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I wanted to post a note of appreciation for your service. I was almost Marines until some scholarships came through for college. My dad was Navy, granddad was Marines, and father-in-law was Air Force. Two cousins are Army Rangers and one step-brother was Navy Seals. While I didn't go military, I did manage to get in at the VA (not the hospital or benefits areas, so no attachment to the drama there) and try every day to ensure I do some work that will help our vets even if it's just ensuring we don't buy $400 hammers.

Fox-It is my default non-Adobe reader, but Adobe Reader XI works fine for me. All the bad reviews I've seen for it are from people still running Windows XP. For free alternatives, I've used most of these to great effect for various needs, but haven't tried them all for form-fillable sheets.

I used 7-zip for ages, but switched over to IZArc this past year as it had better handling for .JAR files and otherwise did everything 7-Zip covers.

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Hey, this looks like a gret match for my tastes. Consider my half-elven bard, Erian Starwalker, for the Ring of Gold!

For app installation memory, at present I can get about 100 apps installed before a stock Android build starts running low on space (the actual number varies based on size of the apps of course). The app storage is actually in a specific partition of the memory, so even having 32 GB won't help since only a portion is used for the apps (I'm rooted, so can get around this on non-stock builds). Right now I believe the default app partition is only 1-2 GB. All that techno-babble is just to say, if your device starts saying you're running low on space, but you still see free space on there, it's because the actual system partition is getting full.

The Android 4.2 release is very nice, with user profiles allowing multiple users to share the device easily. I've got it running on my ADAM (again, thanks to being rooted) and will shift to it as my main OS a soon as the app storage on SD is worked out.

Haven't seen the Mantano reader yet--I'll have to look into that!

If you are wanting a good long-term investment you've got two major targets in my opinion: (1) expandable memory is a big consideration and (2) the best processor you can get is important. As apps evolve, you want to have the best processor possible so you don't fall behind the curve too fast on performance. Memory expansion slots let you store more for the device at cheaper cost. Buy a 32 GB version with no memory expansion and when you fill it up you're done. Buy a 8 or 16 GB version with memory slots and then buy much cheaper 8-16 GB microSD cards to never run out of storage space.

You might also consider supportability, i.e. will the hardware continue getting software support during the expected life of the device. Apple, for instance, is dropping support for the older iPad and some Android devices never get OS upgrades. If you are willing to root the device, you can find updates for a ton of devices. However, you need to have the technical ability (or desire to learn) to make this viable.

While the apps for Apple are always mentioned in comparisons with Android, I've not found any appreciable difference between the number/quality of apps for Apple vs. Android. I generally see the hardware-to-price ratio as a more competitive aspect, and favor Android there.

I don't go for separate data plans for a tablet--get a data plan for your phone and tether it to the tablet when needed. There are WiFi hotspots everywhere nowadays, so having to pay for a data plan you don't have to use as much...I suppose if you travel a lot and it's not in areas with WiFi that could change this point.

And a "note" careful with the Samsung Note--there are versions that are 5.5" vs. 10.1". From what I've heard from friends that own both, they are good devices and they definitely like the stylus.

So, with all that said, my order of recommendations for a tablet would be ASUS's Transformer line (with the docking keyboard), the Google Nexus 10, and the Samsung Note 10.1. The ASUS has expansion slots, standard HDMI output, etc. and is just all around a fabulous device if you've got the money to invest (you can split the purchase up between the tablet and keyboard too...). And they're on sale at Best Buy online right now!

The other stuff is all apps, and there you've got a good selection of options. I favor ezPDF for reading and marking up PDF docs. Netflix works great (and check out Rhapsody for a tunes subscription option that works very nice). Go to Google Play apps and search for "Pathfinder" and you'll find lots of good tools for gaming. You can do the same, of course, for other systems or generic RPG stuff.

Yep, apps are key. On Android, try ezPDF--it's my #1 choice for a reader. Both the Nexus 7 and Kindle can run ezPDF. The big limit with both devices is the 7" screen (same for the smaller iPad) as you'll have either really small text or have to scroll around for reading. Some folks are okay with that, others not (I prefer the 10" tablets for PDFs). However, even in this a good PDF reader will "flow" the reading by columns to help in reading.

