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We lost (badly) in scenario four in this one. (Playing at home, Core cards only, Kyra, Seelah, Mersiel, Lem.) The problem for us was the closing of each location.

The first two locations require the player who just fought the Henchman to then encounter the danger (delaying the closing is not practical, and not helpful either as these are some of the most bane-filled locations in the box).

Then the storybook rule requires a random character to encounter the danger upon moving. Of course, we're all pretty spent having helped the unfortunate character who found the Henchman. And, of course, the danger Drake came up pretty often; both it and Inferno Trap have a BA check affecting local characters, which is everyone in this scenario.

Three of the four of us made it to the last location (limping and bleeding...) but with just three hours left.

We beat the first three barely (rolled a 1 for the first scenario, Drained/Unhallowed) but the final one thrashed us.

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Master_Grabnar wrote:

Do you have a link for Dragon's Demand? I cannot seem to find it.

That's the adventure path in the new Core set.

Have you played PACG? My kids and I were looking for the exact same thing: A tabletop cooperative RPG that didn't require a game master. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game exactly fills that need - the "rules" are the game master, no app required.

I don't have it handy, but in Core there was a Story Bane Roster on the back of a wildcard.

That certainly helps, thank you! As I looked into it more I was hoping we wouldn't need "class decks" or other supplemental stuff to play those scenarios, and it sounds like we wouldn't.

I just finished Dragon's Demand 3B with my two sons. I printed "We Be Heroes?" and we plan to play that next, and I also have the Curse box ready to go.

I was wondering if the PDF products available for organized play are useful for more casual play too? Scenario 5B (The Fangwood Thieves) and 6–1 (City of Sails and Shrouds) both depend on products I have (i.e. Core and Curse). Are these just additional "storybooks" like the ones included in the boxes I have? Or are they different somehow?

Thanks for explaining it—I'm still figuring out all this Pathfinder stuff.


(P.S. I already submitted a similar post but while it incremented my post count it "disappeared" so I'm trying again. Apologies if it retroactively becomes a double post.)