really help me effectively build one. So please, shed some light on this perplexing situation I'm in! :D


Nu'Raahl wrote:

Bleed damage continues until it is healed. It occurs each round at the beginning of the bleeding character's turn. Below text pasted from your link.

Bleeding can be stopped by a DC 15 Heal check or through the application of any spell that cures hit point damage (even if the bleed is ability damage)

Precisely, however because it takes the highest amount of bleed damage you do and does not stack. That means that even at 20th level a gunslinger will apply, at most, 10-15 HP Bleed and 1 STR/DEX/CON bleed to a single target.

It severely reduces its usefulness save to have higher level monsters take a piddly 7-15 damage when their round comes up and makes other deeds like Targeting (or up close and deadly for pistoleros), generally speaking, an all around better choice for Signature Deed.

Just going to throw this out there, but upon further inspection into bleeding wounds, it has been either severely nerfed or perhaps misunderstood.

The bleed damage will apply on your first attack, so at 11th level with a DEXMOD of +7 or so you will be dealing 7 points of bleed damage on your first attack, with the following: 1 pt STR, 1 pt CON, 1 pt DEX bleed, on the second, third, and fourth attack. After that bleeding wounds will have no effect save for on other targets.

Unless someone can find something somewhere that the gunslingers deed works differently, this is how I believe it to work.

So does that mean that a Bleeding Wounds shot, over 5 attacks at DEXMOD 10, would deal 50 points of HP bleed, followed by the second round of 5 attacks where you could deal 1 point of STR, DEX, and CON damage (over 3/5 attacks) and the remainder doing nothing?

What I'm getting to is that Bleeding Wound becomes extremely limited in it's use after the first full-attack. Given that your "bleed damage" is only different in the sense that you deal X amount of HP bleed and 1point each to STR, DEX, and CON, no more, no less. Does this sound correct?


I was just wondering, when using the gunslinger deed "Bleeding Wound" to deal bleed damage to an opponent will you only be able to inflict bleed damage on them once? That is to say if I deal, over 5 attacks, 45 points of bleed damage there will be no point in applying bleeding wound to the same target given that the bleed damage I deal will be always the same if not less?

6hr mark bump :3


Man, typo in the title that I missed:

Slinger 11 / Fighter 6

Hey guys,

So I've been hatching out a build for the 17th level on my Musket Master/Fighter and have come to a bit of a wall...

As of right now, my character is sitting at the 12th level (I know that I'm going to be getting to 17th in the next few games, our GM told us to plan it out a few days in advance).

Right now my feat setup looks a little bit like this:

Musket Master 11/Fighter 1
Rapid Reload (Musket
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
Deadly Aim
Clustered Shots
Improved Critical
Weapon Focus (Musket)
Iron Will
Signature Deed (Bleeding Wound)

At 17th level I will have 5 feats to choose from (13/15/17/2 bonus feats from fighter).
As it stands my character is a Ranged DPS/Attack Buffer (Designating weapon) with enough smokestiks and alchemical fire to cover a few dozen battlefields. If it matters I'm trying to keep my ability to debuff the enemies and buff up my team mates ability to kill.

Right now the only feat that I'm really looking at is Weapon Specialization for the extra +2 damage on every hit (couple with gloves of dueling, come on! can't go wrong). However, I'm stumped for other feats that I could take that would be of any use. Considering that I'm using a musket I'm rarely close enough to combat to utilize the snap shot tree so I have more or less taken that out of the potential list of useful feats (also cause I've played other ranged characters with that feat and found that it is rather ineffective).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hello my friends, I have allllll the questions this month it seems.

This time I come looking for some advice on a particular build that I'm thinking of. Currently I have a 4th level musket master that is going to be primarily a support/debuff/control character and have to make some decisions on level progression.

Thus far I've been very conflicted on how to maintain a semblance of support/control on this character but I think that what I've come up with will be of some use to me and the party in the long run.

The idea is to take Musket Master to 5th and then take 3 levels of Holy Tactician (capping out at 8th level until the next milestone). I want to know if there would be any real repercussions to doing this? My understanding/opinion is that gunslingers are not usually to amazing past 11th level and that dipping into fighter at that point is usually going to be more beneficial, however, given my desire for battlefield control (or a degree of it) and some debuff/buff capabilities I thought that Holy Tactician would be somewhat useful.