I'd be really torn between the Nexus 7, Kindle, and Nook, but the Nexus would be my top choice for PDFs due to the quad core processor and lack of vendor-added "skin" over the standard Android UI.

Got sidetracked...but luckily remembered somebody's already compiled a great list of free Android apps:

I've used these guys recommendations for years on the PC side, so have no reservation in offering this as a prime source for any freeware needs.

I've got tons of apps (current count is 228, as I'm stress-testing a Jelly Bean ROM) so there's quite a bit you can do! I know you're going for free, but a few of these are paid--they are worth it. Here's the full list. I'll pick out some specifics tomorrow (heading to bed now)!

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Jupp wrote:

herolab is very expensive. you have to buy each book, and it is full of bugs. i stopped using it once it screwed up by saves, hp, movement speed, and bonuses to attack.

i will try out pcgen, is it located on

Granted this post is about free tools (and for that, my vote goes to sCoreForge), but I did want to clarify this item. Hero Lab is not actually very expensive. It can be expensive if you want to buy every add-on, but you can very easily use the built-in editor to enter your own stuff for free once you own the base set. I've used it for years now and rarely find any bugs. When such are found, the Hero Lab folks are very responsive for providing a bug fix.

Poison use starts to break down in usefulness (and you risk poisoning yourself) with expense vs. low save DCs. I still recommend staying as far away from combat (and combat feats, since bards don't have enough feats to go down the heavier feat chains) as possible. Take Improved Initiative so you can act first to buff your allies/hinder foes with grease/animate rope/cause fear/hideous laughter. Take Fleet and Mobility to get out of combat range if you're surprised (and Agile Maneuvers if you're caught in a grapple). For the alchemy route, tanglefoot bags are great, but heavy. Thunderstones can be useful against casters.

Lockgo wrote:

8 is already below average, I was under the impression that having a strength score of 3 on any stat meant you where literally handicap. Most groups I played with simply treated anything below an 8 "without racial bonus/negatives" as if you rolled an 8.

Never knew if that was official statement or not, but that is how I usually ran it.

Definitely a house rule. The Standard, Classic, and Dice Pool rolling methods all can generate scores under 8 (and down to 3) and the Purchase method allows dropping a score to 7. Only the Heroic rolling method generates scores with a minimum of 8.

I'd recommend the ASUS Transformer line, as the keyboard option would be very good for your MS Word needs. You can readily read, create, and edit Word (and other Office files) using apps like Documents to Go or Quickoffice (I've got both, and the both work equally well). The ASUS has plenty of power for viewing PDFs (I recommend ezPDF as the best viewer/annotation tool for PDFs on Android from my tests). And adding the keyboard doc also shoots the battery time (14+ hours on the Infinity), adds more ports, and even has a mouse pad.

Another option is waiting to see how the Microsoft Surface line turns out with Windows 8, as their keyboard cover is a touted feature. However, it's not out and proven yet.

I'd encourage you to stay with this character, actually. Having such a low Str, but phenomenal Dex and Cha, can make for a really interesting character. Don't worry about damage at all, and focus on the bard's other strengths (skills, buffing, incapacitating enemies). Wands and scrolls will greatly increase your spell versatility. Get some useful, versatile spells that favor creativity, like unseen servant, prestidigitation, mage hand, illusions, message, etc. that can allow you to influence your environment/encounters and help your allies. For "combat" spells that have more uses, animate rope is excellent in addition to grease. A riding dog is definitely the way to go for carrying your extra stuff--I do the same thing with my low-Str gnome alchemist.

Ultimately, roleplaying is about having fun. If you can have fun with this character, you "win" regardless of how many orcs he takes down in combat!

Hey Hank, glad to see this moving forward! As you know, I've been "sidetracked" with our newest addition to the family, but if you're interested in some Hero Lab portfolios/data sets (Pathfinder and SW at present) for these let me know! I'm actually playing around with Hero Lab now to learn the details for creating a system (using Cubicle 7's The One Ring as my base) so I might even be able to create a full N.R.G. data set for you at some point.

