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Opalescent White Pyramid (Ioun Stone)

10,000 gp for a weapon proficiency with no penalty
3,000 gp for a weapon proficiency with -2 DEX penalty
1,500 gp to treat a weapon type as martial

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Umbranus wrote:
n00bxqb wrote:

When my players bring in a new character, it's with the penalties for:

Reincarnate (randomly-rolled race, 2 permanent negative levels, -1000 GP)
Raise Dead (2 permanent negative levels, -5000 GP)
Resurrection (1 permanent negative level, -10000 GP)

That way they're not gaining an advantage over their old character.

What would you do with a level 3 replacement char? Would he have to choose reincarnation or would he start without any equipment, 2 negative levels and a 2000gp debt?

I once had my pc die at third level and having him raised destroyed a geart part of the party's wealth. It took a long time for the party to recover from that.

As a dead level 3 character, I would not expect to be raised. I would reroll level 1 and rejoin the group at not too great a disadvantage.

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Torches create normal light to 20 feet, and dim light between 20 and 40 feet.

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LazarX wrote:
Jacob Saltband wrote:
But he loses his dex to AC against all my other fencer buddies.
No he doesn't. They've got to do their own feinting against him. He only loses his dex to YOU.

Feats may be used to boost the effectiveness of feint.

Feint Partner extends the effect to others with the feat.

Improved Feint Partner grants an AoO to others with the feat.

Improved Feint allows feinting as a move action.

And the way I read Greater Feint, it totally denies the target his Dex bonus to everyone for a full round.

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Reloading a blowgun *should* be at least as fast as reloading a bow. You can easily carry multiple darts in one hand and there is not very much kinetic motion involved at all.

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Burn56 wrote:

Size increase table I was using was here on the d20pfsrd

Good find on the lead blades potion however!

Hmm, Lead Blades may be out, but Strong Jaw, however, can legally be made into a potion (or wand), and gives double the effect of lead blades, but for natural attacks.

Combined with a large or huge eidolon with slam and reach and evolutions and feats for improved damage, it can get pretty obscene. The cleave chain is a bit pricey for an eidolon, though. Might be better off going with Combat Reflexes and long reach.

Or an alchemist using Feral Mutagen and the Alchemical Allocation extract that lets him use potions without actually expending them...

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limited by the continuous adjacency of successive targets, yes.

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We always play natural 1 fails, 20 succeeds for attack rolls.
Skill checks, just use the number and any modifiers.

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If you're a new player on your first character, especially if you've never played tabletop RPGs before, a lot of lessons are going to be learned the hard way. When you made your level 1, maybe somebody reminded you that you would need ammunition, and you put the basic item on your character sheet and never had to think about it again. Or maybe they built the character for you and you just played it with the equipment they gave it. Maybe the GM never clues players into damage resistance, or the player has no idea there are ways around said damage resistance. I really can't see faulting somebody for not knowing the minutiae of the bestiary when they're not a seasoned player. It's your duty as a veteran to help the greenhorns along.

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GreenGM wrote:
Before they get in a Fairy talks to them and says her water elemental friend was captured. (I know elementals are kind of mindless but i figured its a water fairy so they lived together.)

Robert Heinlein's "Our Fair City" features a "pet" whirlwind that actually ends up running for mayor, so your idea of a sentient elemental is not so out of place in fantasy.

"The breeze was playful. It knew things. And what it didn't know, it knew where to find!"

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Arguments like this could be why so many DMs disallow the summoner class.