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Well, to be honest, I'd have expected Paizo to gather known errors in a (publicly accessible) errata and maybe (really only maybe) correct those in the PDFs once in a while, so that people buying them get the correct version. Then, should a book go through another print run, they already have the errors fixed.

But heck, what do I know :)

Really? Huh... would have seemed to be the easiest thing of them all to just post a PDF with the corrections somewhere, on the products download page ideally. That's somewhat disappointing.
Ah well.

Thanks for the answer, anyway.


is there an errata / faq for the Harrower Handbook? I've come across one or two places where I think small mistakes slipped into the text and I wonder if there's something official on that.

Alright, I think I'm starting to get the picture.
Thanks a lot, all of you.

But, as far as I understand, my opponent shimmying up to me via 5-foot-step doesn't provoke AoO, thus none of this works, does it? Only use I could see would be tripping them at 10' away, and AoO them when they get up, but that's a bit limited.
So, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting something important here.

Can I maybe necro this instead of posting a new thread?
As per PRD: "However, Small and Medium creatures wielding reach weapons threaten more squares than a typical creature. In addition, most creatures larger than Medium have a natural reach of 10 feet or more."
So far, so good. But right under that we have:
"Provoking an Attack of Opportunity: Two kinds of actions can provoke attacks of opportunity: moving out of a threatened square and performing certain actions within a threatened square.

Moving: Moving out of a threatened square usually provokes attacks of opportunity from threatening opponents. There are two common methods of avoiding such an attack—the 5-foot step and the withdraw action."

So, I use a spear, poke someone 10 feet away. Next round, they use 5-foot-step to catch up with me, whack me. My turn: 5-foot-step, attack. Rinse, repeat.
I wonder: What's the point of having reach?

Tormsskull wrote:

Slightly off topic...

I find the slavish obsession with RAW detrimental to table top games. All versions of D&D, and I'm sure Pathfinder mentions it as well, say something along the lines of "these rules are guidelines, use them as you will, don't use the ones you don't like."

According to

this good read
no. AD&D was apparently created specifically to provide a stricter set of rules, for one to make tournament style play possible, and because, apparently, Gygax wasn't too thrilled with all the freestyling of his game out there.

Jus' say'n. :)

Yeah, opposed CHA check sounds right.
What would be the outcomes? If my player succeeds, the guards guilt gets the upper hand and he would support the PCs, let himself be arrested?
If the guard wins the check, he'd stand his ground, not let anyone arrest anyone, but try not to hurt the Charming PC (too badly)?

Hi all.

so, my players decided after some minor scouting and successful Charming of one of the Guards manning the (B1) Shopfront to just walz in and

be direct.:
They'd go in and announce that they'd come to arrest Verik on grounds of being a desserter expect that to go well. Now, I have a bit of an idea how I will play most of this, with the poor citiziens getting rather unhappy as they like getting the free meat and stuff.

But what I'm unsure about is, what will the Charmed Guard do?
He's now "friends" with the Bard who charmed him and see his actions in the most favorable way, while at the same time having no desire to let go of this potentially lucrative business here.

I'm almost seeing him as standing around wringing his hands (not literally) caught between to opposites.


So, essentially talking, singing, humming, whistling, any of these would be a fine alternative to use as verbal components for a bard spell?

Which does effectively mean, a bard could try to cast a charm person by whistling?


with the core rules stating:

Every bard spell has a verbal component (song, recitation, or music).

does that imply the bard gets to choose which type he's going to pick?

More to the point: Could a bard cast a Charm Person by playing a fiddle or even by whistling (a member of the family "music", after all)? Could he Cure Light Wounds by playing the drums?

In particular, the Charm Person bit makes me think. That spell begs to find ways to cast it as surepetitiously as possible, and what better than to cover it in a poem on stage or an innocently whistled tune in the streets?

Just a Guess wrote:
Unarmed strikes work as weapons in regards to iterative attacks.

