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This encounter turned quite deadly when our paladin pulled back the gnawed on body and the starved goblin lunged and nearly pulled her into the hole. Then when he decided not to come out of the crawl space under the house our paladin decided to fight in the small confined space. And it nearly killed her. Our party having just finished Savage Tide after almost two years of play seemed to forget how vulnerable 1st level characters are and how tough a goblin could be one on one with limited space to fight!

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Thanks for the Heads up @DanyRay, I tried that on the second copy I bought and it still tore, 3rd copy I used a hair dryer on the back cover and it worked perfectly!

Using a hair dryer on hot about 4 inches away from back cover for about 2 minutes and the map fell loose. The another minute or so heating the glue on the map and rolling it into a ball with my thumb and off the edge it went, map & cover undamaged!

Your right about availability, I have not found this in any game store and had to order online.

Hats of to James Jacobs, this is one of the best city supplements I've owned since Greyhawk!

Fantastic addition to our campaign, we just crossed over to Pathfinder after 20 years of 3.5 and are running Rise of the Runelords Anniversary campaign this was perfect timing!
I bought the digital copy from Paizo while waiting for the hard copy to come from Amazon unfortunately I'm on my 3rd hard copy because the first two had to be sent back because the Sandpoint map is glued to the back cover and tears the map when removing! I'm planning on leaving the map attached to the book and printing the map from the digital copy now.

Paizo hopefully your printer will sleeve the map or tuck it between the pages when reprinting!

5 star on content and presentation, 2 star on printing!!!