Thistletop chapel's worship schedule (spoilers)

Rise of the Runelords

The adventure mentions how rough it could be for the PCs if they decide to attack during one of Nualia's prayer meetings/ritual beheadings. Any idea how often Lamashtu requires sacrifice (or how the PCs might find this out)?

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I'm not sure what's the schedule, and this is probably left to the DMs liking. I will probably come up with daily prayers of 15-30 minutes, with 1 weekly sacrifice and full rituals that would take at least an hour.

As for how to find out, any prisoner goblin of the tribe would know that, perhaps even some goblins of other tribes. Gogmurt (Goblin druid) would be a very good source of information for this.

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On topic, so there's no guidelines about when Nualia might have services, or how the PCs might twig to it? It's just DM fiat?

If it were me...I would say that dusk would be the best time, when the light is dying from the world and the night time, the time of Lamashtu's progeny, creeps over the land.

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