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TheFinish wrote:

As far as I know, you are correct: If you roll, and get a 17/18 in a score where you must add an Increase (which means Ancestry, and Class, and maybe Background) then you can put that increase in another ability score of your choice. Or, if you rolled a 17, you put the increase in the 17, and that makes it 18.

Not sure what your "rules lawyers" are arguing for though.

Reading rules when tired seems to not be a good idea as my question was answered by reading a page further. Thank you for taking the time to shed light.

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I look at stars to mean that you have GM'd many tables. I liked Jack's idea that if your stars go up for PFS1 or PFS2 it applies as a bump to your overall tables ran.

I already have some rules dissection happening. When rolling and applying ability boosts the rules state
"If you reach a 17 or 18 in an ability score, you’re still limited to the cap of 18 in any ability score at level 1. This might mean a step will require you to put an ability boost into an ability that would raise it above the cap. When this happens, you can put the ability boost into another score instead, or you can put it into a 17 and lose the excess increase."

Those in my house who tend to be the "rules lawyers" are arguing that this means any ability.

I, however, am pointing out: "For instance, if you rolled a 17 for Constitution and were creating a dwarf, you could apply your dwarf’s racial Constitution ability boost to your Strength of 14 instead. You could still apply it to Constitution anyway, making it an 18, but you’d lose the long-term benefits you would have gained if you’d applied it to a lower score," as meaning that you may apply it to the other ability that you could normally apply a boost.

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As always need overflow GMs. But more importantly players. Bring your character out to play if you are in our neck of the woods. We would love to see you. We have a GM from Georgia coming in, a GM flying in from Kazakhstan to spend his vacation GMing, Kelly Youngblood Houston VC. It should be a blast.

Delite Leake, VC Texas - Texarkana Region.

Oh, so is that why I can't see the new events I added and the ones I have updated? I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what I had done wrong. I was sure I was having a major blonde moment.

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Please welcome Scott Flores in Tyler, TX as our new VL. Scott has been a great asset to PFS aso a player aND will continue to be so as a VO.

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Texas, Louisana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee. Any and all. Have friends in Atlanta, GA. And would like to set at tables with them more than once a year.

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It would if it went out further than the next two months.

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Okay everyone sound off. I would like to have a comprehensive list of all conventions happening between now and Dragon Con that have a PFS presence. I find plenty of conventions that list they have RPGs but they don't specify if PFS is there.

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Greetings, Pathfinders. I do hope this finds you well. I wanted to let any of you, who may be traveling in the East/Northeast Texas Region during this time that Texarkan Region Pathfinder Society will be present at the Tyler Rose City Comic Con. We have three GMs from GA coming in to help create an awesome event and many of our up and coming GMs would love for you to join them at their tables. If you will be in the area and have the time. Please sign up: 796059092/806787969331772/?type=1&theater

Thank you ever so much and continue your adventures and always let your character out to play.

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Please join me in welcoming, Dekota Rodgers, my new VL for Mount Pleasant. He has stepped up in a big way. I know he will do a great job.

Enlarge person does not specifically address anything but what happens when you enlarge in an area too small for you to occupy.

"If insufficient room is available for the desired growth, the creature attains the maximum possible size and may make a Strength check (using its increased Strength) to burst any enclosures in the process. If it fails, it is constrained without harm by the materials enclosing it—the spell cannot be used to crush a creature by increasing its size."

This to me indicates if you occupy a square close to the person casting this spell of shape shifting to the same you are pushed out of the square you occupy by the growth. Table variance could however also leave this to be interpreted as a need for a opposed strength checks to see who is able to maintain position. Use of the squeezing effect could apply for one or both as a table variance as well.

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Over the Independence Day Weekend I attended my first Paizo Con. My feelings about PFS had been so strong before the con, I had applied for a Venture Captain position for a region that Mike Brock was quick to decide the epicenter should be Texarkana, Texas. But, after attending I have gained a new perspective of PFS. Yes, I had attended other cons, but this time I was attending as a Venture Officer and I looked with different eyes.

My feelings now are that Pathfinder Society Organized Play is the best thing since sliced bread.

I gazed around the Washington Ballroom of the Marriott and saw a plethora of demographics represented. I am sure we can all agree that geeks tend to be more accepting, but the PFS community is even more so. Like the Borg we seek out uniqueness and incorporate it into our own brand of geekness, and like the Borg say, “Resistance is futile.”

