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NielsenE wrote:

75 matches the lump sum total on page 511, so it is likely correct.

What this indicates to me, is that the Pathfinder training (spells,scrolls,wands) coupled with the expected treasure per scenario is likely to end up above the WBL curve. Especially with the ability to use consumables found during the adventure w/o it using up a treasure bundle.

You are right, it is simply WBL. Still that makes me, like you, wonder on what really the expectation is.

It might leads to having the agents of the society really, really good equipped, which would might lead to problem while balancing the encounters, as the players have significant more resources as expected.


Which would mean you are finding about 55% of the Treasure bundles (given 60/(42+66) [not counting the starting gold in both]) or spending 45 % of your gold on consumables.

If the first case is the expectation fine, else I think it really is very few gold, especially with the free consumables you get from your training.

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Cleric Healing is absolutely OP versus everybody else. We had a Bard, Angelic Bloodline Sorcerer and an Alchemist. They all felt like idiots when they compared their healing to the Clerics spell point healing, before even talking about his spells! After seeing how harsh battles are, my clear recommendation is to buff other classes healing. You need it. If you want to get away from mandatory clerics, you need to give meaningful options to these other classes to make up for it.

As the Bard I absolutely agree with this view. Small Correction, the cleric did not even used his spell points, as the main healing comes from channel energy which does not cost anything.

Almarane wrote:
I feel like people are overestimating most ancestry feats. Sure, they can pretty well round up your character concept. But they seem pretty low in power compared to class feats, so "missing" one ancestry feat doesn't seem very harsh to me.

Except the Humans have an Ancestry Feat which allows you to take a class feat.

I probably am not going create any half-orc or half-elf probably as feel thatI would lose too much in comparison to any other ancestry.


Vine Leshy

dhampir, grippli, samsaran, ratfolk or vanara


Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Yes, with the two Emotion Oozes as the linked threat.

Thanks for confirming!

Antother question: in the Shining Deeps Option 1 it says to "apply the implement" somehow i seem to miss, what this is doing.


Scintillating Halls Story Threats 6-7 should read 1 neh-thalggu and 4 phycomids, correct?

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thanks for confirming what I assumed :)

John Compton wrote:
The Usual Suspect wrote:
A 3-7 evergreen? Really? Let it be true!!!

So we can apply this scenario up to one time for each character regardless of the tier? or is just the lower tier replayable?


I found an error in the statblock of the orc pyro. The Attack line is simply a copy of the immolator. It should be +9(+4 BAB,+3 Dex,+2 elemental overflow) touch 3d6+6 instead of the +11 touch 4d6+6.

Nevertheless if she crits it is mostly a one shot for the character.