See, that's exactly what I wasn't sure of.

Alright, matter settled. Thanks lads.


I SO feel like I should be able to find the answer to this one, but I'm drawing blank after blank, as everything I find talks about natural weapons, which is NOT what I need.

So, assuming I'm a 6th level fighter with Improved Unarmed Strike, doing a Full Attack, unarmed. How many attacks do I do, at what attack bonus and what damage?

Sorry if I'm missing something really easy / obvious here.

Actually, I need to revisit that one.
What about the attack penalties? It's stated, that "inappropriate sizes" incur penalties. On the other hand, a small creature can use a use a one-handed weapon for a medium creature with two hands. So, use it with 2 hands, yes, but with a -2 penalty for wrong size?
And, does that mean that the small wielder gets the 1 1/2 times strength bonus for using a "two-heanded weapon" (at least for his size)?

Concrete, under which conditions does a gnome use a dagger made for a medium creature?

Hmm.... tempting, I'll admit.
Who knows, when we start a new PF path in January, I just might go for that.

Yeah, 7DttG is pretty well impossible to find (for a reasonable price). It's out of print and people selling it on Amazon / Ebay know how rare it is, obviously.
It's the one I'm missing as well....


thanks guys, there is some great stuff in there.
Might want to add, I'd not be the one running the games (i's logistics, we don't live in the same area anymore), but my stepdad would, who ran our games back in the days. So, essentialy, newbie GM running a newbie group for newbie players. :D
Makes the (german) PF Box look like a viable pick, does it?

Hi all,

I mean to introduce my 12 year old daughter to the vast world of RPGs soon-ish, but I'm not sure what system to use. Personally I haven't played anything but Pathfinder since like 2009 so I'm a bit out of touch with the "crowd".

Back in my days I started with the first edition of "The Dark Eye"
in german. It was really simple, a bit like the first D&D, so the perfect introduction to RPs. The need for more detailed rules grew slowly and the industry as such luckily met my pace nicely.

I was considering buying her the Pathfinder Basic box (in german).
Does anyone have any better ideas?

(yes, it needs to be german, but let THAT not deter you, for now, that's my problem mostly.)

Any and all feedback welcome.

Splendid! Thank you.

This order was not really working out all things considered.... there is one item missing. The Runelords Map Folio (PZO3003) is listed on the packaging list but it's not in the box. Sorry to say.

Great stuff, thank you!
Just in time for my birthday, most likely, so sort of perfect timing. ;)

I changed my card details (I had forgotten we moved, and there was a bit of a mishap with my wage going to the wrong account), so things should be ok now.

I can't see any way for me to nudge the order on, so maybe someone from Paizo could try to charge my card again?

As we're nearing the 6 weeks mark: Everything ok there? Or should I chalk those books up as "Christmas presents" just to be on the safe side? ;)

Laric wrote:

They use the skiff that's tied up at the end of the underpier. They can bring skiff below the hole in A8 and lower a rope down so people can climb up or down.

See the text of area A12 on page 19 where it describes the fate of orphans who have outlived their usefulness.

I stumbled over this as well, so thank you for clarifying this.

But, honestly, THIS is how Lamm, who is not exactly a spring chicken anymore, get's in and out if his place? Climbing a rope?

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Alright, thanks for the input, folks.

Off to find me a publisher I go. Doesn't sound like the kind of gig you want to learn by trial and (costly) error. ;)

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
liondriel wrote:
But, it's legal stuff, legal stuff scares me a tad, and the fact that Paizo recommended re-reading adds to that.

If you don't mind me saying so, this is probably not a good sign that you should be a publisher, at least not at the moment. Dealing with legal matters is common. I would not recommend you publish until you are comfortable.

I would recommend either working as a freelancer until you are comfortable with it as a publisher can give you specific advice in specific situations until you are confident in yourself, in this respect. Or working with an existing publisher to let them handle the publing aspect of publishing for a time until you are comfortable (with the publisher taking a percentage).

liondriel wrote:

" I'd recommend a high Strength for this character and taking skills like Swim and Acrobatics and Feats like Cleave".