Thank you Paizo. You have done a fantastic job of creating a robust world where strong female characters tell our girls that you can be anything you set your mind on. Now, when I walk into a room, I am not the only female, as I would have been in the not so distant past. In fact, every time I go to a con there are more than there were the last time.

Also scattered across the room were a wide range of ages. I have always said that RPGs were great for supplementing a child’s education. Pathfinder has everything; reading, math, writing, abstract thinking, and let’s not forget fine arts. But, kudos Paizo you have successfully made gaming a family event. It is not unusual to see Dad, Mom, and a group of kids dominating an entire table. I always say, the family that games together, stays together.

Keep up the good work Paizo and we will continue to Explore, Report, and Cooperate.

Delite Leake VC - Texarkana Region

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

I am proud to announce David Perkins a Venture Lieutenant for Longview. He has faithfully followed PFS from store to store since he began playing and is now ready to step up to the plate. He has even managed to get our foot back in the door at a store who doesn't want any interference with his ccg income. David has assured them he will work around their events.

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Renegade Paladin wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

thaX wrote:

Are you talking about Mist of Mwangi?

** spoiler omitted **

Be patient with the GM as reporting this stuff can sometimes be a frustrating time sink.

For reference, when you fill out the entries of the reporting slip...

  • print the PF number clearly, with a dash and the character number after it.
  • Do not fill out the Prestige box, this is for the GM to fill in once the scenario is over (with the number 0, 1 or 2)
  • Put down your Faction that your character is in currently. (Some early seasons have the Grand Lodge, Szcarni and Silver Crusade take on other faction missions, fill in your actual faction, not the one you took on in it's place)

This will make reporting easier and less likely to be messed up.

That would have been really great to know at the time. ** spoiler omitted **

At any rate, I've been patient since May of this year. If the reporting process really takes seven months (as opposed to the day or so when the VL was running the first sessions) then color me shocked. Coming here to ask was not my first resort; I've talked to him about it at every session for months on end.

I would love to say that I have sat down immediately after every game and had them reported, it has sometimes taken me a month to get it done. I am a nurse and I work full time, I am a student and attend college full time, I am a mom and for some reason my kids think I have to do that full time, as well as my husband thinks I should be a full time wife, and my growing older mother taking care of my mentally disabled brother believes I am to be a full time daughter/sister. Sometimes life waylays us and as much as we would like to think we are the heroes we portray in our campaigns; we aren't.

I wish I had an easy answer for you. Scan your chronicle sheets into your computer, make extra copies, offer to set up the sessions and report them yourself...

I hope your issue gets resolved soon, good luck and hope to game with you in the future.

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Oh the experience of getting to get the local flavor of other GMs and players is an added plus as well.

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GM Derek W wrote:

EDIT: Ninja'd big-time. I'll just say that at this point I'd be interested why you're missing the cons so much. Please understand that my perspective is that of someone who's never attended a gaming convention and has never felt much interest in doing so.

Maybe you guys will convince me that they are worth the trouble after all!

DragonCon...For me a Con offers a family experience. There is something for everyone. At DragonCon the basement of the Hilton has gaming that holds the attention of my youngest son ALL DAY long. Bring him something to eat and drink several times a day and I am assured I will find him in the basement any time I check in on him.

Also in the Hilton on the second floor I can get my fill of PFS. Then there are the costumes I wear and the ones I watch. Panels galore on gaming, costuming, my favorite sci-fi/fantasy shows, and the walk of fame where I get to meet my favorite actors. Flash mobs, elevator games, you name it I find it at the Con.

OH and did I mention everyone you meet is nice?

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We have been known to get up walk around the table and get initiative rolls one at a time, this seems to intimidate the dice into rolling low for those who seem to always have an insanely high initiative and improve the rolls of those who don't. Go figure...

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Hopefully this won't become an issue at the tables. But will certainly keep an eye open.

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I have enjoyed Mike Brock and David Shaw as GM. I would love to play at a table with Mike. I have yet to play or be GM'd by Kyle or Nani Pratt, which I would dearly love to be as I have heard how awesome they are at a table.

Total fantasy table. Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, and Vin Diesel. No need to play just watch.

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Congratulations! Welcome to the club...We're all mad here.

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Congratulations...Set your eyes for the top and keep climbing. I too look forward to sitting at your table.

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Wow... how did I miss the fact next Friday is the 13th?

I really like Tide of Twilight The Midnight Mauler. But the Blakros Matrimony is a good one too.

