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So, I'm building a new character for a campaign where my previous character died, and my concept requires the use of a wand of greater invisibility for the more important battles. I already have the character built (for the most part), and I have some gold left that can be moved around, as well as one feat that could be swapped out if need be, so I can't really afford to change much else at this point, as most all the rest of it is kinda necessary to the over all concept of the character.

My issue is, I want a way to be able to draw the wand, activate it, and stow it away all in one round, so next round I can draw my weapons (I'm dual wielding) and attack at least once. I have not had any way luck in finding a way to accomplish this, especially since quick draw explicitly excludes wands, and the spring loaded wrist sheath requires a full round action to stow the wand again, so that's out, and there don't seem to be many wondrous items that do stuff with wands, and those that do don't do what I want.

The only alternative to something allowing me to speedily draw, activate, and stow the wand that would be equally or more ideal would be if there was either a weapon enchantment that worked like the weapon wand spell that I could put on one of my weapons, or some way to permanency the weapon wand spell (or another spell that does something similar, I seem to recall seeing other spells that do a similar thing but slightly different), but let the wand be replaced when the charges run out (like there would be a command word or whatever that made the weapon spit out the wand so I can put in a different one, like replacing a magazine in a modern pistol or whatever).

I haven't been able to find a way in the rules to let me do either of those things, and while it wouldn't be the end of the world if I couldn't do it, it would go a long way in improving the efficiency of my build (which, other than this, is actually very efficient, compared to some other builds I've had), and I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could point me to something that would work.

Don't stow the wand back in the wrist sheath. Swift action draw the wand, standard action use the wand, move action stow the wand in your belt, bag, or wherever. Reload your wrist sheath after combat.

This might help a bit.

Villian Codex wrote:

Quick Stow (Combat)

You effortlessly stow items and sheathe weapons.

Prerequisites: Quick Draw, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when sheathing a weapon, and you can combine a move action to sheathe a weapon with a regular move action. (You can both stow and draw a weapon as part of the same move action in this way.) If you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you can sheathe two light or one-handed weapons in the time it would normally take to sheathe one.

You can also quickly stow items in a backpack or other container that you are wearing or carrying. When you successfully use an action to pick up an item (including when you steal an item with a successful Sleight of Hand check or steal combat maneuver check), you can stow the item as part of the same action used to acquire it. You can try to hide this object by attempting a Sleight of Hand check with a –20 penalty, opposed by the Perception check results of all opponents.

A weapon cord attached to the wand might help if you aren't going to have a move action spare. Your GM might impose a penalty for wielding a weapon while having a wand dangling from that arm though.

A glove of storing is an expensive but effective way of getting a wand out and then putting it away again.

Scarab Sages

It's a heavy dip, but four levels of counterfeit make will let you draw a wand as a free action.

Another option is taking some levels in vigilante with warlock or cabalist to get tattoo chamber.

If you can get one there is always a Monkey familiar or some of the Improved Familiars. They just use the wand on you.

weaponwand spell
Or you know, just drop the wand and pick it up later.
have a familiar cast it on you.
have an unseen servant that picks up your dropped wand.

A Monkey Belt would let you activate the belt as a swift, retrieve wand as a move, use the wand as a standard and hold the wand for a minute which should be enough for most combats.

Could be useful if your GM lets you stack items on slots for 1.5x cost.

Gloves of storing. Pop the wand out and use it, next turn pop it back in and quickdraw your weapons.

Check out the race: Tiefling with the tail racial ability.

Thanks everyone for the swift responses!
_Ozy_ - I had briefly considered that, but for some reason when I read the part about a ratcheting mechanism for reloading my brain decided to interpret that as having at least part of the wand or whatever still partially in/attached to the sheath in some way, thus dismissing it out of hand, but I guess that isn't necessarily the case, cool.

Gisher - I had forgotten about quick stow, too bad I don't already have quick draw and only have one feat that I can spare...

avr - I think when I checked weapon cords it said something about not being able to wield a weapon at all with something dangling by the cord, and I can't afford the glove of storing, which would have been my first choice, otherwise.

Imbicatus - I'm already a Teisatsu vigilante, so no dipping vigilantes, and I just don't have the free levels to dip rogue, but I do love rogues!!!

Azten - I don't think I have the free feats/levels to finagle any familiars, but I do like the idea... maybe for a different character!

Chess Pwn - I don't have my own spell casting, and because I'm largely wanting to use the wand as a first round of combat thing, so unless you know of some way to get a permanent weapon wand or equivalent (I looked and couldn't find one, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one), that isn't really feasible. Also, the reason I'm wanting a way to draw/activate/stow in one round or less is because I don't want to drop it and risk it getting broken or lost or whatever (I'm the sort of player that would forget to explicitly mention picking it up again, and unfortunately my gm has a tendency to assume things like if I don't explicitly state I'm going with the party down the hallway that means I'm standing in the first room like a dope with an afk over my head, or something, so I'm afraid I'd lose it, which I can't afford). Familiar and unseen servant are nixed for reasons stated above.

Gallant Armor - I love the idea of the monkey belt!!! That is exactly the sort of thing that my group would get a huge kick out of, and I don't need to worry about stacking because the belt I'm wearing is already dex +2, so that makes affording the monkey belt easier as well, so that is what I'm gonna do because a catfolk ninja-guy who sprouts a monkey tail before vanishing completely is sufficiently within rule of funny for me and my group! I love it!!!

tonyz - Glove of storing would have been my go to if it weren't so bloody expensive!

TL;DR going for monkey belt, but would have otherwise done the spring loaded wrist sheath to draw and then stow elsewhere thing I missed because of head derp.

Thanks all for the all the help!!!

Matt2VK - This gm doesn't like Teiflings/Aasimars, which is largely why I hadn't done that in the first place, because the variant teifling with + dex and cha with a prehensile tail would have been perfect for this character!

I'm glad I could help :)

Completely different and might require some rebuilding is getting the feat - Hellcat Stealth. Let's you make a hide check in plain sight while in normal light.

Oh, yeah, I've had builds with that feat, it was awesomely fun!
However, the reason I specifically want to use greater invisibility is because it turns you invisible and it doesn't end when you attack, essentially my concept is to, at least on the big, important battles is to activate the wand, then abundant step with the dimensional agility feat chain (right now I have it up through dimensional dervish, as I don't have the bab to qualify for dimensional savant, yet) to get as many hidden strikes off before jumping elsewhere as possible.

Actually, now that I think about it, the first character that I built with hellcat stealth used a similar strategy, except that was a level 22 build, 12 levels of rogue, 10 levels of shadow dancer, between all my various bonuses on items and things I had a +84 to stealth, and a ring of invisibility, and I could always stealth while observed, if need be turn invisible for that extra +20, and when there were shadows around I could shadow jump crazy far, and I had the dimensional agility feat chain there, too (this was before blood of shadows so the shadow jump controversy was not yet resolved, and my group ruled that it qualified as the prereq for that feat chain, as we were under the impression that shadow dancer was one of the reasons that feat chain existed, and shadow jump not counting was an oversight, turns out we were wrong, but now there's a way to make it work anyway), so I could bounce around, turn invisible, or even just stealth for the first attack, then flank with myself with dimensional savant to get off all my sneak attacks on the full attack!

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