So I use the word "Strength" as a reference to the base stat in PF, as well as names of skills, Feats, Equipment.
As it's a PDF, the skills, feats etc would be hyperlinked to Paizos PRD.

Color me confused what you are trying to do here. Is this suppose to be advice on how to build an NPC?

Wait a minute, I think I am getting the underlying problem, have you read the open game license? The OGL, as it is called, is the foundation on which the pathfinder license is built. Do you understand this license?

Well, for the sake of this, let's say: Yes, it's advice on building NPCs.

Working with another publisher might not be a bad idea in the grande scheme of things, it will just bring up the new problem of finding one I'd be comfortable with (and one willing to publish my useless dribble, for that matter ;) ). I'll consider that.

Oddly, reading the OGL had never occured to me, despite it being specifically mentioned in the email from Paizo (my apologies, Liz!). So, yeah, I've done that now.
((On that note, #1a

and translations (including into other computer languages), [b]potation[(b], modification,

is "potation" actually a word meant to be here? Merriam Webster only comes up with "the act or an instance of drinking or inhaling". Or is this a misprint and should be "portation"?))

So, the OGL looks at first glance like it's ok to use all the crunch, but no "proper names" and such. At the same time, the thing is long enough to make me feel intimidated. Grande.

Thank you, nonetheless.

Looking at 3PP PF Compatible material out there (in this case, the free download volume #1 of the Zeitgeist campaign - aswesome stuff, btw), it appears that what I gave as an example should be just fine. There are stat blocks in there just fine and they list stats, skills, feats and equipment as you would expect.

Difference being, for me the crunch is in the text, not a statblock, but I'd hope that's not a key difference here, is it?

Hi there,

I am working on something that I'd like to publish for PF, and I'd like to use the PF Compatible license for it. Now, I read the license agreement, re-read it, and after sending a mail to Paizo and getting the recommendation to re-read it, I re-read it again and again.
But, it's legal stuff, legal stuff scares me a tad, and the fact that Paizo recommended re-reading adds to that.

In short: Out of the listed books at the very bottom in Exhibit B, what exactly can I use?

There is #5, stating


If you wish to reference sections of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or supplemental products in your product, you may do so in the following form:

See the "Elf Racial Traits" section in Chapter 3 of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.

but that doesn't quite help me, unless this is the very exact form I get to use the PF content.

There is not a lot in the book. Imagine sentences like " I'd recommend a high Strength for this character and taking skills like Swim and Acrobatics and Feats like Cleave".
So I use the word "Strength" as a reference to the base stat in PF, as well as names of skills, Feats, Equipment.
As it's a PDF, the skills, feats etc would be hyperlinked to Paizos PRD.

Could someone shed a light as to whether that would be acceptable use or not?

Thank you.

(PS: I understand you're not lawyers, so I'd never take anything here as lawyers advice, don't worry).

Nonono, no cancellation, by all means.
Thank you for the feedback, that was all I needed to hear. I can be patient, don't worry. I'd rather get three dozen wonderful books at SOME point then not at all. :)

Keep up the good work.

Hi there,

My order is pending for near three weeks now. I imagine, the Golem Sale makes for a lot of work, but I can't help wondering if there's something specifically wrong with my order. Is there?


CommandoDude wrote:
Blackstorm wrote:
Let me just say, it is important to NOT solve this via in game trickery. This is just going to create a DM vs Player atmosphere which will make things worse.

What he said, just for emphasize.

Thanks for the input. I looked through the PRD but can't find anything on Gestalt. Could someone provide some link / info there?

Howdie folks and friends,

I'm in the planning stage of a campaign played with just me as the GM and one single player, and would value some feedback from you good folks.

