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Wow, thanks for all the input. This helps to clear up some stuff for me.

I received the pathfinder beginner box and read through the books. I'm lost when it comes to damage. In the beginner box game masters guide on page 61 for the Orcs. For Melee it says battle axe +5 (1d8 +4/x3). I get the 1d8 is the dice I roll for the damage the Orc deals to me. What does the other terms mean?

Does the battle axe +5 mean the Orc gets five attacks? So I roll 1d20 for 5 times to see how many times the Orc hits me.

Then the 1d8 is the damage role. Do I add 4 points to the roll for each hit. Then is the x3 the critical hit if the Orc rolls a 20 on its attack roll?