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Having just read the Attack the Stat Block blog post and thread, there seems to be a great deal of concern regarding the use of icons within PF2E.

As it stands, we've seen [[A]] and [[R]] as stand-ins for icons for Action and Reaction respectively, though we have yet to see the assets which are going to be used for those icons.

Comments regarding the use of screen-readers, whether the icon imagery will be suitable for colour-blindness and if a block is reformatted into large print have cropped up - as well as comments regarding how these images may cause problems when copying text out of a PDF (such as the Playtest Bestiary).

I've spoilered some excerpts below - however, I counted 21 different users commenting on the issue in a thread which, at time of writing, was merely 6 pages long.


knightnday wrote:
Fuzzypaws wrote:
I hope the Action and Reaction symbols are distinct at a glance, even in low light. The symbols in the Starfinder Alien Archive book can be a little muddy and indistinct.
This x100. It cannot be stressed enough that if one cannot pick out the symbols they aren't useful.
Voss wrote:

Once again, words are better than icons- much more clear, no fancy printing costs.

Action: <text>
Reaction: <text>
It's really simple.
Valantrix1 wrote:
Being blind, from what I can tell so far, if you continue with this representative symbol nonsense, the stat block will be absolutely useless to me. I'm ok with everything else I've read though. If you can make it where screen readers can actually interpret the symbols, that is a different story.
DirtyCarl wrote:
Quick reminder: the [[A]] symbol is code for "action," and it will have a special icon in the actual Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook and other products. You'll also see an [[R]] later to represent a reaction.

I know it seems like a small thing, but this will be extremely annoying for me. Using custom symbols means we'll lose information when copy+pasting. Screen readers (for accessibility) will also likely fail on them, and homebrew statblocks will not include the special symbols.

Please, please consider using normal text for these. I think [[A]] and [[R]] work just fine.

Paradozen wrote:

I still hope Icons are distinct and don't rely on color much

because over-reliance on color (particularly red/green for me) makes icons a lot less useful for me, being partially colorblind.
Weather Report wrote:
As for icons, this is the only part that has me fuming, on several levels; first, I do not like them in 4th Ed or SF (especially in SF, they look cheap, cheesy and gross), and my eyes are screwed (Vision Impaired, Partially Sighted and all that): I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and a Cystoid Macula Oedema, so please, please do not use icons

This seems like a topic which could merit from some comment from Paizo, as it is one which could very well have an big impact on a section of the player base.

We've had quite a heated thread this week regarding fluff/flavour restrictions on feats. I'm not looking to rehash that discussion here.

One thing that was raised during the debate was that, due to the restrictions on what can be reproduced on d20PFSRD, it is possible to be looking to take a feat (or what have you) based on a read of the site, then find additional restrictions on the selection when you make it to the game table.

While I get that certain things are outside of the SRD right to reproduce, would it be helpful for people if there was a flag, or a sidebar, or something on affected options which brought this to your attention?

Something along the lines of: "This feat has a setting-specific requirement if used in a game set in Golarion. Please review the original source (link available below) for more details."

Morning hive mind,

Question for y'all - how do eidolons interact with diseases if, for example, the eidolon has eaten something diseased and failed the initial Fort save. Does dismissal and re-summoning clear it up, or does it remain under the effect of the disease?

I guess a similar question applies for poisons.

Please note that I'm looking at a Chained Eidolon here, in case there is a specified difference between Chained and Unchained.

I'm running Rise of the Rune Lords at the moment, and had an incident last night I'm unsure how to deal with. To avoid potential spoilers.

The grisly details:
Second level of Thistle top. The bugbear ranger had avoided the group while they were dealing with Orik and made it to warn (and support) Nuala. Group finds the Observation deck and piles in, with the Summoner's Eidolon engaged by the Yeth Hound.

Hound managed to wound and trip the Eidolon, then hit again with the AOO when it tried to get up (best sequence of attacks I managed all evening), taking it below 0 HP, around -6 HP.

The CG Summoner was in the corridor outside, guarding Orik.

Rather than trying to get in to help it, or take a standard action to dismiss it, he chose to leave it in the hope it would "bleed" out and depart on its own, so he could summon it the following day at half health.

Unfortunately for him, it stabilised on the second or third attempt, and combat finished the round afterwards.

So far, so inefficient. What shocked me was when, in the immediate aftermath of the fight, he entered the room with Orik and proceeded to CdG his own Eidolon, rather than using his level 1 "heal the eidolon" spell (whose name escapes me while I'm at work).

Short version - CG Summoner CdG's own eidolon to dismiss it, instead of healing it or dismissing it normally. This is the same character that, in an early skirmish when his eidolon was dropped, used a newly discover healing potion on it against the party's wishes.

Ignoring that I'm regretting using a chained Summoner in this game already, what sort of consequences should he be looking at once the Eidolon finds out?

Evening all,

Started running RotRL Anniversary edition a couple of weeks ago, and after tomorrow's session I should be taking the group into the Glassworks and onwards.

For the initial encounters at the Swallowtail Festival, I was able to run without a map, but as we head into more interesting terrain, I was hoping to have the maps available as a reference.

Unfortunately, all the images in the book have the room references on, shockingly enough, and I'd rather not make those details available to the PCs.

Does anyone happen to have a set of images of the maps where those have been edited out?