There are already tools-as-weapons (see the mattock of the titans). You just enchant them as wondrous items...

Kthulhu wrote:
Brogue The Rogue wrote:
Golarion modules have a tendency to be very epic. Or at least, the ones I've run as a player typically involve world-destruction, gods, kingdom annihilation, that sort of thing.

Just wondering, have you looked at the actual MODULE line, rather than the ADVENTURE PATH line? The APs do ten to have a big scope, since they're an entire planned campaign. While a few of the Module line does have a large scope like this, they're generally on a much more localized scale.

There's also PFS scenarios, which are very short adventures designed to for one 4-hour session (but can also be played in a non-organized, home game if you so desire).

Yep, that's what I was thinking as well--the description definitely sounds more like an Adventure Path issue than the Modules, as at least from my experience most of Paizo's actual modules are aimed at 12th level or lower and are fairly generic (other than, of course, having place names) so can be dropped in any setting.

However, the "no epic" angle does help as well. I've heard good stuff about the modules and I don't recall seeing any that would fall into the epic category. They've got 30+ modules out now, and get fairly high reviews in general (you can also buy them here). I've thought about picking them up but I've got the opposite problem from this thread, i.e. I like Golarion so much, I don't have much need for generic modules. 0one Games also has several nice adventure lines, and I've always been impressed by my purchases from them (also available here).

What about Golarion do you not like? Knowing some specifics would help understand better what modules would be a good fit vs. too similar to Golarion.

Looking forward to seeing the tweaked clockwork dragon--the first view was pretty cool so any improvements should make it great!

Yes, that would work. If you lose the enhancement bonus for any reason (changing aspects, dispel, etc.) you lose the slots and skill points. When you cast the extended spell and wait 24 hours again, you would re-chose what skills you want to add ranks.

You actually don't gain extra slots or skill points,

From the PRD:

PRD wrote:
Intelligence: Temporary increases to your Intelligence score give you a bonus on Intelligence-based skill checks. This bonus also applies to any spell DCs based on Intelligence.


PRD wrote:
Permanent Bonuses: Ability bonuses with a duration greater than 1 day actually increase the relevant ability score after 24 hours. Modify all skills and statistics related to that ability. This might cause you to gain skill points, hit points, and other bonuses. These bonuses should be noted separately in case they are removed.

As the ability bonus doesn't last more than a day (two castings of the same spell still being two different bonuses), you only get the bonus on Int-based skill checks and spell DCs.

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I actually use Nyambe as my go-to source for filler material on Mwangi as it's got some very good material. I don't say this to detract from the Kickstarter, but rather as a vote for Africa-themed material. I'm sure you could take the Spears of the Dawn fluff and combine it with Nyambe mechanics to add some very interesting things to Pathfinder.

Congrats to you guys on hitting all your stretch goals and then some! I'm erally glad to be a part of this. For folks that missed it, they added some much "free" stuff to my initial pledge level I almost feel like I'm stealing from them!

Yep, got mine. My son's really into dragons right now, so I got him a good selection to paint for his birthday.

-- Vampire x1 $100 (- Sophie)
-- Hydra x1 $15
-- Red Dragon x1 $10
-- Clockwork Dragon x1 $15
-- There Be Dragons x1 $15
-- Ebonwrath x1 $10
-- Starter Paint Set x1 $18
-- Starter Set 2 x1 $18

It'll help to know your price range, but I will say the 7" tablets seem to me a bit too small for reading the PDFs. I definitely prefer the 10" tablets in that regard.

I'm also an Android guy over Apple, simply because I can get more for my money that route (generally faster processing and GPU which are needed for reading PDFs, plus the ability to add microSD cards for more memory). However, there's another thread down in the forum already for Apple vs. Android topics so I won't belabor that point.

For mine (I've got an ADAM--great machine as I can modify the heck out of it but I wouldn't recommend it for new folks), I use ezPDF as it's a fabulous app allowing annotations, drawing, etc. in the PDF.