This is what I have worked out in regards to a build:

LvL8 (Human Musket Master 5, Holy Tactician 3)

STR: 8
DEX: 24
CON: 10
INT: 10
WIS: 16
CHA: 17

AC: 30

FORT: 11
REFL: 18
WILL: 10

ATTACK: +15/+15/10 +1 Merciful Musket (1D12+1D6+7[+6+1])

Point-Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Reload: Musket
Rapid Shot
Deadly Aim
Teamwork: Escape Route
Teamwork: Outflank

As you can see the focus is on making it so that I can give EVERYONE teamwork feats and change them on the fly as I see fit (giving a better to hit bonus and making them not provoke attacks of opportunity).

After all of this the next cap stone will be 12th level (or at least where our next big encounter will be) and the idea for that is to go Musket Master 9, Holy Tactician 3 which will get me more access to a few extra gunslinger deeds and abilities. Finally the 16th level milestone will look like this Musket Master 11, Holy Tactician 3, Fighter (archetype maybe) 1 [with dueling gloves for +3/+3).

Can anyone see anything about this that would cause me any real setbacks? I can't see losing out on anything stopping at 5th for now then following my gunslinger levels through to 8th and then to 11th with one level of Holy Tactician.

Thoughts and opinions?

This is sort of the base idea that I've created so far for my 8th level, there are a few things that I'm a little curious about that I'll list afterwards. Remember, the idea is that this is a supporting/controlish/debuff character

LvL: 8
Class: Human Musket Master

HP: 65

STR: 8 (-1)
DEX: 24 (+7)
CON: 10
INT: 10
WIS: 18 (+4)
CHA: 15 (+2)


AC: 10 +ARM 10 +DEX 7 +NAT1 +DEF1 +DOD2 = 31

Weapon: +1 Distance Musket - +17/+12 1D12 +1D6 +8 (Rapid, deadly 14/14/9 1D12 +1D6 +14) 19-20 x4
Armor: +2 Mithral Chain Shirt, +1 Buckler

Rapid Reload (Musket)
Point-Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
Deadly Aim
Improved Critical (Musket)
Stage Combatant

Muleback Cords (GM deemed slotless item)
Cloak of Resistance +2
Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
+2 Dex belt
+2 Wis Band
Deadshot Vest
Bag of Holding
>>15x Alchemist Fire
>>15x Lantern Oil
>> 15x Smokestik
Burrowing Bullets, lesser x50
Alchemical; Flare x35
Alchemical; paper x50

So as you can see the idea with this is to get some battle field control through the use of the smokestiks and the lantern oil/alchemist fire. As well the Burrowing bullets will ensure that I can stagger at least 3 enemies a round and remove the threat of full attacks or at least having them not be able to move about the battle field and be threats to the party. The next benchmark in my opinion (12th level) will have me using the same general setup but with the use of a:

+1 Distance Lesser Designating Musket

for the ability to stagger opponents and also give morale bonuses to my party that does not have access to a bard at all times.

My final questions to the forum is:
What feats could I take (other than snap shot [have used it before and found it very ineffective]) that would make me a better team player? I'm dipping into Fighter for the last 9 levels after 11th, would Tactician be of any use [given the team work feats] or are there other classes that would be worth dipping into to make me a little more useful on the battlefield for more than DPS?

I'm also a little conflicted about the idea of having to spend a move to draw any of those items and a standard to throw them :/ I suppose that's on of the draw backs though.

I guess, in all, I'm looking for something that will give me some more utility/support capability consistently without having to rely solely on consumables to get the job done. Thus the reason why I chose to go with the Designating weapon and the burrowing bullets (that in itself keeps my party hitting the enemies, and the enemies from full attacking/moving and acting).

Right, that's the idea.

Just to throw it out there, when we gain money we generally get access to black market sort of vendors after a while where we can pretty much buy anything in the entire game (or at least the main books: APG, Core, Ultimate Equipment+magic, just no 3rd party stuff or anything from the offshoot books). If that helps with anything. I've already looked through a lot of stuff but was hoping for some extra input as to what would be useful! haha.

Killstring wrote:
pylfer wrote:
TarkXT wrote:
So no bard. What's the rest of the party like?

Party's usually at least 2 Beat-sticks (Paladin/fighter), a healer (Oracle, Cleric, etc), a guy with 30+ AC (the "tank"), 1/2 the time another ranged DPS or 1/2 the time a flowing/grapple monk type guy, and myself the DPS/Debuff/Buff (takes'em alive) gunslinger.

We have solid team compositions its just we have a shifting party every time we play (with me and the tank being the only constants).

