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Alessan wrote:

Received an e-mail, got $10 worth of credit, and free shipping for the char add on pack next month.

I'm satisfied with the resolution.

Got the same email. Nice to get official word straight from CS. Not to be dense and I am tired but wouldn't shipping something free with the other subscription items still increase the amount of shipping? It's not like they can leave the weight of the deck off when the package is weighed and shipped through UPS or whoever is the carrier. I suppose a shipping credit will be applied for the difference? In any case the $10 would make up for it and is a nice gesture.

I'd also say that the packaging for subscription items is superior to what you might get with Amazon although I had to switch to UPS only since my postal carrier takes Do Not Bend as a personal challenge and jams it into the mailbox.

Finally got some forward movement on my shipping this weekend after being charged on the 7th. Frustrating but stuff happens. My only concern is that I don't want to be charged shipping twice on the items that were pushed to next month.