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Let me start by saying that I'm not 100% sure this is the right area for this, but I this is my best guess...

So, in my Wild West homebrew game, we have a character who is a Marshal. Its become a bit constricting for the rest of the group, who have become good guys framed for a crime they didn't commit. So, we've talked about thinking of making the Marshal an outlaw as well.

Unfortunately his lawful good, Captain America-esque, character would never willing quit the Marshals. So I've been tasked with coming up with a story line that find him in a position where he has to become a fugitive, without being a bad guy.

But I've hit writers block! I was thinking he becomes a scape goat for one of his Marshal superiors... for some reason.... but I just don't know how exactly...

So, if you guys have any ideas, I'll hear any an all.

Thank you!

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So I'm working on a prestige class that is focused on the Channel ability.

I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on balancing it. Right now I like most of the abilities... but I'm not sure how much spell casting one should loose to have these powers.

Here's the link.

Just a note, The Sovereign is a god. The Light the the pantheon of three gods, including The Sovereign. Obviously, home-brewed campaign.

Thanks for you time guys!

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We are taking a hiatus in our game for two weeks due to everyone's schedule. I decided to run through the dungeon my PC's are currently in, to make sure everything was ready for them. Kick the tires, tighten the bolts and screws.

So I came up with a few rules questions:

1. Undead Ooze skeleton generation.

The dungeon is full of oozes and undead, so I figured I'd throw in a side boss: the Undead Ooze. Reading over the rules I read this:

Skeletons (Su) wrote:
As a full-round action, an undead ooze can expel 1d6 skeletons from its mass. Skeletons can act in the round they are expelled, and each skeleton conforms to the basic statistics for its size. Slain skeletons are engulfed by the undead ooze and can be reanimated and expelled again in 1d2 hours. An undead ooze's form holds up to 10 skeletons. These skeletons are included in the determination of the undead ooze's CR.

What are these skeletons? Large? Huge? Medium? Small? Am I missing something?

2. Your mount doing the climbing.

Our cleric loves riding around on her magebred giant chameleon. She also refuses to get off of it if she doesn't have to. They recently had to climb cave wall to get the top of a waterfall and she wanted have her chameleon carry her up. Does this work? Does she have to make some kind of... check?

3. Shooting in to a light source from the dark.

Our ranger is quite the sniper. Unfortunately she is the only one without dark vision. So often the party is fighting closer with no need for light in the dark caves. Fortunately the monk got some +1 flaming cestuses, illuminating most targets.

Now heres the question, looking at the rules for concealment, theres no miss chance if you and your enemy are in the light. But what if the attacker is firing into a bright area? From say... 80ft-160ft? Where these isn't even dim light?

4. Can anyone give me an example of being completely at an opponent's mercy?

Helpless wrote:
A helpless character is paralyzed, held, bound, sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise completely at an opponent's mercy.

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So, here's dem rules!

If you drink a vial of this foul-tasting, milky tonic, you gain a +5 alchemical bonus on Fortitude saving throws against disease for the next hour. If already infected, you may also make two saving throws (without the +5 bonus) that day and use the better result.

So say I get bite by an Akata. Ouch. I fail my Fort save, and am infected (the onset is 1 hour). I take antiplague before the disease does anything, roll Fort again, make the save this time; am I now cured? Or do I have to make another Fort save in an hour? Or some other combination of things that I'm not understanding?

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Hi! I've been writing a dungeon recently, and its all natural, no traps, all hazards. But I realized I've NEVER run things like this... its either above ground or a dungeon with man made traps. How, as a DM, do you run stuff like Yellow Mold, Azure Fungus, or Green Slime? Is it just there? Do they just see it? And walk around it? That doesn't seem worth the exp they'd get from it. "Oh... hey don't touch that!" Boom, 250 exp?

Anyways, I figured I'd turn this question over to you, my friend on the interwebs.

