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Is there a coupon code for the paizo store this month? I can't find anything since the site change & my cart being partially deleted.
Thank you in advance for your replies.

1 or 2.

The first was Shackled City. It was fantastic.

The group splintered on the 2nd to last Age of Worms - almost had finished in the Wormcrawl Fissure adventure. But the players of the Binder & the Cleric moved.

But, I did run a space/time continuum Warp campaign where each player picked 1 path (usually from just the titles or artwork)- & I picked the individual book within the path for them & linked them all together with the final Age of Worms adventure starting the finale, then a reboot finale from Shackled City (there were 2 players who had gone through that the first time there) to end it.

(the paths picked were (in the order I ran them i.e. book 1 to 5 from the listed paths, with my own combined finale : 1. Giantslayer
2. Second Midnight
3. Carrion Crown (I only owned 2 of this path at the time, so not many options. After a few years I still only own 3 of this one)
4. Legacy of Fire
5. Jade Regent (after looking through the players choices & juggling the order I would put them in I felt this one had to be either first or last so this was locked into it's order first)

I look forward to doing another Warped 2 soon - but I do want to run RotR sometime by itself.

Multiclass either ranger (if you want to dual wield)
Barbarian (for meatiness)
or fighter.
11th = 5/6 (or 4/7 if you don't have a negative Int. & a favored class/race combo; the lower lvl is rogue) you can max you search/disable/open locks. Easier if part ranger.
I never play 'pure' rogues myself. I like more hit points.
Good luck.

Ylrynyr (ill-rinn-ear)
lvl 10
Details : (dm told me later about some of what I was not aware of at the time)
Caster under an imp.invis summoned a demon/devil type; then magicly sealed a tough door behind her/him. I of course was first in. I almost got the darn thing but I had to spend a round healing/touching myself when I found out later that I may have been able to kill it that round with a little luck.

As the rest of the party may have 'good' alignments written on their sheets, they definitely were Not. I told them not to resurrect me.
I am still debating what I shall make now. Only healing left in the party is a druid so a cleric or similar would be good for the party, since the party wasn't so good to poor ol' Ylrynyr maybe a neutral-ish warlock would serve them right. The dm allows new characters one lvl below who died & since I never missed a session (& everyone else had missed at least a couple) I was a bit ahead anyway. Sigh.

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Was I the only one hoping for the old Dungeon magazine paths to be included? I loved Shackled City and Age of Worms was pretty mega; only Savage Tides was meh for us.

Found this thread, good stuff. Now, I am unlikely to actually run any path (I have Shackled City & Rise of the Runelords already) but I want to read more. Which ones read the best?

If you have read many please list them in order of how you liked them please. You can include the old Dungeon magazine ones. (Age of worms etc)(FYI, I enjoyed reading Shackled City far more than Rise) Thanks for any replies.

Further comments on playability are cool too, I may someday rejoin the living & run one.