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BOOYAH! Jack can now steal his chicken!

6th errata wrote:

Breaking Stealth: When you start your turn using Stealth, you can leave cover or concealment and remain unobserved as long as you succeed at a Stealth check and end your turn in cover or concealment. Your Stealth immediately ends after you make an attack roll, whether or not the attack is successful (except when sniping as noted below).

No hidden condition, but its a start. Thank you Paizo!

T-10 seconds before someone finds something else in the stealth skill description to mark as an FAQ candidate.

I was looking around the interwebs for a good mini for my PFS ninja and I just came across this site Zenit Miniatures. If I hadn't already ordered the anima tactics model Kagemaru, I might have ordered from here (though the international shipping might have been a pain). Still worth checking out if you are running Jade Regent, I imagine.

Just a thought, I was updating a profile page today and was wondering if people might like them to be formated the same way that NPC stat blocks and Pregen characters are. The people I play with tend to write up their characters in that fashion on google docs and the like.

what did I miss? Also, I am REAALLY hungry...

Magic-user, Baby!

3 is the magic number. Target + effect + gimmick/metamagic/twist. This is just something I think would make the system more unpredictable and more fun. One can always guess that a BBEG wizard or sorcerer has Fire words, but they don't know what 3rd word twists they might have in their retinue.

... instead of good old Stunning Fist? Or some other status condition mechanic? I was surprised to see them get Punishing Kick when Stunning Fist lets you stun/stagger/sicken/nauseate/paralyze opponents all which says ki manipulation to me. Anybody got the skinny? or at least a plausible theory? or amusing one, I'll take those too?

I have been working on this class on and off for a while, trying to create a class that has the classic ninja tropes and fits in with the other classes, and has the customization options to allow for each ninja to be different. BUT, I am probably too close to this class to see where it might be out of whack. Take a look and tell me what comes to mind :D

It used to read "In this case, the creator's caster level must be as high as the item's caster level (and prerequisites may effectively put a higher minimum on the creator's level)."

Which had some people thinking you had to be that level, or some people saying it just a prerequisite that can be ignored for an extra +5 on your spellcraft check. In any case it it was confusing and discouraging to crafters, PRAISE THE PAIZO GODS it is gone. My crafter can now use his 3rd level craft wondrous feat to make a 1st level pearl of power, yay!

(ok so he could have done that anyway with how we ruled on it, but it still feels good to be vindicated)

So I am planning to play in a new game with a Druid 6/Barbarian 1 and it occured to me that there was a distinct possibility that if this character is brought to 2 hp or lower, while raging, he will flat out die when his rage runs out (Con 12). Now I had heard of this being a possibility, and I have never really liked that barbarians lose hp when they stop raging, but that's the way it's written. Have any of you out there experienced this in a game before? Are barbarians prone to raging to death? Or does it never really get there in most games? Is there a reason that HP gained from raging are not temporary HP? My DM will probably think i am intending to lobby for a change (which I am not), but really I am just curious as to how other people of experienced this quirk in the rules.

is an alchemist able to mix different bomb effects to create things like shocking concussive bombs? or concussive force bombs? As I read the rules it don't seem to be so.

I am wondering if it would be a good idea to change the bomb discoveries so they trade bomb damage for special effects. For example if a frost bomb could trade 1d6 of bomb damage for the stagger effect, instead of doing 1d4 per 2 levels +the stagger effect. This might allow alchemists to create some crazy bomb combinations. While it risks forcing an enemy to save vs a variety of status conditions, they are receiving less damage.

Also you could tie the bombs save DC into the number of damage dice rolled so that someone throwing 4 different effects on their bombs, is gimping the DC.

edit- to the matter of what type of bomb damage a mixed bomb is, I would say its all of the types indicated. or the alchemist can choose to split it among the number of damage dice he is using (with the minimum being 1 type of damage for all the damage dice).

So I made a gish class here.
And I liked some of the things about it, but the spell casting was complex and the spell list really long, and probably was too much like a standard wizards, stealing their thunder.

Tejón made his iron mage here and his warding/witching/school specialization were very cool.

