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I've been doing this, too, and it's only crashed once in 3-4 hours of play :)

I own the physical game, but an automated gameplay option is fantastic.

I wish I could play it on my Iphone 5...

Your guide mentions that you don't know how the Harrowing rules work and you don't want to learn them. I'm playing a Harrower in the Serpent's Skull adventure path, and I can say this of it; you don't really need to learn to Harrow to play the class. While it's designed around Harrowing as part of it, most of it doesn't actually need you to Harrow to get the benefits, just have the Harrow deck, which can be simulated. You should read it over and ignore anything that requires actual Harrowing, and kinda look at it from that point of view. All of the class features don't actually require you to perform a Harrowing; you just draw cards and get benefits based on their alignment or stat, and nothing else. You can figure the class out more than easily enough without knowing how to Harrow at all, trust me! All you have to know is that the cards use the four-corners alignment grid (lawful is west, good is north, chaos is east, evil is south) and what each symbol means (hammer=strength, key=dex, shield=con, book=int, star=wis, crown=cha) and you can play it from there.

It is more fun with Harrowing, but not needed.