Stealth updated in the 6th errata!

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BOOYAH! Jack can now steal his chicken!

6th errata wrote:

Breaking Stealth: When you start your turn using Stealth, you can leave cover or concealment and remain unobserved as long as you succeed at a Stealth check and end your turn in cover or concealment. Your Stealth immediately ends after you make an attack roll, whether or not the attack is successful (except when sniping as noted below).

No hidden condition, but its a start. Thank you Paizo!

T-10 seconds before someone finds something else in the stealth skill description to mark as an FAQ candidate.


Well, as it stands right now the new Stealth description contradicts what the Combat Section has to say about concealment (in that you need concealment to actually make stealth checks in the first place, and not that stealth checks can grant you concealment). As a GM, I'd rule that new rules superseed old rules, but still...

Hey Paizo, thanks!

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By the way, already a thread HERE.

can someone please link this errata? im not finding it in my downloads section or if i search for it.

It's in the "My Downloads" section, near the top of the page, under "Errata Documents"; choose the one matching the version of the CRB that you have.

Alternatively, you can re-download the CRB itself (if you have it as a PDF), as the download has been updated accordingly.

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