So then I began thinking about the gish's niche and really, they are sort of backup casters. They should have decent spells and possibly even very dangerous ones, but their scope and breadth should be limited. Sorcerors are in this vein to some degree. They don't get to expand their repertoire as much as wizard but they choose spells from the whole list. Bards get a mishmash but mostly they have enchantments and illusions.

So what if a gish class got to pick 2 spell schools to cast from and gain bonus abilities from, almost like 2 domains. This limits them in scope. keeping them from out casting the caster. Each gish might then be very variable in what to expect. I could see trans/evoc being popular combo. Abjur/Nec would be awesome for a creepy hellknight. An illus/ench might be like a bard without music.

I still like 3/4 BAB, d8 HD, 4 skills/level, 6 spell levels. That seems inline with making them partial arcane casters. The school powers would also need to be balanced to help them retain some similar features, but the warding/witching seems good for giving them school appropriate melee skills.

is this a good idea? is there something I am missing?

So yeah, they are popping up like hamster babies after after all-night hamster orgy, but I'm always a sucker for a class creation challenge. So her it tis. Some notes on the design: you may notice that the spell list all sorts of expody spells like chainlightning and disintegrate, etc, and some people might go "WTF?". These might be too much, but part of the design of the class is that it is a nuker, but one that has all its nukes centered on itself, which is bad for fighting in a party. Also many of the nukes come at much higher level than similar level wizard/sorceror, so in a way this is an experiment in whether nukes scale with BAB if they come at later levels.

I also tried to cull from the spell list anything that favored casting from behind the party line or was more of a "cast at home" spell (with a notable exception of some scrying and communication spells, as weirbrands are soldiers). I kind of came to it thinking, "what spells would they have lost due to underuse?" but anyway there it is. thanks in advance to anyone who points out where its hideously broken (which I am sure there will be ;)

While there are few who become masters of arcane lore, fewer still are those who seek to ply its energies at the end of their swords. Weirbrands are both warrior and sage, scarring their flesh with arcane sigils and channeling their power through the edges of their weapons, these battle hardened mages do not shrink from combat, but rather wade into its dangers to deliver their spells and cants with the martial prowess of their hieing blows. For the weirbrand the act of casting is married with the dance of battle, for they know what true powers lies in sweat and blood.

BAB: 3/4
HD: d10
High Save: Refl/Will
Skills/level: 4
Acrobatics (dex), Climb (str), Craft (int), Fly (dex), Intimidate (cha), Knowledge (arcana) (int), Linquistics (int), Perform (cha), Profession (wis), Sense Motive (wis), Spellcraft (int), Swim (str)

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies:
A weirbrand is proficient in all simple and martial weapons. He is proficient with light armor and shields (but not tower shields). A weirbrand can cast spells in light armor without suffering arcane spell failure as long as he is casting them with somatic actions.

Spellmarks: a weirbrand studies spells similar to a wizard, but in leu of spellbook, a weirbrand tattoos or scars his flesh with arcane writing, often starting with his arms but eventually covering his entire body. While studying his spellmarks, a weirbrand need not see them specifically, but rather senses the marks on his skin. While a weirbrand cannot normally "loose" his spellmarks, he can loose portions of them if he looses a limb or body part. If he looses a limb 1/5 of the "pages" of his spellmarks are lost.

A weirbrand starts with all the cantrips on his spell list, and 3 1st level spells plus an additional number of 1st level spells equal to their weirbrand's intelligence bonus. The weirbrand continually updates his spellmarks as he adventures, adding to their breadth and complexity. After gaining a level a weirbrand adds to spells to his spell marks chosen from any spell level he can cast. He can add additional spells to his spell marks as wizard can add spells to his spellbook, spending the same amount on materials.

Spells: a weirbrand casts arcane spells drawn from the weirbrand spell list. He must prepare his spells ahead of time.

To learn or prepare a spell, the weirbrand must have an intelligence equal to 10 + the spell level. The DC for a saving throw against a weirbrand spell is 10 + spell's level + the weribrand's intelligence modifier.

A weirbrand can know any number of spells, but he does not learn enchantment or illusion spells. He must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time by getting 8 hours of sleep and spending 1 hour studying his spellmarks. While studying his spellmarks the weirbrand chooses what spells to prepare.