As the player intends to play a Bard (possibly not a bad choice) I figured, I'd add a cleric-ish NPC as a mostly-permanent friend / companion / GM-run-2nd-hero to complement his class. We talked about me running a "character" along with his, we're both fine with it and are (hopefully) aware of the ups and downs of this.

I've been looking through the Curse of the Crimson Throne books and those appear a good choice for this experiment. At least the first installment seems to be fairly heavy in social skill interaction.

I was thinking of making the character a Shoanti as that would help nicely with part 6, maybe some more or less close relative to Thousand Bones.

Any other helpful input from anyone on all of this?
Ah, as a sidenote, we're going to play this through a forum, so I hope to be able to actually make NPCs come to life and give the single player lots of spotlight action.


could you please cancel my current Adventure Path subscription and stop #1 of the Mummy Mask AP from going out as well? That would be perfect, thank you.


I do like the approach to allow him to "earn" a certain gold value of ingredients daily / weekly. Very nice spin. That just might work.

Hi folks,

The wizard of my freshly started campaign has a knack for alchemy. So, he skilled accordingly: Craft - Alchemy, Knowledge Nature, Survival, the whole 9 yards.
The group is on a remote jungle island right now (Smuggler's Shiv) and he decided to look around for "interesting plants" and whatnot. Now, instead of flat out telling him: "Sorry, everything looks so unusual, you have no idea" and basically slapping his character creation in the face, I'd rather come up with something.

I'm unsure what to do at this point though. None of the skill descritions seem to cover "finding alchemical ingredients" so I would seem stuck with coming up with a value of ingredients he could find so that I would be able to allow him item creation rolls with his alchemy skill, possibly for things like smokesticks and smokepellets or Nushadirs (PRD)

Can anyone offer a bit more depth on this?

And, next:
The Dimorphodons are listed with a damage of 1d6+3 plus poison, despite getting only +2 strength bonus. What am I missing here? Yeah, I'm rusty, ok? And as I'm building this for an online campain via roll20 and would like to have the math in the macros, my shortcomings become all the more apparent. :P

Tacticslion wrote:
liondriel wrote:

I imagine I'd just making a mistake here, but for me the attack bonuses for the Eurypterids in the beastiary section don't add up for me.

Ochre E: BaB=0, Str=8 (-1) => Attack listed as +0 (should be -1?)
Common E: BaB=+1, Str=10 (0) => Attack listed as +1 (Agreed)
Bluetip E: BaB=+5, Str=18 (+4) => Attack listed as +8 (should +9?)
Spiny E: BaB=+9, Str=26 (+8) => Attack listed as +15 (should be +16?)
Spitting E: BaB=+12, Str=34 (+12) => Attack listed as +20 (should be +24?)

Since the differences between my "calculations" and what's actually listed are even varying, I don't know what to think...

Did you factor in the size modifiers? I'm not looking at my books right now, but those might help.

I SO did not, and that is exactly what I did wrong (knew there was something).

Thank you!

I imagine I'd just making a mistake here, but for me the attack bonuses for the Eurypterids in the beastiary section don't add up for me.

Ochre E: BaB=0, Str=8 (-1) => Attack listed as +0 (should be -1?)
Common E: BaB=+1, Str=10 (0) => Attack listed as +1 (Agreed)
Bluetip E: BaB=+5, Str=18 (+4) => Attack listed as +8 (should +9?)
Spiny E: BaB=+9, Str=26 (+8) => Attack listed as +15 (should be +16?)
Spitting E: BaB=+12, Str=34 (+12) => Attack listed as +20 (should be +24?)

Since the differences between my "calculations" and what's actually listed are even varying, I don't know what to think...

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Serpent's Skull has one of the finest first modules -- no, probably *the* finest first module of any AP...