Let us know what you can spend and that'll help guide the conversation

DaveMage wrote:
waderockett wrote:

If you back the Kickstarter at $50 and above, you'll be emailed a free PDF of the beta version of 13th Age with no further commitment to continue as a backer -- so if you haven't yet seen 13th Age, this is a great try-before-you-buy opportunity.

Uh...$50 is not a "try before you buy". :)

As for me - I'm good with Pathfinder. Of course, if 13th Age is created under the OGL, and if there are cool bits that can be integrated with Pathfinder, I'm sure some enterprising soul will make a product that does so...

To clarify on the try-before-you-buy as it's a little confusing at first I think, especially for those that haven't done a Kickstarter before. Just like any Kickstarter, you've got the option to remove support before the timer runs out.

So for this one, you go into Kickstarter and offer up $50 in support. They then send you a link to the file so you can see how the game looks. If you don't like what you see, you go back into Kickstarter (before their time runs out) and remove your support.

On the game itself, I was also hesitant as I don't need yet another system. However, there offer to check things out was easy enough. After reading through the material, I think it's definitely worth adding to my library. It's somewhat a combination of 3E and 4E (which had me worried) but not in such a way that it's bad.

Anyway, if the clarification helps out and it's something of interest, I say it's worth your effort.

You might check sCoreForge as well

Thanks Bryan. I hope from my previous comments it's obvious I'm not anti-Reaper or looking to make a political statement so much as looking into the thinking behind this particular mini.

Hi Bryan, glad you're on! The breastplate is fine to me, although the lack of any thigh/leg protection does sort of place it in the gratuitous vs. functional armor for my tastes. As I noted earlier, my primary qualms with the sculpt are with the garter and the pose (it looks strained/unnatural as a conversation pose). Can you speak any to those?

Well to be "fair" to those in the "don't like" camp, we don't actually get a choice to not buy this one since it's in the package deal (at least for us Vampire level folks). Now, I'm only paying like $0.44 for this one and it's readily tradeable so I'm not complaining that much...

Yeah, generally Social Conservative here as well and I (hopefully) have made it clear my position is based entirely on usefulness as a game piece. I've got no problem with minis/illustrations that show skin, so long as it's actually appropriate to the topic and has an in-game purpose. After 25 years of gaming, I know what I'll actually use (thus the auto-trade for several of these). Ironically, Reaper actually has a "prostitue" mini in the set (I believe they labelled it "Strumpet") and I plan to keep that one since a non-fiendish seductress might actually be useful in a game. I'm keeping the stereo-typical buxom barmaid as well. I don't frequent the Reaper forums much. Are people going nuts about those, or the fiends?

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Shifty, I usually agree with your perspectives, but on this one I'm fairly certain we (the "this pose is meh" crowd) are really looking.

Let's consider Reaper--they're not exactly above a little "sex sales" marketing. Look at the entire Sophie line...

As for what I'm seeing that's so off-putting for the mini, it's both the pose and the adornments.

Being a standard roleplayer geek, I am of course well-versed in all culture and period armor as well as weapons (including the unstoppable claymore katana falcata) and in no ways resort to Google searches and Wikipedia for martial knowledge.* As such, I know of the Roman muscle cuirass. I'm not familiar with any example of said armor that includes a garter, and further know of no use for garters other than (1) holding up stockings, (2) looking sexy, and (3) hanging them from rear-view mirrors as some sort of red-neck trophy. She ain't wearing stockings...

Then to the pose. I have two 2-year olds that come up about to my knee. I often bend over or squat to talk with them or see something they are holding. When I bend over, I might put my hand on my knee, but my knee would be bent and my foot flat on the ground so I could actually stand in a comfortable manner. Try to stand like this giant's pose. Kick that right hip up as far as you can, extend your left leg, raise your left heel like you're wearing 6" stilletos. Yeah, that pose is not what I'd use to talk to my kids.

I like the test that was noted over in the LPJ thread seeking help with marketing to females. Put that burly, bearded man of a storm giant next to this one in the same outfit and pose. Does that work for you? Because for me it would look ridiculous.

