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As a test, you should have this fight orcus and see how the battles shake out.

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I really liked this set, I think the paint job was pretty amazing for prepainted plastic, very good job overall. I can always touch up the odd mini here or there that I need to fix. The price was well worthwhile. I really love looking over my mini collection.

I was slightly underwhelmed by the bar. Although cool it's a little finicky to hold it all together, I think it might have been nicer to see the bar itself as a single piece.

I think the bar would be a lot cooler if combined with a flip mat.

I find myself missing a gargantuan mini of which there are several we need...

would have been nice to have gotten more than one quivvering cube, that seems to be an expensive mini in any form, but it's so cool.

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Well, that's a pretty bad Feiya. I have one (and only one) that I got from the set that isn't perfect either, a bad mouth, it's not quite that level of bad tho... :/

So yeah, I would say that one is bad luck, and under par, BUT...

To me, the point of these cases is if you don't like using 2D counters and you are a completist and you run games and want all 3D minis. So, it's cool we got one more iconic, I have some better painted iconics and some worse ones...

To me, if you really, really are actually using Feiya as a NPC or PC and you need a Feiya that looks awesome, I'd buy the Reaper one and either paint it or get a pro-painter to do a commission. You'd be a lot prouder, etc, especially since metal and to a less extent resin tends to be a better paint material than these polycarbonate mass production models.

So, I can understand if there are some bad paint jobs out there. but I mean the worst paint jobs were faces on the russian guards in this set, and at the scale you're likely to use them, it's not really noticeable in the game.

You lay out the figures and if you're having a great game, you aren't focusing down on the faces of the figures too much. They're russian guards..they look like russian guards... That to me is the value of these cases.

I mean I've bought a badly painted Warduke mini for 40 bucks on the aftermarket where the seller used the reference paint job image. You can always sell your mini on eBay like that. I touched him up (made his faceplate dark instead of silver, give a metal wash to make it better and redid the red eyes and he's tolerable now. But still, that's expensive. I didn't have much choice. I had to have Warduke.

I think you have to take the good with the bad on these types of products. We are lucky we even have a company willing to produce these sets, and the fact we've gotten so many from Paizo and the quality of them, I'm just happy with that, so I think bitterly complaining about individual bad paint jobs when we are on the verge of 3D minis being completely out of reach or super expensive on the secondary market, I think perspective is in order, that is all I want to say.

I don't want to apologize for bad paint jobs, I know there are probably people out there with better and worse examples but I've bought many, many sets and I found this one to be in general, par for the course with what I'd expect.

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So, I'd like to chime in here because a lot of what people are complaining about seems off base and unjustified to me. And nit-picky.

I'm hearing crazy things like having Reaper do the minis, as if a company that sends minis in resin and metal unpainted would ever be able to create a pregenerated pre-painted plastic mini line, given labor costs in Texas... crazy. A Totally different company and product.

I have a large minis collection from all the sets, and even the D&D sets.

On mass produced painted minis, these paint jobs are about par with the majority of the minis.

There were a couple of sets (Skull and Shackles and Shattered Star) that had, in general, better paint jobs on the humans. There were a couple humans with someone that painted really good eyes. That wasn't the case with this set, but it didn't bother me because :

These are mass produced plastic minis. You're not going to get Games Workshop pro-paint level paint jobs on plastic minis that are mass produced. If you want really nice jobs, touch it up yourself, it's not that difficult to redo a face for example. And for your main characters, buy pro painted metal minis. You see how much those go for, way more than this set costs.

So let's get real.

In general, Pathfinder minis have better sculpts, but tend to be prone to breakage. I have way more broken Pathfinder minis than D&D minis, regardless of paint job. That to me is the real issue. I don't like the minis whith the plastic rods. Especially half my Worldwound drakes are all snapped off so far. They break way too easily. On the other hand, at least the pathfinder minis don't have floppy bases like the old Beholders, but I just feel they're brittle, and fragile. that is my main complaint.

But in general, they beat the pants off most of the older D&D minis. Especially the use of translucent plastic, and the scuplts and designs are way better.

Yes, I did end up with a few more goats, owls than I would have preferred, but in general, I was much happier with the sculpts in this release. The male ice troll in particular was awesome, I liked Baba Yaga's detail, and Queen Elvanna and the Dragon Rider was probably the best in the set. The White Dragon is also pretty awesome. A great "Ancient" or "Wyrm" type White dragon. I have one in every age category now.

