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I'm starting a sandbox-style game based on Ben Robbin's West Marches and would like to give the Pathfinder rules a go. Here are my goals:

1. Danger. Mistakes can kill 1st level PCs. They can also kill higher-level guys, if they pick the wrong part of the map to wander in.
2. Easy to learn. My players are mostly 3.5e people.
3. More streamlined. No more 3.x grappling and other nit-picky rules.
4. Compatible with 3.x encounters, maps and treasure. I plan to recycle loads of those so I can run games at the drop of a hat.


5. Bards. One of my favorite players made a HI-larious Half-Orc Bard who plays the cymbals, and has a fully painted mini of this nutcase. That alone pretty much eliminated 4e as a possibility. When will Pathfinder have a Bard?

A dogslicer is a jagged piece of metal poorly attached to some kind of handle, right? So when the adventure text says "masterwork dogslicer", does that mean "dang, that's a fine looking shiv" or "its still a piece of junk, just a sturdy one, and we're using the game term masterwork... even though nobody in their right mind thinks this is an example of craftsmanship and skill".

Just having a hard time wrapping my head around a masterwork piece of junk.

The adventure mentions how rough it could be for the PCs if they decide to attack during one of Nualia's prayer meetings/ritual beheadings. Any idea how often Lamashtu requires sacrifice (or how the PCs might find this out)?

I apologize if this has been answered, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

What software does Paizo use for its website, store and forum? Is it an open-source package or something written especially for Paizo?


I gather it's the name for adventurers in the setting, but is there more to it?