So no arcane anything - battlefield control, buff/debuff/save or something bad. That's rough. I like the idea of your Gunslinger trying to fill that role a little, but the class is going to have a pretty rough time of that.

My suggestion? Consumables. Tanglefoot bags, smokesticks, and enough lamp oil to make a Bruckenheimer film. If you can control battlefield positioning, you can make a nice little funnel into your tank, and then focus on shooting people in the face. I'd get a bandolier full of stuff like this - Alchemist's fire, etc. Don't worry about doing damage w/any of this - worry about changing the environment.

Focus on building a Batman-style utility belt full of one-off dirty tricks, and you'll not only be helpful, but do it with interesting flair.

Totally forgot about that. Sometimes we do have a guy that comes in with a Wizard... or something (derp can't remember). He has some access to battlefield control like that. I do like this idea though.

The only thing that I'm concerned with is the relatively low DC on tanglefoot bag/bombs. We're fighting a lot of lvl 10-12+ stuff that will be sitting on (usually) +12 or higher reflex saves so it might negate a lot of what the tanglefoot bag can do (DC 15).

The smokestiks are really appealing, I can throw them ahead of the party and provide some decent cover moving forward.

The lantern oil I can see being fairly useful, but the fact that it only does 1d3 doesn't seem to intimidating for higher level mobs that will just shrug that off like nothing. Rather, it will change the environment but when something wants to charge us the fire might not be to much of a concern.

I'm going to probably look over a lot of that stuff, but I need to maintain the ability to change/alter things up to and including the 16th level or so (ie. fighting level 18-20 mobs).

Bump :3

TarkXT wrote:
So no bard. What's the rest of the party like?

Party's usually at least 2 Beat-sticks (Paladin/fighter), a healer (Oracle, Cleric, etc), a guy with 30+ AC (the "tank"), 1/2 the time another ranged DPS or 1/2 the time a flowing/grapple monk type guy, and myself the DPS/Debuff/Buff (takes'em alive) gunslinger.

We have solid team compositions its just we have a shifting party every time we play (with me and the tank being the only constants).

Hey guys,

So I'm playing a level 8 musket master and using some fairly standard equipment. I'm trying to make myself as supporty as I possibly can and hope to have an inventory that looks something like this:

Weapon: +1 Merciful Lesser Designating Musket (which will later become Greater designating).
Ammo: Lesser Burrowing Bullets.

As you can see I'm trying to Debuff the enemy (via touch attack burrowing bullets [staggered]) and buffing my parties ability to kill the things around us (we have no bard). My question to you guys is how I can make myself a better team player and enhance my ability to just straight up be super useful?

The goal is to get free bleeding shots at level 11 (targeting is in there as well I suppose [seems pretty cumbersome for a full-round action]), debuff, bleed everyone, buff the party and go from there.

Other equipment:
+2 Mithral Chain Shirt
+1 Buckler
+1 Ring of Prot
+1 Amulet of Natural Armor
+2 Cloak of Resistance
Muleback Cords (slotless as per GM)

With more $$$ sitting in my pocket I want to get some support stuff (10k to spend)

Well I played the ranger, but I build him to be more or less a power house, with spamming of Gravity Bow, Bow Spirit, Bark Skin, and other effective spells like that. There wasn't a whole lot of utility that I found he brought to the table other than 600-900 damage a round (which, don't get me wrong, is a great feeling to say the least). My animal companion, a cheetah, became fairly useless after 8th level module when he was more or less gimped (considering the enemies of dragon, 4 horsemen, demi-gods, gods in general, etc) and was more or less incapable of doing a lot of things (and wolf/cheetah are arguably some of the best animals to be using [lest you take a dip into druid for access to the whole list].

This year I'm looking to provide more than just the ability to kill things, though it's still high up on the list of things that I want to be able to do. I want to help my party all around and make things easier for them all (whatever they may be).

As for the Savant I should have mentioned that the only classes accepted are from the main books (core, advanced, race, etc). Sorry if there was any confusion :<

I'm very intrigued by the bard, 1 lvl mysterious stranger, 17 lvls bard, 2 lvls pally?

the teamwork feats seem great, but do they come up very often? It seems like everything has to be focused around people standing beside one another.

what great spells/abilities do the bard, cleric, paladin, etc have access to that make them outstanding? (other classes can be discussed here, we are debating usefulness!)

