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So let's say I cast Detonate, using Selective Spell. Supposing I exclude myself from the AoE, do I still take damage?

I feel like I do, as it says "You automatically take half damage from the explosion..." and "automatically" suggests I can't avoid it.

However, it also say "from the explosion", which implies the only reason I'm taking any damage at all is because I'm in the explosion (makes sense) which could potentially mean that if I get out of the AoE somehow I avoid the damage.


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Today I tried to build a gnome paladin. Seems like something that ought to be doable, and I've done in in PF1. Now, the first thing I noticed is that since Full Plate comes in at a whopping 4 Bulk its pretty darn difficult to carry everything you want while wearing it. 4B for my armour, 2B for my weapon, 1B for a heavy shield, 1B for a repair kit so I can fix my shield, 1B for a medicine kit because, y'know, I'm a paladin- oh wait I'm already over. That's 9 Bulk and my encumberance limit is 8. This is without any basic adventuring necessities like rope, rations, ranged weapon, etc.

So I go look up the encumbered condition, and, well, it's brutal. -10 to speed is a ridiculous penalty when you're already at -10 from full plate and puts my poor gnome at a 5ft speed even with Fleet. I think maybe the encumbered speed penalty and the armour speed penalty aren't supposed to stack, but I can't find any rules supporting that.

So, this is pretty bad, and honestly if I wasn't a gnome my Bulk limit would only be maybe 1 higher (from STR 18 raterh than 16), so it's not just because I chose a STR penalty race. Full plate is now brutal, and very difficult to deal with. I feel 3 Bulk would be enough (and even that would be annoying).

But then I remembered, hey, I'm a Paladin. I can get me a horse to help carry my stuff AND let me move faster. Two birds with one stone! So I head over to the animal companion section and discover that a medium horse (which I would have thought would be a suitable mount for a small paladin) has EXACTLY THE SAME CARRYING CAPACITY AS ME. Meaning that if I'm encumbered and I get on it it'll also be encumbered. In fact, if I got all the adventuring gear I wanted and put in on my horse it would be holding too much to move (13+ Bulk) and that's not even taking into account the fact that it would also have to carry me.

In PF1, these problems were solved by having small sized gear weigh less and giving quadrupeds a higher carrying capacity. Sure, a small character might have trouble carrying things on occasion, but if they were mounted it was never an issue. As it is in PF2, even though a large horse can carry and medium rider, his full plate and all his gear easily (due to Large size creatures having ten times the encumbrance limit of medium/small creatures, assuming I understand things correctly) but a medium horse with a small rider is overburdened if it tries. I would have thought the ratio of medium:large would be the same as the ratio of small:medium so this seems absurd to me.

So in the end I have three problems:

1: Full plate weighs a (non literal, thankfully) ton and it makes it very hard to carry even the basic necessities.

2: Mounted combat with small sized riders on medium sized mounts is equally difficult, verging on impossible if you want your rider in heavy armour and/or you mount in barding.

3: I didn't really cover this previously, but how on earth do I calculate my PC's weight? This is really important for working out whether or not my mount is encumbered, and I can't find anything more specific than "... and item that weighs 5 to 10 pounds is 1 bulk..." which is woefully unspecific even if you ignore the fact that nowhere in the rules does it tell me how many pounds my gnome weighs (sure I can go look it up in the PF1 rules, but those shouldn't be relevant for PF2 stuff).

Anyway, that's it. Am I missing something? It's entirely possibly that making full plate weigh a lot was an intentional design choice (I mean, it most likely does in real life) but I feel like making the combination of Full Plate + Lance + Shield + Heavy Barding + Repair Kit(14 Bulk total) to be impossible for a small rider (14 Bulk vs 13 carrying capacity on a medium horse at 4th level) but easy as anything for a medium rider (14 Bulk counts as 1.4 Bulk on a large horse) to be utterly ridiculous.

TLDR: Please bring back higher carrying capacity for quadrupeds. As it is, a small sized knight on a medium horse is unviable if they are appropriately armoured.

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Character A has Vicious Stomp and Paired Opportunists.
Character B just has Paired Opportunists.
They are both adjacent (and threatening) character C.

1) Character C falls prone.

2) Character A gets an AoO from Vicious Stomp.

3) Character B gets an AoO because Character A got an AoO, as per Paired Opportunists.

This all seems fairly straightforward.
My question:
Does Character B's AoO need to be an unarmed strike, or can it be just a normal AoO?

One could argue that is does, as the ability that triggered it is the feat Vicious Stomp, which requires the AoO be an unarmed strike. On the other hand, one could argue that Vicious Stomp didn't really trigger this AoO as it was Paired Opportunists which granted it, and Paired Opportunists has no such restriction.
I'm feeling that the RAW favours the latter, but I'm interested to see what a more rules savvy person might say.

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Would the Fight On feat grant extra temporary HP if you were under the effects of Bear's Endurance/Rage something similar? It seems like a fairly useless feat, but it you do it would be slightly better . . .

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I'm fairly new to pathfinder, and creating a Barbarian for PFS, and was wondering what a good dexterity score would be? At first I thought 12 was fine, but then I realised they only get medium armour, and -2 in rage . . . is more required?