You can't fairly expect to get perfectly painted minis when whoever is painting them is probably making barely any money and is under pressure to meet time constraints. I think instead people should be focused on improving the plastic type used so that we get less brittle minis. You can always touch up one or two bad minis like Feiya, who was pretty badly done, fairly easily. You can't fix the plastic. The packaging in general was much smarter this time around, I had only one mini with a pre-broken base, easily fixed with glue.

In general, I loved this set, I loved the adventure path and using this set with it is pretty special, but I would like to see less minis we'll never use (Owls ? Goats ? Foxes ? The Goat and the Fox could have been part of the Feiya and Radovan minis IMO and give us more mirror men ! They were dope) in the future. If the paint jobs on common human faces were improved, I'd have really no complaints. It's way cheaper to buy a case of these now than to build up minis on the after market anyway.

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I and my players just played this and finished it tonight.

When I read through the adventure the first time I found it confusing as to how it would actually all work, and I didn't appreciate it, especially after the amazing scope of the previous adventure.

But after we completed it, I felt like it really made my campaign.

adventure plot spoiler:

Iobaria really came alive. I was able to cast it as this crazy foreign land with elements of the First World.

I was even able to show them the lair of the great white wyrm Sjohvor. They all salivated imagining themselves looting that place, but the dragon skeletons disuaded them :)

The players unexpectedly were really into the 3 fold imagery of "maiden mother crone".

I felt like they exited the game with some good magic, understanding what's going on, picked up 2 henchmen/secondary PCs with Jadrenka and Ratibor, have possesion of the hut and the situation was so flexible I was able to easily give them the ability to continue on in the adventure path and / or (with Jadrenka's know-how) go to anywhere in the Pathfinder game for the next adventure. I even made the centaur stuff work !!

It's good. This is a truly great adventure in a great path so far for us 6 months into it, and I wanted to say this adventure is much better than I gave it credit for.

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This part of RoW is actually quite cool.

I loved the hut layout in this, and so did my players, and the wilderness of strange Iobaria was a welcome switch from the urban theme of the last adventure.

Even tho it seemed more "straightforward" and I think people that read adventures for fun might not have been as excited by it, it's actually a perfect change of pace for this point in the adventure path.

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Yeah, I've been playing sessions and we're in Iobarria now at the Centaur City, where the Players are now camped up. They picked up Ten-Penny Tacey and Greta along the way and have been leveling them up and splitting experience, since there are only 2 players.

I allow them to play up to 3 characters at a time, and this is a huge help when inevitable characters die as the players don't rush off and sulk for the remainder of the game which is a big problem with only 1 PC at your hand. This gives them the excitement and all the troubles of having to spend hard-earned cash to raise dead where possible, without making the game boring or rushing to incorporate "new" characters.

It's worked out really well... the main players are still their favorites, but they now love Greta and Tacey and They now have a couple centaurs as well, we'll see how long that lasts for :)

It's been a really fun ride. This is my first Pathfinder Adventure Path and I and my players really love it so far. Reading the adventure at times makes you say "how is this going to work" but in practice it's worked out really well.

For example

During the frost Giant battle, the hut saved the day but not before Frost Giants split Tacey in 2 and brought Greta to 0. It had the desired effect, and since the hut "eats" the Frost Giants on hits, what happens is the players now are afraid to go back in because of the Frost Giants and the Guardian Barbarian Guy... So no problems getting them to leave the hut behind, even after they realized how powerful it was. This was a concern, that they'd just rely on the hut to kill everything, but the fact they can't even get back in to the egg to do the DC30 magic use really helped the flow of the game

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Vesper-on Games has a really cool Baba Yaga riding a bloody skull mortar and pestle. Definately Mythic looking enough :) Some old grandma isn't gonna cut it :)



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I'm down. Iobaria !

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All I care about is Arazni. I'm obsessed with that character. I love whoever did her art, it's great.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
tssfulk wrote:
Any chance of getting some Pathfinder Battles mins from this AP too? Nothing's in the pipe and the next AP is getting minis in December. :-(
All I'll say is that the fact you haven't *seen* anything is not a reliable indicator that there's "nothing in the pipe." :-)

Oh wow, I hope this means we'll get getting a Reign of Winter set ! Your white dragon evolution stuff was helpful up until now.

I have to say this is one of the most fun adventure paths I've played. There's tons of detail on Irrisen and Whitethrone and I'm having a blast. I really want a Nadya Petska mini and of course we really really want a scale model of the dancing hut. That would be amazing. Because I'm using the dreamblade mini right now but the scale is off. It would be really cool if the top came off and you could put inside 25mm minis.... just saying... that would be a collectors item from the planes, surely !