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I didn't see this post and created my own list for my campaign's wikidot page. My list only includes the Core rulebook and the Bestiary, but also lists which creatures speak each language (per Bestiary 1).

It is here: Complete list of languages

I searched the boards and the Pathfinder wiki but did not see a complete list of languages anywhere. So, I created one for my campaign's wikidot page and thought I would share the work I put into it.

Right now, it contains all the information I could find in the Core rulebook and Bestiary 1.

Hopefully someone else will find this useful. I think it's great to look over when choosing starting languages or a language after taking a rank in Linguistics. And of course, it's helpful for GMs as well.

This does not include any regional, Golarion languages.

Please forgive the formatting - I had to edit it from the wikidot style.

----- Language ----- Speakers per Core Rulebook ----- Full list -----
----- Abyssal ----- demons and other CE outsiders ----- (Bebilith), Demon1, Devourer, Lamia, Naga-Spirit, Night Hag, Nightmare, (Retriever), Tiefling, (Yeth Hound)8-----

----- Aklo ----- derros, inhuman and otherworldly monsters, evil fey ----- Aboleth, Derro, Gibbering Mouther, Green Hag, Linnorm, Neothelid, Phase Spider, Roper, Shoggoth, (Tarrasque), Will-O'-Wisp, Yeti-----

----- Aquan ----- aquatic and water-based creatures ----- Aboleth, Dragon Turtle, Elemental-Water, Genie5, Kraken, Mephit7, Merfolk, Sahuagin -----

----- Auran ----- flying creatures, air-based creatures ----- Elemental-Air, Genie5, Mephit7, Phoenix -----

----- Celestial ----- angels and other good outsiders ----- Aasimar, Angel, Archon, Azata, Couatl, Demon1, Devil2, Devourer, Invisible Stalker, Naga-Guardian, Night Hag, Phoenix-----

----- Common ----- humans and core races ----- Aasimar, Barghest, Behir, Bugbear, Centaur, Chuul, Couatl, Cyclops, Demon1, Devil2, Devourer, Doppelganger, Drargon Turtle, Drider, Dryad, Duergar, Ettercap, Gargoyle, Genie5, Ghoul, Giant6, Green Hag, (Griffon), Harpy, Hobgoblin, (Homunculus), Invisible Stalker, Kraken, Kyton, Lamia, Manticore, Medusa, Mephit7, Merfolk, Mimic, Mummy, Naga-all, Night Hag, Nymph, Oni, Orc, Otyugh, (Pegasus), Phoenix, Pixie, Rakshasa, Sahuagin, Salamander, Satyr, Sea Hag, (Shambling Mound), Spectre, Sphinx, Tengu, Tiefling, Treant, Unicorn, Wight, Will-O'-Wisp, Worg, Worg-Winter Wolf, Wraith, Xill, Xorn-----

----- Draconic ----- dragons, reptilian humanoids ----- Aasimar, Angel, Archon, Azata, Chimera, Couatl, Demon1, Devil2, Dragon3, Dragon Turtle, Kobold, Linnorm, Lizardfolk, Pseudodragon, Sphinx, Troglodyte, Wyvern-----

----- Druidic ----- druids only -----

----- Dwarven ----- dwarves ----- Duergar -----

----- Elven ----- elves, half-elves ----- Centaur, Drider, Drow, Drow Noble, Dryad -----

----- Giant ----- cyclopses, ettins, giants, ogres, trolls ----- Cyclops, Ettin4, Giant6, Green Hag, Minotaur, Ogre, Oni, (Remorhaz), Sea Hag, Troll, Worg-Winter Wolf -----

----- Gnome ----- gnomes ----- Svirfneblin -----

----- Goblin ----- bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins ----- Barghest, Bugbear, Ettin4, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Tengu, Worg -----

----- Gnoll ----- gnolls ----- Gnoll -----

----- Halfling ----- halflings ----- Tengu -----

----- Ignan ----- fire-based creatures ----- Elemental-Fire, Genie5, Mephit7, Phoenix, Salamander -----

----- Infernal ----- devils and other LE outsiders ----- Angel, Archon, Azata, Barghest, Devil2, Devourer, (Hell Hound), Kyton, Naga-Dark, Night Hag, Nightmare, Rakshasa, Tiefling, Vargouille, Wraith, Xill, (Yeth Hound)8-----

----- Orc ----- orcs, half-orcs ----- Ettin4, Orc -----

----- Sylvan ----- centaurs, fey creatures, plants, unicorns ----- Centaur, Dryad, Linnorm, Nymph, Pixie, Satyr, (Shambling Mound), Treant, Unicorn -----

----- Terran ----- earth-based creatures ----- Elemental-Earth, Gargoyle, Genie5, Mephit7, Neothelid, Xorn -----