And in case it's important, they are EPL 5.

And here are SOME of the ideas I'm kicking around.
Azure Fungus
Green Slime
Yellow Mold

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Recently my roommates and I started a new campaign. Everyone came to me for advice on making their characters more powerful, because when I play, I use all the rules, and bend them to my whim!!

Of course I'm much nicer as a DM.

Anyways, the point is, it got me thinking about broken, or extremely powerful low level characters. And, while I have MANY ideas on the subject, I can't be the ONLY building IMBA characters for funzies?

So, let me know! It does have to be damage based, but that is the most obvious. Bonus points (which can be cashed in for imaginary fun-bux) if you can do it in 3 levels, but 4th max! No 3rd party stuff (except Dreamscarred Press' Psionic content)

Here's an example:

Pistolero Gunslinger 1/Sniper Rogue 2

First note, that this takes place in the "Gun Everywhere" rule active. Here, at level 3, you combine the The Rogue's ranged Sneak Attack with a revolver, the pistolero's Up Close and Deadly, and the Rogue Talents (via Ninja Trick): Ki Pool and Vanishing Trick (via Extra Rogue Talent feat).

This leads to the rogue being able to vanish mid combat, being able to put out 1d8+2d6+5. More reliably he's doing 1d8+1d6+5 almost every turn. You have to min/max you skills, but you can VANISH.... anyways... lemme know!

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In our wild west campaign, my characters are getting up in the levels and I thought that our Ranger probably will want to buy a rifle with more rounds. And why not? The Winchester repeater was "Gun That Won The West!" It had 15 bullets in that thing!

But of course there aren't rules for that... technology wise they go straight from a bolt action rifle to the Mosin-Nagant M1891 (in Rasputin Must Die!). Both cost the same (if you are workig with the 'Guns are Everywhere' rules as I am)... but the latter has 5 bullets and does a d10 instead of a d8.

So I'm left with a conundrum, how do I price out a repeater? For that matter, ANY gun that has more ammo? Theres no real precedent to go off of.

Thoughts? Comments? Snide remarks?

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So, recently I got in to a conversation about what to do with Archetypes that include 'Gunsmith' when using the "Guns are everywhere" rules in Ultimate Combat. As a refresher here it is:

Guns Everywhere: Guns are commonplace. Early firearms are seen as antiques, and advanced firearms are widespread. Firearms are simple weapons, and early firearms, advanced guns, and their ammunition are bought or crafted for 10% of the cost listed in this chapter. The gunslinger loses the gunsmith class feature and instead gains the gun training class feature at 1st level.

So, in cases like Spellslinger (where the class gains Gunsmith by name) or Holy Gun (where it gains Has Gun, which is Gunsmith in Spirit), what do you do? Do you give them all Gun Training 1? Only some that explicitly have gunsmith? None but gunslinger?

Person or official thoughts?

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In the world my campaign is taking place, there is a technology that permeates the world. Golem Cores. Basically, they are the elemental inside of the golem, but in side a modular core that can be put in any golem body built for this purpose. They are also used to run the air ships and the railroads. So... this is so that in war or heavy labor, if the golem's body is damaged destroyed, you don't have to get a wizard to make a whole knew body, and it save the more common man money!

But how do I translate this to rules? How much should it cost my PC's to buy/maintain this golems?

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I've been playing pathfinder/3.5 long enough to know how to read a stat block. And reading the stat block for giant chameleon, I would assume with its tongue it can either GRAB or PULL. BUT then I read the special attack description and I get confused.

Tongue (Ex)
A giant chameleon can grab a foe with its tongue and draw the victim to its mouth. This tongue attack has a reach of 15 feet. The attack does no damage, but allows the creature to grab. A giant chameleon does not gain the grappled condition while using its tongue in this manner.

So wait... it can grab AND pull? Or is this just colorful description of what the chameleon is doing when it's grabbing?

