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I am trying to decide on an ancestral feat:

1) Ancestral Longevity
Temporary proficiency in a skill daily

I already am trained in Intimidation, Forest Lore, Medicine, Nature, Stealth and Survival. So I am not sure what other skills would be useful.

2)Elven Weapons Familiarity
This allows my Elven druid to be trained with longbows, longswords, rapiers, shortbows and composite shortbows.
I know my strength being a 10 that rapiers and long swords would be out of the question. My dexerity is a 14 (+2) for ranged weapons would this be an option?

3) Nimble Elf
Increases my speed by 5 feet

I am wearing hide armor which drops me -5 feet to 25 feet for speed. The increase just offsets that penalty.

STR:10 DEX:14 CON:14 INT:10 WIS:18 CHA:12

I decided to switch to the Scout for Background.

Intimidation 4 [Wild Order]
Forest Lore 3 [Scout Background]
Nature 7 [Druid Class]
Stealth 5 [Druid-pick 2]
Survival 7 [Scout Background]

I have one skill left to be trained in I am not sure what to place it on. I have been looking at Gortle's Guide To Druids.

I am new to pathfinder 2e and have a lot of questions. I started off in DND 5e I enjoyed the creating a Circle of the Moon druid and trying to create the same thing in Pathfinder 2e.
I like the idea of the animal companion which would be a wolf.

I have been watching a lot of youtube videos, looking at a lot of reddit forums and using Archives of Nethys as a reference. I also haven't seen many character sheets or videos where someone has played a druid character. A lot of this seems confusing to me. Any help you can give me to make my character better would be appreciated.

The heritage I took is Woodland Elf.

Where should I put my ability points?
Elf Ability Boost: Dexterity, Intelligence and One free boost
Elf Ability Flaw: Constitution
Druid Key Ability and boost: Wisdom
4 free ability boosts

Should I be boosting in Strength, Constitution and Wisdom for the Wild Shape order? Does this look ok?
14 STR 12 DEX, 12 CON, 14 WIS 10 CHA.
This is using the Hermit Background. I took the elf Ability flaw and boosted the constitution by using the Hermit background and added one of my 4 free ability boost to it.

Is Hermit background ok or would animal whisperer or scout be a better choice?

Which order should I take first?
I am not sure whether to take animal order first for the animal companion feat or whether to take Wild order first. Then 2nd level take Order Explorer to grab the other.

Thanks for taking your time to help me.