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So... I'm prepping Daughters of Fury to run in PFS mode (vs campaign mode) and have some general questions about running modules as well as specific questions about Daughters of Fury.


1) This module is split into 3 chapters each with a chronicle sheet. If chapter one is completed and the player is given the chronicle, can that character play in other PFS sessions before playing Chapter 2? I plan on running the module across several weeks, and want to clarify if the PC is locked from module start to finish, or from chronicle to chronicle.

2) This is somewhat tied to #1... Lets say the players find "item of awesomeness" in chapter one and it appears on their chronicle. The "item of awesomeness" is extremely useful for defeating X in chapter two or three. Running in non-campaign mode, I would assume once the chronicle for chapter one is issued, "item of awesomeness" is removed from inventory, and players would have to purchase "item of awesomeness" to use it in chapter two/three. Is that correct?

3) "Use the map on page 20 and the rules for Overland Movement in Chapter 8 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook to determine how long it takes the PCs to travel between Arwyll Stead and the various homesteads. In general, most characters can walk along the Path Road and its branching trails at a rate of just over 2 miles (or 2 squares on the map) per hour." Ummm.... There are no squares on the map on page 20, nor is a distance bar provided. Any clue how big this area is supposed to be?

4) Sorry to whomever drew it, but the map of Eiseth's Roost is just bad. 45 degree angle view is less then ideal for tactical combat, and to have the printed copy included with the book overlaid with a grid smaller then 1 inch so it physically can't be used for minis just adds insult to injury. Has anyone re-created this from an overhead view?

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1) if you finish a part and issue the chronicle, then they are no longer 'locked in'

2) yes they would have to buy the item

3) see this post


chris manning wrote:
3) see this post

Thank you!


Anyone run this as Society? How long did it take? Our local VI wants to run it as a weekend event. Can this be done?

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We ran two tables of it not too long ago. It took my table one ~4.5 hour session each for parts one and two, and two sessions for part 3 (so 4 total). I believe the other party took either 5 or 6.

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Anybody feel that "FREEDOM TOWN" is "ARWYL STEAD?"

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gmoyer87 wrote:
Anybody feel that "FREEDOM TOWN" is "ARWYLL STEAD?"

When comparing Maps, it appears Freedom Town is a little SE of where Arwyll Stead would be.

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In Part 3, Sacrifice, the eidolon appears to be built incorrectly. As a pre-unchained summoner, Yvogga is a CL4 and the eidolon shows 10 evolutions instead of 8 (7 from the table @ CL4 and +1 for Yvogga's Extra Evolution feat). Am I missing something somewhere for the other 2? Hmm.

For example:
evolutions: (1. basic magic [acid splash], 2. bite, 3. claws, 4. climb, 5. improved damage [bite], 6. improved damage [claws], 7. limbs [legs, 2], 8. magic attacks, 9. pounce, 10. tail)

However, for PF1e, the summoner switched to unchained summoner in 2015. Therefore, the encounter is invalid.

For PFS1e, the F4 encounter needs some updating, especially including changing the eidolon into an unchained one, most likely of the devil subtype. Also, beyond the base evolutions and appropriate body type, it should only have 3 additional evolutions per the unchained table at unchained summoner CL4.

Anyway - just a heads up to GMs.

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