For me, it's the usefulness of the mini that's in question. I don't need this one just like I don't need cyborg gorillas, power-armor space marines, or afro-sporting pistol guys. I'm not shouting from the rooftops that Reaper is evil and looking to corrupt our children with lewd images (I am, for instance, keeping the non-motorcycle-riding succubus and marilith as they both are useful minis). Luckily, I've already got a good female storm giant thanks to the D&D minis run several years back.

*For the literal crowd, yes, I'm joking.

It looks like they just went with the Dragon Empires info, but you can customize the race in the editor.

Go to Tools-->Launch Editor.

In the editor, select File-->New Data File.

Select the Race tab and then click New (Copy).

Select the Kitsune from the list.

Scroll down to Languages Allowed, click Edit, and select/deselect the appropriate languages (using the Select None button makes this faster.).

Scroll down to Automatic Languages, click Edit, and select/deselect the appropriate languages (using the Select None button makes this faster.).

Deselect No Common Language?

In the Unique ID field, type in something like rKitsunARG.

In the Name field you can add a (ARG) to denote this from the original.

Click the Save button.

Click the Test Now! button (near the top). You'll be asked to name your .user file.

After the compile finishes, you should get a message that you can use the content. Click OK.

Exit the editor. You now have a Kitsune race with the ARG languages.

Asphere wrote:
When will reaper send out the info on how to swap sophie?

Should be soon--they needed at least 2 weeks to compile everything and develop a system.

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As soon as I saw this one in the stretch goals, it went into my "trade this for something useful" list...I don't really need a giant stripper (yes, I'm trading out the Sophie mini as well).

Shifting away from subscriptions and going with Pathfinder definitely helps for me. The other issue I see is not necessarily something you can fix now...I'm afraid the $100,000 goal is too big for a start-up like this. It seems to me it would have been better to set it up in stages with a lower initial goal, e.g. start with the character creator and have the rest as stretch goals.

This tool has to compete with Hero Lab, which is already very solid in providing character creation and in-game tools for Pathfinder and numerous other games. Their interface is the one aspect that most people (I don't count the ones that rail against the DRM method for software distribution in this) consider a negative; character sheet output is another. InKarnate has to show that it can delivery at least as good on character support (and that includes every piece of OGL material Paizo publishes) for me--I can take a bit of cludge in my interface if the functionality is stellar.

Yes, this is a problem I have in Aldiko as well. I'd really like it if Paizo would set the file properties so the PDFs autoload the names (and descriptions) properly. I'm sure this is a pretty low priority for them, though...

Middle management with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (after doing project/program management in healthcare software development work for them for a decade, and systems engineer/project management stuff in IT before that), so I do budgets, HR, work planning, etc. I'm seven levels down from the president in a purely org-chart consideration (of course, in practical terms there's about a bazillion layers).

For those with State Department aspirations--that's a real dang hard organization to get into! Most foreign jobs are going to go to those that have already proven themselves working stateside, so you might try getting in local before shooting for Asia.

I know I've plugged it on other threads, but I can't say enough about how folks should support these guys!

Although Story Realms is focused on a younger gaming crowd as sort of an intro to the RPG hobby in general, the setting and mechanics are solid enough that I'm already envisioning running a game of Earthdawn using it (I'm also thinking on how the game could be expanded with outside elements like the item and NPC cards from Paizo). It's a narrative system, but with some mechanical aspects to keep things interesting, and it uses a lot of components similar to board games to engage players (but you're not just rolling dice and moving pieces around a board). The art is looking really cool--at least from my perspective as a dad wanting his kids to game and trying to avoid the naked succubus/gore spattered barbarian look!

They've also got a Facebook page and website. It's made by the folks that do the Growing Up Gamers blog which talks about these couples' numerous adventures in gaming with their kids.

Check out the sweet stretch goals--we must hit $250,00 to see this Something Amazing as everything they've already laid out is pretty dang impressive!