Hadn't thought of it from that angle yet, very true. Now, that will make life easier for me IF my group decides to go with SS for an AP. :D

Yeah, if I run RotRL I'd like to stay off Goblins as adversaries in the intro. There's enough of those buggers later on. ;)

Right now it looks more likely we'll do Second Darkness, Legacy of Fire or Serpent's Skull anyway. :)

Alex Cunningham wrote:
LEGACY OF FIRE starts with an outstanding intro setpiece. Do check it out.

You mean...

...the bit with the burning wagon at Sultans Claw?

Mark Hoover wrote:

RotRL starts after the PCs get to Sandpoint right? Why not just a simple, 5-room adventure that gets them to Sandpoint? Just make it up.

I like the idea of starting RotRl with a little "starter", and thank you a lot for the work you did there. I can't really come up with a good motivation for the witch to smuggle the mites into Sandpoint. And, especially if the witch should flee, and make a re-appearance later, I'd much like to have a reason.

Can you think of something?

leo1925 wrote:
Just to make sure, do you know that 3 out the 5 APs you listed are for 3.5 and not for PF?

I know, but I personally am not overly bothered by it.

Taku Ooka Nin wrote:

Just to point this out: most APs start at level 1 and are extremely easy for the first level or so so the party just doesn't flat out die before getting started.

I understand that, but again, nothing I'm too worried about it. Like theneofish described, I would imagine things to even out after a somewhat easy start. I'd probably reduce the amount of XP handed out in the AP to have the PCs at recommended Level by the end of the first book.

@Paz, I'd rather "reserve" Jade Regent for after having played RotRl. Seems to make sense, and I like the "Oh? Really?!" Factor that players get by it.

@theneofish: Yeah, that's sort of what I'm looking for, thank you.

@Itchy: Running We Be Goblins might just work, even though it takes out the "keep your char" factor. One COULD possibly even needle the "used" Gobos into the first book of RotRl, to make up for that.

@Mark Hoover: Thanks those are some valuable ideas. I think I'm builing a bit of a list here, neat.

Hi folks,

I hope I'll start playing a Paizo AP via soon, and to first get my players and myself somewhat accustomed to the new medium, I was planing to run a single module first.

I would like to let them keep their characters and use them for the long AP after that so A) the module shouldn't necessarily push them higher than Lvl 2 (3 could probably be compensated as well), and B) should possibly somehow make some sense in the context of the following AP.

Could anyone recommend a Module / AP combo that would work, given those parameters?

The APs I would fancy running most are:
-- Rise of the Runelords
-- Curse of the Crimson Throne
-- Second Darkness
-- Legacy of Fire
-- Council of Thieves

...Hehm... turns out, I am not very picky, am I? ;)

And as for the module, whether it's a PF Module, some PFS Scenario or anything else, makes little difference to me at this stage of my planning.

Any input highly welcome. :)

Nice input, thanks guys. I'll keep away from out-of-sorts demihumans, so no kitsune, sorry. The Rakshasa bloodline sounds interesting, I'll give that a look. (Now to hope the group I am hoping to get to play this in actually happens, and soon!)

Hi folks,

I'm toying with building a master spy character, focused on infiltration, deceit and trickery. So, a little bit inspired by Lord Varys from Game of Thrones, specifically his ability to perfectly hide behind a disguise.

So, I was looking to go for "Master Spy" as prestige class and use Bard (Sandman) and Rogue (Investigator or Spy) as core classes to get there.

At this (granted very basic) stage, any inputs to the general idea?

Seriously, lads. Dropping a post in here, and then dropping off the side of the earth is NOT as helpful as you seem to think... ;)

I personally have banned all electronics from my gaming, with the exception of "Masterwork Tools: Pathfinder" as an android app on my phone to quickly look up anything that comes up from far-left-field.
Oh, and every once in a while I test a set of scripts I use for background music / ambience sounds.
Other than that, I find everything electronics to be very distracting.

To each their own, as you said. :)

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If you have access to the Bestiary PDFs I'd recommend printing the relevant pages beforehand. I usually do that and it saves a load of time. You can put the printouts in the book at the spot where you need them, write notes on them...

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