The weirbrand learns a number of cantrips as part of his spell training. He can cast them in any armor he is proficient in, without suffering spell failure or having to somatic combat.

Spells per level (0, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th)
1 4; 1
2 4; 2
3 4; 3
4 4; 3; 1
5 4; 4; 2
6 4; 4; 3
7 4; 4; 3; 1
8 4; 4; 4; 2
9 4; 5; 4; 3;
10 4; 5; 4; 3; 1
11 4; 5; 4; 4; 2
12 4; 5; 5; 4; 3
13 4; 5; 5; 4; 3; 1
14 4; 5; 5; 4; 4; 2
15 4; 5; 5; 5; 4; 3
16 4; 5; 5; 5; 4; 3; 1
17 4; 5; 5; 5; 4; 4; 2
18 4; 5; 5; 5; 5; 4; 3
19 4; 5; 5; 5; 5; 5; 4
20 4; 5; 5; 5; 5; 5; 5

Bonus Language: A weirbrand learns draconic as part of his training.

Somatic Actions (Su):
A weirbrand casts spells differently from other arcane spellcasters. To overcome the arcane spell failure, weirbrands use their whole bodies to perform the somatic components of their spells. These somatic components are then fulfilled when the weirbrand takes certain actions during combat. Once performed, the weirbrand must wait till at least his action next round before the spell can be cast. When released, the spell is then activated with swift action. A weirbrand can further hold a spell for 1 additional round per caster level. While a weirbrand can hold more than 1 spell at one time, they can only hold a number spell levels equal to their caster level. Using somatic actions is only required for spells on the weirbrand spell list with somatic components. Spells without somatic components, such as spells used with the still-spell metamagic feat, are cast as normal.

The actions required to fulfill a somatic component depend on the school of the spell:

Abjurations require the weirbrand to go on total defense for 1 round. Alternatively a weirbrand can take a standard action strike his weapon against his armor or shield to fulfill the somatic action.

Conjurations require the weirbrand to move in a whirling battle dance. The weirbrand must take double move but may only move her speed.

Divinations require the weirbrand to concentrate with her eyes closed, not moving and remaining blinded for 1 round.

Evocations require the weirbrand to make a successful charge attack. Alternatively the weirbrand can plant his weapon in the ground as a standard action. However, he is treated as having charged for that round, suffering a -2 AC.

Necromancies require the weirbrand to spend an action making an intimidate check at DC 10 + twice the spell level cast, or use intimidate to cause an opponent to be shaken.

Transmutations require the weirbrand to make a acrobatics check at DC 10 + twice the spell level cast or use acrobatics to pass through a threatened space.

Channeled Spells (Su):
The method by which a weirbrand use somatic actions to cast changes the range effect of those spells. Weirbrands channel their spells through their weapons, and any spells they cast that have a target other than the weirbrand himself must be delivered by their weapon. Spells with target touched or ranged touch attack spells require the weirbrand to make a successful normal attack with their weapon. The effect of the spell is added on to the attack. Spells with close, medium, or long range can only effect targets either adjacent to the weirbrand or within reach of the weirbrand's weapon. Spells with bursts or area effects take effect at the weirbrand's location. Spells with shapable areas of effect must have their area of effect touching one side or corner of the weirbrands space. The weirbrand is immune to his area effect spells effect in the round that it is cast.

Improved Arcane Strike (Su): A weirbrand gets Arcane Strike as a bonus feat at 1st level. In addition any time he uses arcane strike he gains an inherent bonus to hit with a his weapon equal to the arcane strike's damage bonus.

Improved combat casting (Ex): A weirband gains combat casting as a bonus feat. He also learns to ignore a degree of pain while holding a spell. He reduces the DC of concentration checks made due to receiving damage by his weirbrand level. This improves to twice his level once he reaches level 10.

Evasion (Ex): at 2nd level a weirbrand gains evasion.

Bonded weapon (Su): At 4th level a weirbrand selects a weapon of at least masterwork quality as his personal weapon, instilling it with arcane energies and bonding it to him. This weapon is treated as if the weirbrand had the quickdraw feat, and allows the weirbrand to charge his weapon with an arcane strike as an immediate action, as opposed to a swift action. In addition, the weirbrand may craft additional magic abilities onto his bonded weapon as per a wizard's arcane bond.