So confused... also here is the full stat block.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/animals/lizard/lizard-cha meleon-giant

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I recently bought the Premium 3.5 Spell Compendium from this very site because it seemed like a great resource for my PC's. One of my friends I told about this book told me there was a 3.5 Spell compendium that came out a long time ago for 3.5 that was almost TWICE as long.

I found it online on e-bay for like 20 bucks... but is it worth it? Has anyone here ever own one or the other, or I guess preferably both? Maybe just knows about them?

Thanks so much in advance!

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I've been DM'ing a Wild West style campaign, with Advanced firearms, and let me tell you... its is a different game! Very fun. Require a lot of out side of the box thinking Dex becomes way more important over Str, and everyone who wants to deal ranged damage has at least ONE level in gunslinger.

Now I wanted to make enemies that wear armor, and use their armor against the touch AC of firearms. So, besides gun tank, is there any item, feat, prestige class, or archetype that lets me use my armor bonus against firearms?

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We started a campaign recently, PC's as lvl 2, and they wanted to spend their money on a some crazy animals to ride though the west...

ANYWAYS... I realized I dont think, besides horses, I've ever purchased animals in a game. So here's the question.... do combat trained animals come with 'tricks'. If so, which ones? If not, I dont think any of my PC's have handle animal... do you just have to pay a guy to do it for you?

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Okay, so heres the deal: Our Wild West campaign has a dhamphir gunslinger that want to shoot with two pistol. Great. Fine. I love it. Do they count as light weapons or normal weapons for the penalties? What indicates that?

Thanks! Sorry if this has been brought up, I just couldn't find it by searching. Maybe its a dumb question?

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So, I started playing with a group of new Pathfinder player as a melee focused cleric. I could pump out a lot of damage for level one, but the rest of classes include: witch, wizard, and rogue. And only the sorcerer has ever played before. Perhaps needless to say, but I spend most of my time peeling everyone off the ground (the wizard loves running in to the room first with his 4 HP). Unfortunately my dwarf cleric has had the dice of fate turn on him and will probably die before anyone can save him!

Oh well... time to turn a negative in to a positive. I want to make a beefy fighter that coral the baddies and take the hits. To which I'm open to any and ALL suggestions.

Also, while searching the interwebs for help, came across this post, and it sounds like his idea COULD compliment my ideas... problem is, rules wise, I'm not sure what he means...

"If you want a tank with flair, you could try for the flail-and-shield DWer. Basically, you just keeping tripping with the flail and shield bashing with a free bull rush. Your newbies will love you since you're feeding them AoOs, and you can also set up the battlefield to make life easy for them."

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I have been reading the new synthesist archetype in ultimate magic. First off, love it. But it is worded a bit vaguely.

My first issue is it says "eidolon must be at least the sake size as you". Implying it could be bigger? You could be small, and it medium?

Also, you have your gear, but you are inside your eidolon... who's wearing the armor? If its your eidolon, do you need to buy special barding for non humanoid shaped eidolons? What happens to this possibly larger and/or odd shaped gear when the eidolon is un-summoned?

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In my world, wars are fought along side golems. At some point a modular golem was made for many reasons. 1) If it goes berserk, they just emergency eject the core, and its just an inert body and an angry ball on the ground. 2) If soldiers need to upgrade their golems with different parts for different jobs.

SOOOOO... anyways. Years after the war is over my PC's have come across a sentient Golem core. Fortunately they are in a dungeon and it should be awhile before they can forge a body of any kind.

This arouse from their want to have a pet for the whole party, and my want to throw tougher things at them.

Now, my problem is balancing their power to upgrade this construct. I figure I start it off with the same HD as the party level... but even there I'm not sure. But how to award upgrades? How much should they cost? It's intelligent, so should it level up in a class to become stronger, or find a way to give it more construct HD?

I know they'll love it, I just don't want it to be over powered or underpowered, cost too little or too much.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.