----- Undercommon ----- drow, duergar, morlocks, svirfneblin ----- Aboleth, Choker, Chuul, Cloaker, Dark Stalker, Derro, Drider, Drow, Drow Noble, Duergar, (Intellect Devourer), Mite, Morlock, Neothelid, Rakshasa, Roper, Skum, Svirfneblin, (Vegepygmy)-----

----- Languages not listed in Core Rules ----- Full list -----
----- Aboleth ----- Aboleth, Skum -----
----- Boggard ----- Boggard -----
----- Cyclops ----- Cyclops -----
----- Dark Folk ----- Dark Creeper, Dark Stalker -----
----- Sphinx ----- Sphinx -----
----- Tengu ----- Tengu -----
----- Treant ----- Treant -----
----- Vegepygmy ----- (Vegepygmy) -----

Monsters in parentheses understand but do not speak the language.

1) All demons speak Abyssal, Celestial and Draconic with the following exceptions:
- Dretches: (Abyssal)
- Quasits and Shadows: Abyssal and Common
- Succubi: Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic and Common
- Vrocks: Abyssal, Celestial and Common

2) All devils speak Celestial, Common, Draconic and Infernal with the following exceptions:
- Imps: Common and Infernal
- Lemure: none

3) All dragons speak Draconic, and additional languages based on color and age. The above table only includes dragons under Draconic though most age/color combinations add several more languages (most often Common, Giant, Elven). There are very few languages not spoken by some age/color combination.

4) Ettins speak a pidgin of Giant, Goblin and Orc. See Ettin description for more details.

5) All genies speak Aquan, Auran, Common, Ignan and Terran except Janni, which speak Common, one elemental language (Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Terran), and one planar language (Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal).

6) All giants speak Common and Giant except:
- Hill Giant: Giant only
- Storm Giant: Auran, Common, Draconic, Giant

7) Mephits speak one appropriate elemental language in addition to Common.

8) Yeth Hounds understand either Abyssal or Infernal.

Some templates are not shown (Ghost, Half-Celestial, Half-Dragon, Half-Fiend, Lich, Lycanthrope, Skeleton, Skeletal Champion, Vampire, Zombie).

Thanks, that sounds fair. My guess is that it will be Evil Eye, which can be used to lower saves for additional hexing.

Oh, right. Thanks.

I just refreshed my memory via the PRD:
-- DCs are just spell level + int bonus + 10
-- Caster level determines range, duration, damage (# of dice), overcoming SR, dispel magic, and concentration checks.

I'm still not sure whether +1 DC to hexes is more powerful than +2 caster levels - I don't have enough experience playing casters to make that call - but it makes much more sense to me now.

Thanks, ShadowcatX - I can see your point, since a trait shouldn't be as good as a feat. But Magical Knack normally grants a +1 to all spells - isn't that arguably as good as (or better than) +1 to all hexes?

If you would allow Magical Knack for spells but not hexes, does that mean +1 to all hex DCs is more powerful than +1 to all spell DCs?

I think an argument could be made that Magical Knack is already too powerful of a trait already (a separate discussion), but changing it from spells to hexes doesn't seem unbalanced to me...

The only potential unbalanced aspect is that hexes have no spell failure and don't provoke AOOs, which makes them better than spells for a front-line multiclass character. Even then, it's only a +1 DC, which isn't game breaking.

Is the main concern with stacking (ability focus and/or other feats) to increase DC further?

I've been visiting the forums for awhile but this is my first post, so go easy. :)

I have a question about Magical Knack and witch hexes. First, here is the text for Magical Knack:

paizo wrote:

"You were raised, either wholly or in part, by a magical creature, either after it found you abandoned in the woods or because your parents often left you in the care of a magical minion. This constant exposure to magic has made its mysteries easy for you to understand, even when you turn your mind to other devotions and tasks.

Pick a class when you gain this trait—your caster level in that class gains a +2 trait bonus as long as this bonus doesn't raise your caster level above your current Hit Dice."

My reading of this - which seems supported by previous posts - is that the Magical Knack trait would apply to a witch's spells but not her hexes (since they are based on witch level and not caster level).

So, a witch2/fighter2 with Magical Knack would have a caster level of 4 for her spells, but with the spell list of a witch2. Her hexes however, would still be identical to a witch2, since Magical Knack doesn't boost your witch level, just your caster level.

First, I should state that we use a house rule that players can write their own traits when writing their backstory, as long as the bonus provided is consistent in power level with the listed trait (though most players just end up taking +2 initiative and one of the +1 saving throw feats anyway).

My question is this:
- Would it be reasonable to allow the Magical Knack trait to apply only to hexes instead of spells? Since it is capped at a +2 trait bonus and can't exceed current Hit Dice, all this does is give a +1 to the DC of her hexes as long as she has 2 or more non-witch levels, which certainly seems in line.

It does seem a bit much to apply this to both spells and hexes, but applying it to hexes instead of spells seems fine to me. Thoughts?