Ok, well the Paladin keeps popping up at least once in everyone's post so I have to admit that I'm a little intrigued by what they're capable of. As well, the cleric seems to be a very interesting class as well. I have to admit, I always assumed the Cleric to be a fairly healy class and the paladin more of a niche "I kill dead/evil things" sort of class.

Can we elaborate on what these particular classes are capable of doing (R. Yang gave me something of an idea of what the cleric can do)? Such as, what the Paladin's can do to help others other than 10ft auras and lay on hands, or what the Cleric can do to buff others and debuff enemies while killing things? Are there any truly astounding archtypes of either class?

Hey everyone,

I'm a somewhat adept player of the game, but have come to a cross roads (one in which I'm come to most of the time when I hear other people talk about their classes). I'm going to be playing in a fairly large game of Pathfinder which will be broken down into 5 parts at given levels (4, 8, 12, 16, 20) where parties will be constantly shifting and nothing is wholly consistent.

Last year I played a heavy DPS character, but outside of that I didn't fill much of a roll (as well I was outclassed as a Ranger by a Zen Archer!). This year I want to play more of the team game and hope to accomplish the goal of making everything better for everyone while still holding my own. As of this moment I have considered the Musket Master gunlsinger for its decent damage output and the fact that it can debuff the enemy consistently. However, I am beginning to feel less and less useful the more I hear about what others are doing! Hahaha, a bit of a jam really.

Anyway, I have come to you fine forum folk in order to be bestowed knowledge on what you would consider the most useful class to a party that's always changing. This can be filled by archtypes or cross classing or what have you. I'm hoping to fill the role of buffer/debuffer, while being able to dish out some punishment of my own when the time comes for it!

So I searched the forums and got a an answer to some extent, however it did raise a few other questions for me as well.

So I understand that you pick one (1) archtype at 1st level and go from there (getting all the benefits from that class as you progress).

However, you can also dip into other archtypes as well and receive benefits from them for their respective levels.

However, I`m a little confused about how you would work some of these archtyping mixing classes:

1) do you take your archtype at level 1 and then level separate archtypes the same way that you would if you were multiclassing?

2) So long as there are no conflicting features, you are capable of taking an archtype in the same base class? As well do you just make sure that the conflicts at level 1 are ok (should you only take 1 level in an archtype) or do you have to make sure that there are no conflicts from level 1 onwards?

As an example I'll use Musket Master Gunslinger and Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger. Nothing within those two archtypes conflict (in that they both give up features, but they do not give up the same). I pick my archtype as Musket Master and choose to level 1-19 as that archtype. However, I make the decision at level 2 to invest one level in Mysterious Stranger in order to pick up the ability to use CHA as my prime stat. I am now effectively (at level 20) Musket Master 19, Mysterious Stranger 1. I use CHA as my main stat, maintain nimble and gun training skill and all the other features of Musket Master.

Does this sound right, or is it because of the fact that at level 5 in both archtypes they replace Gun Training, I am only allowed to take one or other (despite the fact that I'm only taking one level of Mysterious Stranger)?

Anyone have any idea if it's worth it to switch to Rifles and pick up Rapid Reload (Rifle) after a while? I can see you drop down to a d10 as opposed to the d12, but it also becomes consistently a free action to reload them with alchemical paper and the rapid reload feat.

Cons: Needing to spend another feat on something that you don't wholly need.

Pros: no longer needing to reload with a move/swift action by using grit.

It's going to be blind, I don't know who I'll end up being paired with! What's a master work UMD tool? You'll have to forgive me if I'm a little rusty on some of my knowledge.

Really I just want to make sure that I am personally geared as best I can with what I have and then work on utility for my team (whatever they are)

Is it worth it to pick up a wand if we can't reliably use it ourselves?

Upgrade's not a problem, didn't even think about that. The fire I can understand, and the tanglefoot as well. Can I use/buy the tanglefoot bags (are they alchemist bombs, or what).

Anything that might prove to be more useful to my party?

So I'm starting a 4th level game as a musket master gunslinger, I have 6000 gp and can spend a total of 1500 gp on any given item.

As it stands right now, I get a free musket which is great, and needed to fill some equipment slots. I picked up a +1 Buckler, +1 Chain Shirt, Cloak of Resistance +1, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (to give to other members who can use it considering I can't effectively wield it), 1 Potion of Named Bullet. I still have 1500 gp remaining to be spent on whatever... I can't think of anything else that I really need (bullets are included in there somewhere).

Any advice that you guys can give me as to what I should be taking to make myself a little more effective on the battle field?

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