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Congratulations and good luck.

Belabras wrote:

So there is one guy at our bi-weekly Pathfinder Society games, call him Chuck, who's a bit of a problem. Every third sentence out of Chuck's mouth is the kind of comment about women that makes you cringe. If they were racist comments I don't think it would be tolerated, but since he limits his screed to the other 50% of humanity, it mostly seems to be ignored.

Thing is, we used to have a woman gamer or two that came to the games. I don't know for a fact that Chuck's 'humor' made them uncomfortable coming, but it isn't to hard to imagine that is the case.

Has anyone else had a to deal with a 'Chuck'? Any suggestions on how to handle the guy?

Point in fact I am noticing an increase in women gamers. I remember a time when I was a novelty, stared at as if I was a species never seen before.

Be diplomatic, it is possible he has been this way most of his life and doesn't even realize he is doing it...well SOME of it. Tell him that kind of talk is appropriate in bars, and nothing wrong between guys on their night out hunting, but not at a friendly, public game meant to be fun for everyone.

See it from his point of view (I know it can be difficult) and remember how you would like someone to approach you about a habit you have that is bothering them. Don't forget to point all the positives he brings to the table. He has to have some, surely.

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Robert Duncan wrote:
atexasdelite wrote:
Robert Duncan wrote:

I ROFLOL every time the comic book/gaming store owner touts me as a "professional GM", but after adding your bits that I am not already doing to my retinue I think I can finally believe them.

Marcus, I know you have already GM'd your game but I can tell you the first time I GM'd was at DragonCon. I was scared to


One of my favorite GMs, VC-David Shaw, sold me on voices. Captain Tanner escaped GA and now thrives just as well in Texas(Where he originated I am not sure). I am getting better at voices. Everyone's favorite so far is the Para countess.

Also, if the scenario says the NPC hands them an envelope or sealed scroll that is what is handed to the players. The little things that drag realism into the fantasy.

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Robert Duncan wrote:

I have a couple things that I like to do:

1) Read the scenario several times and print it off.

2) On an index card, make a list of key "points" that happen in the scenario so you can keep track of the plot.

3) Draw out your maps ahead of time. I have three blank Paizo flip mats and use wet erase markers to have my maps made.

Chris Perkins has excellent articles on maps:

4) Go through the printed scenario and highlight your skill checks, traps, etc. I like to make notes of NPCS who are friendly in green highlighter and enemies in pink highlighter.

5) Print off all your monsters and NPCS. If your NPCs interact with the players, try to come up with a voice acting plan for them. It can be simple like: Surly dwarf, sounds like Captain Haddock from Tintin (etc.)

6) Print off all of your spells with a Spell Card Generator:

7) Print off all your feats and abilities that may be used.

8) Make sure you have all your pawns/minis/etc. I also like to have a small bag of Fantasy Flight tokens in various colors (green, gold, silver, red, blue) just in case I need to mark things unexpectedly.

9) Read the scenario again to make sure you have everything you need.

10) Get your "kit" together. Make sure you have a stapler, 3-hole punch, some wet erase markers, pencils, etc. and have a session sheet and the chronicle sheet ready.

11) Make sure you posted the event, have the event number, and know your own GM number. Write all that down on the chronicle sheets.

12) Bring snacks.

13) GM!

Good luck. ^_^

I ROFLOL every time the comic book/gaming store owner touts me as a "professional GM", but after adding your bits that I am not already doing to my retinue I think I can finally believe them.

Marcus, I know you have already GM'd your game but I can tell you the first time I GM'd was at DragonCon. I was scared to death..."What if I ruin the game for them? What if I get so anxious I can't even talk?" You know what, I did great. I didn't think so at the time, but I had to GM the second and third sessions. From there to here...

Venture-Captain Delite Leake Texarkana Region... You just keep GM'ing.

Tormah Stronglight here. I am an Aaismar Paladin of Sarenrae. Defender of those that need me. TO THE DEATH! I can think of no better way to serve.

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Greetings and Congratulations. May the expansion continue unchecked.

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Jiggy wrote:

Why not?

I assume that in order to enter the Grand Lodge, cross the grounds, and meet with Aram Zey in a room containing the Hao Jin Tapestry, you probably had to go through some "airport security" of a magical nature. No one needs to spend table time on that (though some tables would enjoy it if they have the time!) and there's definitely no need to spend precious word count on it in scenarios.

