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I worked quite a bit to get to the point where I can buy the rising star cpastone boon without using adventure path chronicles. Now that I got there I realized that I'm not entirely sure how to interpret the second paragraph:


In addition to the benefits of this boon, once you purchase
this capstone boon, you are encouraged to send an e-mail to with a subject line of “Second
Seekers Rising Star.” Include your character’s race, class, name,
character number, and a description of 75 words or less in the
body of the e-mail. That character is entered into a drawing
to become a future in-world Venture-Captain, member of the
Forum, or even the First Seeker.

What character exactly am I supposed to provide information for and enter the raffle? The character that worked to get the reputation (I assume this one is correct), the 0 XP charactert that gets the benefits of ther boon or is it completely free and any one of my characters without any requirements can enter the drawing?

It's the character with the 45 reputation I assume but I want to make sure to do it correctly.