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Robert Miller 55 wrote:
I think he is confused by the full retail price of the PDF. I don't like it either. Which is why I don't buy the PDF's, except when they have them on sale, like the PH third printing was on sale a couple of weeks ago for $10.00. I bought it then. The M&T has never been offered for less than full retail as far as I know, hence why I only own print copies.

yeah but, i can't see the benefit of buying the pdf for almost the same price as the hardback

how many new monsters are included in this beauty ? as i play ad&d 1st ed. and convert back .... i have alot of the originals already. please tell me there is at least 50 percent new. PLEASE PLEASE

well i must say that this news makes me very happy that i decided to throw in with paiso. i play ad&d still, but ALOT of paiso and goodman 3.5 stuff finds it's way in there ( necromancer too, but who's counting). anyway i have read alot of posts praising the paiso guys, but i hope it doesn't lose the energy and excitment you guys have pumped into my favorite game. THANKS. chaos is king and magic rules the world.

KnightErrantJR wrote:
K wrote:

You do know that a single shadow can run around killing all the cattle, ducks, chickens, etc and then attack this one-cleric village with hundreds of his shadow spawn that can walk through walls and can't be hurt by anything thats not magic? A million shadow army is not even unlikely, and if the high level characters of the game world conform to what the DMG says should be there, then the world is over quickly.

And yes, people houserule that away.

But imagine where instead of everyone houseruling away the same problem, we all just played by A RULE. Wouldn't that be good for the game?

And the fact that these are chaotic evil undead spirits, creatures that are cursed to live a bodiless existence as literally a shadow of their former selves, never enters into it?

As CE undead spirits, they don't haunt places they knew in life, only preying on the living when they disturb their reprieve, but rather, they get together and say, "you know, the Monster Manual says we are monsters, so I think we should band together and systematically slaughter every being on the planet."

Heck, maybe once one of these one cleric towns gets nuked by Shadows with no heroes around, that's when the good aligned gods set loose their angels/guardinals/eladrin to wipe up the mess.

Rich Baker actually referred to D&D as "a storytelling game with wargaming elements." Shadows in my campaign don't act like they are game pieces, they act like chaotic evil forlorn spirits. Yeah, they attack PCs if they wander into a dungeon that they haunt, but they don't form legions to march on unsuspecting towns.

umn so creatures without souls can become shadows ?? sorry ad&d player / dm who converts 3.5 to ad&d being confused.

Lord Welkerfan wrote:

I think that better roleplaying and greater creativity come when under some constraints. As a player, if I see that I rolled well on my Diplomacy check, I have a clearer idea of how to play that scene. As a DM, if I see that a player failed a check, I can play that scene to bring about that resolution. Both parties can better tailor their efforts if they know where the efforts need to go.

There should be a clear system for social conflict that provides a framework for acting in the scene. An argument can be as exciting as a combat, especially if the parties go back and forth in initiative-based turns with each party member able to contribute (e.g. the fighter holds the man up against the wall while the bard speaks calmly and slowly offering reasonable alternatives to being beaten while the paladin watches for deceptions and subtle changes in response, cuing the bard).

The social conflict rules should be simple; probably fitting onto one page with DCs and uses for various skills. An effort should be made to ensure that all kinds of characters can have some meaningful impact upon the scene, just as all characters should have some meaningful impact upon combat.

In the interest of backwards compatibility, there shouldn't be a "social hit points" rule for individual characters, as no previously published materials will have them. Instead, scenes in general could have a certain number of "social points" which are deducted until a side wins or stops negotiations. Simple bluffing past the guards could require only 10 points to be made (One DC 10 check). Convincing the warmongering barbarian king to call off the assault, however, would have 150 points to deduct, requiring numerous rolls and assists by the whole party, while the players roleplay what their dice rolls actually mean in terms of action and the story.

The best part about having a comprehensive system is that it allows for all play styles. People who don't want to roleplay social situations don't have to; they can just roll dice. People...

first .. a paladin that allows party members to "beat the crap" out of people will soon be a fighter. second role playing should be done by players, and good role playing rewarded by the DM. oops sorry this isn't a grognard board

PAIZO ROCKS !!!!! can't wait to see what you guys come up with when ALL the creative juices start flowing .... with all the developed back story material and all.

i want to thank you for your dedication to the hobby, the renewed creativity in a hobby that got stale over the years. your company and goodman games help bring back some gamers who felt crowded out by all the " new best things". thank you and you will have my support for a LONG time !!!

speaking as an official grognard ( started gaming in 1974 ish ) i can speak to how profouond the legacy of EGG is. After the debacle where he lost his hold on AD&D, his several games that followed, his continual involvement in the game is remarkable. Even though we have left to us several of the original contributors, none will affect us much as EGG. HUZZAH ... and once more into the breach !!!

Ross Byers wrote:

I can't say I've read all 120-odd posts in this thread, but I was surprised in the villians this round. I was expecting...I dunno. More. Better, maybe. I put down two votes, but nothing else is leaping at me. I was expecting a tough decision.

Come on, superstars, step it up! You didn't send me home for nothing!

can anyone help me find out where these entries can be viewed. hard to post on something i haven't seen. MERRY XMAS

true heroes are true heros when they make their stand, no matter what the cost. it doesn't matter if their opponents are slavering evil outsiders, demented kobolds, or cousins fighting each other in a civil war. it might even be party members coming to blows over " shades of grey" when dealing with opponents, friends or anything. an example that comes to mind is a paladin who stands up to a much higher cleric whoi is trying to " investigate " the tomb of dwarves. btw the tomb still setect as good to divination spells.
the opponent isn't wearing the skin of anyone, but any paladin worth his salt would step in his way. he is a true hero

you are singing my tune..... been a 1st ( i like original ad&d) player / dm since late 70's. i have heard some good, some bad about 4th ed.