I'm just saying...if mage hand searches me I'm gonna be grumpy...

I do, however agree that there are many things that happen "off camera" as it were in order to save time in a time constrained game. That doesn't mean the character can't perform such invasive searches...

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Congratulations! I see a very well deserved promotion.

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

The Pathfinder Society being a neutral agency means you will work with all walks of pathfinders, N, NG, CG, CN, LG...Even a Paladin can work with evil if it is to defeat a greater evil.

It's a short time...we can deal with it...then go on our merry way.

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Hi, Mike. There's not a group around who wouldn't welcome you to the table.

Houston Pathfinder Society
Houston Pathfinder Society Facebook page

Happy Adventuring in the Houston/Katy area.


* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Greetings, and thank you for all the warm welcomes. I have my work cut out for me here in East Texas. Patience and persistence, as well as a willingness to accept advise from those who have been there and done that, are the first things I have thrown into my toolbox.

I have made contact with three of the comic/gaming stores in Tyler and Kilgore and have established that Excalibur in Texarkana would be accepting of PFS. We are already running games every 1st and 3rd Saturday at Geek World in Tyler. I am currently trying to get people used to PFS and trying to steal space from all the Magic the Gathering fans.

It will happen..

I am willing to travel to support any PFS event that needs me. There is a small group in Greenville who are wanting some games and I have told them I would love to.

We will talk more about the 'spanse of my PFSverse in my neck of the woods as I am still measuring the borders myself.

Like I said, "willing to accept advise..."

* Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Hi John,

We are in Northeast Texas. Next Saturday at Geek World in Tyler, TX we will be GMing tables. October 26-27 the first annual Tyler Rose Comic Con will be in full swing and we will be Gming there. We, ourselves, are in Mount Pleasant about an hour from Paris.

We are trying to develop our neck of the woods. We have plenty of area without a presence and my goal is to establish one. We are located an hour from Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas, Tyler, Kilgore, and Longview. We are 30 minutes away from Sulpher Springs, Winnsboro, and New Boston. With smaller areas dotted all throughout the Northeast Texas Region.

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My husband wouldn't hesitate to boot me from the table should I get out of line and demand anything. Rules lawyering doesn't work during a gaming session with him. He states this is how he is ruling at this moment, but he will be agreeable to discuss the matter after the game and then if a good case can be made his rulings might change in future scenarios.

Rule number 1 the rules are guidelines for play
Rule number 2 the GM is God, so god's word is Final.

Greetings fellow pathfinders,

I have thus far gotten my PFS fix at DragonCon and an extra trip to GA. Also, Venture-Lieutenant David Shaw from Athens, GA made a trip down early on this year to GM a couple of games for us.

All that being said, Tyler, TX is having its first Tyler Rose Comic Con, and I put my gaming where my mouth is. I called the owner of the con and asked if he had a PFS presence, he said no, so I asked, "Would you like one?' He said, "I would LOVE one.' Next thing I know I have comic book stores wanting a presence.

Most of my GMs come from my family (Myself, my husband, two of my sons, but one of them is my friend). Hopefully I can develop the Tyler area, find a few GMs there to carry on, then move to Texarkana, TX (which shares a border with Texarkana, Arkansas which doesn't have a noted PFS presence). Then there is Longview, Kilgore, Paris, and the town I live in Mount Pleasant. There are a few other towns I might be able to get gaming going in. My hope is to have PFS take firm hold so I will be able to rotate through all of these lovely towns and always have my fix of social niceties and PFS.

Dallas is two hours away from our neck of the woods in Northeast Texas. So, while the Venture-Captain Jon Cary is asking GMs there, I don't expect people to be able to drive our way.

So, I need you guys to throw out everything you can think of that will aid me in organizing here.


Delite Leake (Luna Shadowborn)

Cheapy wrote:
For more information, here's what the PFS guide will be updated to say, as well as Mike's talking about how long they considered implementing this houserule.

Ok so they ARE addressing my argument and I find that my thinking runs along the same lines.

Thank you for your direction in this instance.

Cheapy wrote:

Paladins are divine casters, yes. But they aren't forced to worship a deity, like clerics are in Golarion.

In PFS, Paladins are required to worship a deity, as a departure from the normal rules of Paladins.

What page would I look at for that information?

Ok guys, do paladins require some divine belief (deity or otherwise) to be granted their specific divine power.

Discussion board at Georgiapfs

The link is

Feedback greatly appreciated.