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And, having defeated the mighty door, the heroes went home. They knew their tale would be unbelievable, that the townsfolk would balk, mock, and question at every opportunity, but their bravery would be known to each other.

The door stood, some say for ages, until it met those brave adventurers. Rest in peace, door - or should I say "Rest in pieces."?


I think the way non-lethal damage works is that I have 10/15 HP, and 7/10 non-lethal HP. Non-lethal damage is tallied alongside your current HP, and when it meets current HP you're staggered, exceeds and you're unconscious.

If I took 5 more HP damage, then my total non-lethal track would be 2/5 remaining (3 taken, and 2 remaining before stagger, 3 remaining before knockout).

This is what I have running on a notepad on my desktop at work and home, but I can edit it depending on your ruling for the way it works.

Hahaha, acceptable use of knowledge history. If a player trolled me like that, I'd allow it based on balls and gumption, lol

I didn't - I submitted a bug and hope they answer. For now, I'm only able to post as my main account name, Ainaia :/

The way it's happening for me, I can open the pulldown menu for aliases, but only my main account is showing up, sadly.

Uh, apparently Wayfinder isn't picking up my alias when I post (Imendri). Gonna figure this out, otherwise I just spent a buck on a good idea with mediocre execution :P

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Another example is the way he provided the sense motive with a DC, we had the option of rolling that to see if we trusted the lady and her story.

Formatting was a question for me at first, because how could I respond if I didn't yet know what my roll was going to be - so I figure from here on in I'm going to do my rolls in my post first, then edit my post to include all the character appropriate actions, speech, and descriptive text.

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