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Dubious Scholar wrote:

I think I'd be okay with a few other classes being good with guns.

1) Ranger. I think it's okay for them to get Firearm Ace specifically. Just that, no other changes to the class.

On the Ranger access to Guns, it might even be worth errata'ing/full future-proofing Crossbow Ace to be named something along the lines of Reload Ace instead, granting identical benefits when reloading ANY weapon with Reload 1 or higher (that's right, slings can get some loving from Rangers, too). Maybe even, and this is *crazy*, consider modifying the feat slightly to make the bonus scale based upon the reload value of the weapon, so the Heavy Crossbow, and any future weapon with Reload 2, has a chance to be loved.

What might work better than the current write up of Trick Shot, as a whole, might be something like the below

Trick Shot [1 action]
You shoot not to wound, but to inconvenience your foe, or to manipulate an object.

Trick Shot has one of the following effects.
* Dance, Pilgrim! - You fire your shot at an opponent's feet, potentially knocking them down. Make a Trip attempt, substituting the result of a Strike with your firearm for your Athletics check.
* Drop It! - You fire your shot at a held item, potentially knocking it free from an opponent's grip. Make a Disarm attempt, substituting the result of a Strike with your firearm for your Athletics check.
* Grit in the Eye - You fire to kick up a cloud of dust, or other irritant. Make a Strike with your firearm against an opponent's Fortitude DC. On a success, the opponent is Dazzled for 1d4 rounds. On a critical success, the opponent is instead Blinded for 1 round, then Dazzled for an additional 1d4 rounds.
* Dislodge Object - You fire to move an object without harming it. Make a Strike against an AC of 25, or a different AC at GM's discretion, with your firearm to move an unattended object of no more than 2 Bulk out of position, moving it up to 10 feet in a direction of your choice.

Regardless of which effect is chosen, a critical failure on Trick Shot results in a misfire.

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What I missed, that nobody has mentioned (that I've seen), from my read-through of this is the gun-based melee options that the Gunslinger had in 1e. Things like bayonets, pistol whipping/rifle clubbing, and even a shoot and sear (fire your gun, then burn your enemy with the still-hot barrel) would be a great way to add flavorful melee options to the class, and might even build into a new Way for the Gunslinger.

To be sure, bayonets, pistol whips, etc. could give additional options for the Way of the Drifter, without tying up the free hand needed for reloading.

I think the biggest problem is that the Witch has the same spells/day progression as the Sorcerer, which when coupled with prepared casting and the mix and match nature of Lessons makes for a class with a slight uptick in flexibility of build, without the disadvantage in stamina that every other prepared caster has compared to the Sorcerer. The only thing the Sorcerer has over the Witch is access to the Divine spell list. Not much of a brag to be left, and honestly a little confusing that the Witch can't have a Fiendish or Angelic Patron. If anything, I would have expected the Witch to not have access to the Arcane list.

What makes it even stranger is that the Oracle, which was effectively the "Divine Sorcerer" in PF1, has been set to the same spells/day chart as every other non-Sorcerer casting class. This lack of spell-casting stamina pushes the Oracle to lean a little heavier on their Revelation spells, activating their curse, which once activated cannot be turned off until the next day.

At 12th level, Oracular Fiery DOOM

Round 1: Flaming Fusillade, Produce Flame for 6d4+CHA (Minor Curse, Maybe Moderate)
Round 2: Incendiary Aura, Produce Flame for 6d4+CHA, and 3d4 persistent within 15 (Moderate Curse, suppress increase if needed and able)
Round 3: Fireball (6th) for 12d6, plus 3d4 persistent to everyone within 15 feet, Produce Flame for 6d4+CHA, and 3d4 persistent if target within 15 feet.