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Gregg Reece wrote:

Include it in the book. It's almost all written already since this is a second edition of the game.

If you don't want to use it, then don't use it.

I don't think anyone in this thread is going to change their mind at this point.

The 'word count' seems to be an awfully precious thing when considering what to include and what not so I would say material components should be in the Ultimate Magic 2 if included at all.

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Captain Morgan wrote:
I'll add that Spells like Bless Water probably shouldn't exist-- why not just lump it in with an appropriate Craft Skill? We already know alchemy and crafting is getting an overhaul. Having magic that creates permanent items you can sell off can do weird things to your party's WBL

Just commented about the silliness of Bless Water earlier and I have to agree here. What is especially silly is that the price for brewing CLW potion is 25gp and the selling price is 50gp while the material component for Bless Water spell is 25gp but they sell it without profit for some reason.

Elfteiroh wrote:
FedoraFerret wrote:
Based on the blog, flanking now inflicts the flat-footed condition, rather than being a thing specific to the person making the attack. So if two of my allies get an enemy into flank, I can totally snipe them.
I'm pretty sure it was meant as an "considered as flatfooted for the flanking characters", the same as the Rogue feature that let Rogue consider teh character that still have yet to act as flat footed...

Either way, the rogue would still need an ally to get the sneak attack. Sniping should be an option without the help of your allies or only on point blank range.

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I think the most ridiculous material component is for Bless Water. It is way too expensive, especially for the lower level characters who would even it. And why would anyone sell it without profit?