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I can no longer afford my subscriptions and need to cancel them. Thank you.

Can you please cancel my adventure path subscription? Thank you.

I'm working on a new campaign and I want the first event to be a massive battle royale with 30 something competitors all vying to be among the top 16. My largest problem is running that many characters when I'll only have 4-6 players. One thought was having the players control some npcs their main character is fighting in addition to their normal character. The other problem is slowing things down for npcs to fight each other, which many may not care about. Having the players play some of the npc's may alleviate this somewhat.

Anyone done something like this before? Any tips to help come out as awesome.

So the Agathiel Vigilante's altered beast shape says it doesn't get the ability changes from the spell. Does this mean just ability scores, or things like Natural Armor too

So Vigilante has quickly become my favorite class, unfortunately it requires a certain type of set up to really work. Hell's Rebels has a lot of the set up, urban setting, a reason to keep a secret identity, and a chance to use both.

Are there any other adventure paths that might be conducive to the double life.

I'm working on a desert themed Suli Cavalier. Taking the Camel mount obviously. I'm not sure what Order to take though. I'd like to make use of my racial charisma bonus and maybe play party face with the diplomacy and sense motive bonuses as well.

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While I'm sure there are other stat combinations that are also underrepresented, this particular combo is important to me since I count Magi, melee Alchemists, and melee Occultists some of my favorite type of characters in the game. Theres the male Lashunta and the Ru-shi variant Dhampir, Scaleheart Skinwalkers used to but got errata'd to constitution over intelligence. I can't think of any others though. So why is this so rare?

Are there any plans for archetypes of the occult classes using spheres of powers? Any good homebrew ones I could be pointed to?

I have ideas for how to convert some of them, but others might be harder.

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but it is at least relevant.

In this AP I'm planing on playing a Chelish Diva. Now Kintargo has 11,900 population if I remember right and the Diva's Famous ability is restricted to an amount below that total number until 9th level. From what I read it sounds like there won't be much traveling to cities or towns out of Kintargo during the AP. So is there a way to make use of this class feature before 9th level during the AP? Like picking small communities within the city itself?