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I and my players just played this and finished it tonight.

When I read through the adventure the first time I found it confusing as to how it would actually all work, and I didn't appreciate it, especially after the amazing scope of the previous adventure.

But after we completed it, I felt like it really made my campaign.

adventure plot spoiler:

Iobaria really came alive. I was able to cast it as this crazy foreign land with elements of the First World.

I was even able to show them the lair of the great white wyrm Sjohvor. They all salivated imagining themselves looting that place, but the dragon skeletons disuaded them :)

The players unexpectedly were really into the 3 fold imagery of "maiden mother crone".

I felt like they exited the game with some good magic, understanding what's going on, picked up 2 henchmen/secondary PCs with Jadrenka and Ratibor, have possesion of the hut and the situation was so flexible I was able to easily give them the ability to continue on in the adventure path and / or (with Jadrenka's know-how) go to anywhere in the Pathfinder game for the next adventure. I even made the centaur stuff work !!

It's good. This is a truly great adventure in a great path so far for us 6 months into it, and I wanted to say this adventure is much better than I gave it credit for.

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Vesper-on Games has a really cool Baba Yaga riding a bloody skull mortar and pestle. Definately Mythic looking enough :) Some old grandma isn't gonna cut it :)