Well, they fixed the thing that bugged me the most (subscription model). I'm still not sure they'll be able to hit a $100,000 goal for funding. It seems like they'd have had better success with starting smaller and having stretch goals up to that level (and higher of course). We'll see I guess.

That's actually not quite right for M&M--the Supplements addition costs $19.99 and comes with some material from 9-10 books.

Comparatively, the Pathfinder line has 60+ books. In both cases, the supplement cost is usually around $1.50 per book, with the exception being the large Pathfinder additions like the Ultimate and Bestiary series. Since those are all hundreds of pages and have tons of mechanics to add to the program they cost $10.

As for me and NPCs, I use Hero Lab to stat out important folks, but just like with pen and paper I don't stat every single person since there's little value in having the baker's combat values...he just makes delicious cake! I also add custom content as needed (I added all of the Earthdawn races/mechanics for instance, so I could have the Obsidimen and Windlings in a PF game if desired).

It ws really at the $3 million mark where they lost me. Their last pitch was hurt for me in that I don't need a gigantic death dragon and don't use any Cthulhu stuff, so what should have been a big draw for minis wasn't for me. Both made sense as end-caps, just not for me. Really, I'd have thought the remaining iconics would have been earlier (at around $2 million).

The missing iconics just seemed to leave a hole of sorts in the overall Pathfinder support that seemed strange (that and I really like Sajan). I'm not disappointed with the overall haul by any stretch, though!

They work great, and since they're built for use on work sites they are more durable than the standard storage units I've seen. My only problem right now is having to switch back and forth between using it for gaming and using it for construction projects--I need two!

I was happy with the familiars and halflings, just not enough to give them any more money...

I've got a stacking, wheeled "mobile work chest" similar to this:

Stanley Fatmax 22 in. Structural Foam Roll Workshop

Mine actually has a spin-out section great for holding dice and Small/Medium figs. The top stack comes off the base (which is big enough to hold several Huge figs). The top then has a toolbox that unstacks again, so I end up with two large compartments and a toolbox with sections. You can get some cheap foam and cut sections to fit the minis.

There are some smaller ones like this as well:

Contico Mobile Work Box with Wheels

I really like the stackable one as it can hold a ton, rolls around if I need to move a lot of stuff at once (sometimes I put all my books, props, and figs in it and roll it to the game table!) but if I just need a few I can pull off the relevant stack. There are some less expensive ones at Wal-Mart and Sears.

I also use some stackable drawers for more long-term storage. I cut some 1/4" plywood into sectional dividers that fit inside the drawers. I can then put all my dwarves, elves, halfings, and gnomes (for example) in one drawer but keep them separated. This is more for the pre-painted figs--throwing a bunch of painted figs in a drawer does a number on the paint jobs over time!

I'm similar "to the other brock" in that I was looking for the rest of the iconics (especially Sajan and Harsk) and was ready to drop another $20-25 for that. The last goals were unfortunately of little interest to me. I won't mind having the free PDFs, but they weren't goals for me in the sense of getting more cash...

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Note that Hungry are the Dead was written for D&D 3.5, not Pathfinder, as it was published prior to the PFRPG release. There are variations in the mechanics due to this. In this case, the staff is not rechargeable. With only 12 charges, that puts the value at 6,660 gp.

Here's the 3.5 version from the SRD:

This white ash staff, with inlaid silver runes, allows use of the following spells:

Lesser restoration (1 charge)
Cure serious wounds (1 charge)
Remove blindness/deafness (2 charges)
Remove disease (3 charges)
Moderate conjuration; CL 8th; Craft Staff, cure serious wounds, lesser restoration, remove blindness/deafness, remove disease; Price 27,750 gp.

You might check sCoreForge that is maintained by thebluecanary if you are averse to Hero Lab (I will say that the HL implementation of the Advanced Races Guide is awesome!). I'm not sure if he's done the AVG, but he actively works to maintain the sheet.

The last view I had was at $3,414, all goals achieved!

I'd trade any of the non-fantasy minis (IMEF, NOVA, etc.) for goblins...

I'm thinking the trading thread over at Reaper might be of interest to folks...

You could count me in for trading any of the non-fantasy stuff!

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