If the bonded weapon is damaged, it is restored to full hitpoints when the weirbrand prepares his spells. If the object of an bonded weapon is lost or destroyed, it can be replaced after 1 week in a special ritual that costs 200 gp per weirbrand level plus the cost of the masterwork item. This ritual takes 8 hours to complete. Items replaced in this way do not possess any of the additional enchantments of the previous bonded item. A weirbrand can designate an existing magic item as his bonded weapon. This functions in the same way as replacing a lost or destroyed item except that the new magic item retains its abilities while gaining the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a bonded weapon.

Medium Armor Familiarity (Ex): At 6th level a weirbrand gains medium armor proficiency and can cast in medium armor without spell failure using somatic actions.

Improved evasion (Ex): At 8th level the wierbrand gains improved evasion.

Heavy Armor Familiarity (Ex): at 12th level a weirbrand gains heavy armor proficiency and can cast in heavy armor without spell failure using somatic actions.

Spell Attunement (Su): at 14th level a weirbrand can ignore the effects of an area effect spell he has cast as a swift action.

Imbued Armor (Su): at 16th level the weirbrand can enchant his armor, allowing him to ignore speed penalties associated with wearing it, and reduces his total armor check penalty by his intelligence modifier. The enchantment takes 1 hour and lasts for as long as the armor is worn.

Improved Bonded Weapon (Su): at 18th level the weirbrand's bonded weapon becomes a part of the weirbrand, bonded fully to his soul. It can be summoned and dismissed from his hand as an immediate action. If it is destroyed it can be resummoned with full hitpoints on the weirbrand's next action. I weirbrand can permanently release his bonded weapon if he wishes, but must be treated as if his weapon was destroyed and take the appropriate steps to replace it.

Quicken Casting (Su): at 20th level a weirbrand can choose to cast his spell in the same round that he completes his somatic action. The weirbrand can cast in this manner a number of times per day equal to his intelligence modifier.

Weirbrand spell list
0 level
detect magic
detect poison
read magic
dancing lights
touch of fatigue
mage hand
arcane mark

1st level
endure elements
hold portal
Protection from stuff
mage armor
obscuring mist
comprehend languages
detect secret doors
detect undead
burning hands
magic missile
shocking grasp
cause fear
chill touch
ray of enfeeblement
enlarge person
expeditious retreat
magic weapon
reduce person

2nd level
arcane lock
protection from arrows
resist energy
acid Arrow
fog cloud
detect thoughts
see invisible
gust of wind
scorching ray
false life
ghoul touch
bear's endurance
cat's grace
eagle's splendor
fox's cunning
owl's wisdom
whispering wind

3rd level
dispel magic
magic circle
protection from energy
sleet storm
stinking cloud
arcane sight
lightning bolt
halt undead
ray of exhaustion
vampiric touch
keen edge
magic weapon, greater

4th level
dimensional anchor
globe of invulnerability
black tentacles
dimension door
solid fog
detect scrying
fire shield
ice storm
resilient sphere
wall of fire
wall of ice
bestow curse
enlarge person, mass
reduce person, mass
stone shape

5th level
wall of stone
telepathic bond
cone of cold
wall of force
waves of fatigue
overland flight
transmute rock to mud
transmute mud to rock

6th level
antimagic field
dispel magic, greater
globe of invulnerability
acid fog
wall of iron
analyze dweomer
true seeing
chain lightning
freezing sphere
circle of death
bear's enduance, mass
cat's grace, mass
control water
eagle's splendor, mass
flesh to stone
fox's cunning, mass
move earth
owl's wisdom, mass
stone to flesh

huh, well seems you can't edit starting posts. Bummer for me (and my over-excited posting tendencies).

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Toyrobots and I worked on this for about a month. We started converting the artificer for use in our RL game sometime this summer, and as we kept modifying this, and houseruling that, we decided at one point to try our hands at dramatic overhaul. By the time we were done, this version of the artificer was so different we decided to give it a new name. Hope you guys like it.