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So... I'm prepping Daughters of Fury to run in PFS mode (vs campaign mode) and have some general questions about running modules as well as specific questions about Daughters of Fury.


1) This module is split into 3 chapters each with a chronicle sheet. If chapter one is completed and the player is given the chronicle, can that character play in other PFS sessions before playing Chapter 2? I plan on running the module across several weeks, and want to clarify if the PC is locked from module start to finish, or from chronicle to chronicle.

2) This is somewhat tied to #1... Lets say the players find "item of awesomeness" in chapter one and it appears on their chronicle. The "item of awesomeness" is extremely useful for defeating X in chapter two or three. Running in non-campaign mode, I would assume once the chronicle for chapter one is issued, "item of awesomeness" is removed from inventory, and players would have to purchase "item of awesomeness" to use it in chapter two/three. Is that correct?

3) "Use the map on page 20 and the rules for Overland Movement in Chapter 8 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook to determine how long it takes the PCs to travel between Arwyll Stead and the various homesteads. In general, most characters can walk along the Path Road and its branching trails at a rate of just over 2 miles (or 2 squares on the map) per hour." Ummm.... There are no squares on the map on page 20, nor is a distance bar provided. Any clue how big this area is supposed to be?

4) Sorry to whomever drew it, but the map of Eiseth's Roost is just bad. 45 degree angle view is less then ideal for tactical combat, and to have the printed copy included with the book overlaid with a grid smaller then 1 inch so it physically can't be used for minis just adds insult to injury. Has anyone re-created this from an overhead view?


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Prepping for Monday, questions/comments thus far:

1) Devs... For the love of everything holy, PLEASE do not leave secret door markers on custom maps at the end of the scenarios! This one is not in a layer so it's going to take a image edit to remove it before printing. While I think it's likely PCs might know where it is assuming they have success in the earlier section, it's not guaranteed.

2) D:The Sun Orchid Transport - Shouldn't the trapdoor, marked T on the map legend be somewhere withing D1:Entryway and not D5:The Elixir Chamber? What's marked as T should be where the lead-lined compartment is located, right?

3) Complications - It noted these are somewhat up to GM discretion... Just to be clear, we're free to pick which one happens, roll 1d3 for it, or make up something else very similar that is more inline with a PCs action.


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Starting my prep of this scenario, and starting this thread to ask questions etc. First up...

Encounter B1


Low Tier says - "The wight does attack Ilzinian—it knows that Tzur Vaal is possessing him. "

High Tier Says - "The wights do not attack Ilzinian—they know that Tzur Vaal is possessing him."

I assume both should have been "not attack", correct?

A bit confused about the interaction of the unique mist monster and the undead. The tactics say "It is aware of the advantages it has when fighting inside the hungry mist and does its best to remain within it". Since the mist is doing negative energy, I assume the tactic was meant to heal the wights with it's Enveloping Mists ability? Do they take the staggered condition that ability also imposes?

Encounter B2


The hazard section of this in some parts refers to "stonework", "marble" and in others places "walls". If a PC is barefoot... Does this hazard apply to them walking normally w/o touching a wall?

The hazard mentions only PCs, but if they have companions/summons/etc does this hazard apply to them as well?

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Forge Prints is running their second "Foundations" kickstarter. I backed the first one and they delivered everything on time as they are doing everything locally (rare on KS these days). The bases come "pre-painted" (they are full color 3D prints) and ready to use out of the box, and this time around they are doing inserts with plastic beveled lips on the bases for a cleaner look and have a second finishing option.

They also have a growing collection of pre-painted dungeon decor pieces (chest/pillars/mushrooms/chair/tables/keg) to use with dwarven forge etc terrain, and have even added some miniatures this time around. The KS is running with a la carte pricing so there's a low barrier to entry. Check it out!


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Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the company other then being a backer of the KS.

I just wanted to share that Frontline Games launched a kickstarter to make "Stones" tiles for tabletop gaming. These are going to made out of plastic material probably similar in feel to Reaper's "Bones" line. So they should be lighter and handle abuse better then most other terrain products on the market. Plus they're fairly reasonably priced, double sided, and can be cut to make partial tiles or 1x2s etc. I also liked their door/base system that uses earth magnets so they can "swing" open without needing two different doors.

I play PFS weekly at a game store and dragging around Dwarven Forge terrain just isn't an option for me no matter how pretty it is. I'm thinking these will finally meet my needs for easily transportable, durable, and fast to setup tiles for scenarios that are dungeon based.

Just a few Early Backer spots left that get a set of bonus furniture. You know you need more terrain :)




Have a good one!