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Ok thanks I'll fix that up right now.

I'm still interested i just provided my fluff up there.

Here. Is the finished fluff for Theod Songsteel. Thanks

Here Is the crunch for Theod Songsteel. I will write up some fluff and post it later today.

Hey, I'm the noobie. I'll have a new martial character up soon, if you're still looking.

DM of the coins wrote:

funny to see this post.

I just lost our barbarian (today in fact) in my campaign. it is just starting (level 1) homebrew adventure but in the Pathfinder setting.

The party is just now getting to meet each other.

click to see and read

I always want to have at least one seat for a first time PbP player.

Yeah that sounds awesome, thank you

I am that friend.