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Name: Morgar
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian
Level: 6
Circumstances: Tried fighting a Wendigo. Didn't succeed.
Setting: Homebrew

Name: Gelu
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Ranger
Level: 7
Circumstances: Tried taking out 9(something like that, can't remember exactly) spectres on his own, while the rest of the party just ran away. He did a lot of damage to them, but they did more damage to him.
Setting: Again, homebrew.

@Cintra Bristol: Great idea, thanks a lot! Will probably use it a bit, replacing the modern stuff with something more fitting if I roll it.

@Tormsskull: Well, yes. Thanks.

@Mark Hoover: Great idea on having other stuff in the bookshelves, will definitely use that. And 300 isn't insane really, it just depends on the context. Thanks a lot!

@Owly, that list sure is great, but sometimes it just doesn't fit in a context. I will surely use some of the books though, thanks man, great thread.

@Torbyne Also a great idea, which I surely will use. Thanks!

Flintas wrote:
One way would be to make it generic. Each book could be related to one of the 10 knowledge checks. Roll a d12 to determine which one. 11-12 would be works of fiction or art. Only give specific info if it's required.

Thanks for the reply.

I do this sometimes when it's not so many books. For example, if they find a book about goblins it might give +2 to any knowledge checks against goblins. But if they find, for example, around 300 books, this gets harder to do. The best way I see right of now, would probably be something like that but add that most of the books are uninteresting.

So, basically, whenever my PC's come across some books they always want to know what's in them. I don't see a way to include books that doesn't take forever for me to sit and figure out the contents of all books my PC's run into, especially when it becomes larger collections of books, like a library for example.

Anyone got some good advice on how to deal with this?

FrankManic wrote:
Do you use hero points? Maybe you could set things up so that if they threaten, then confirm with a role that would also be critical they can spend a hero point for a "Super crit" where they just keep rolling a d20 until they role something that wouldn't deal a crit. Then add up whatever the mutliplier is apply damage. Since its tied to hero points and randomness it wouldn't happen very often at all, but when it did happen you could potentially do a tremendous amount of damage in a single blow for a nice cinematic kill.

Nope we don't. It's the first campaign I ever run, so I like to keep it simple. I do like the concept of hero points though, and thanks for the suggestion!

And about Rolemaster, surely sounds like a fun system for less serious games, but I wouldn't like that kind of stuff in the Pathfinder game i run. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Allright, thanks a lot all three of you! We (me and the guy who thought it was an actual rule) decided it's best to talk about it with the rest of the group before next session. I personally think it can do a bit too much damage at times especially when you have a 17-20 crit range.

Thanks again!

Okay so I'm new to Pathfinder and have only done 9 sessions of DM'ing and 1 session of playing so far. We've always played as if you can crit again while rolling for confirming a critical (my players learned me the basic rules and then I've basically used d20pfsrd or asked them if I had any questions). But I can't find anything about this (don't own the books), and googling gave me nothing except that you couldn't do it in 3.5. But my player said it's in the core rulebook, but since I don't own it I can't look, I just think it would say so on d20pfsrd if you could.

So basically: Can you crit again while confirming a critical? Or have we played wrong all the time? Also, if you can do it, please link me to the rule saying where you can (or a rule/anything saying opposite if there is one).