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Zaeta believes there are two kinds of people:

Type R: People that are reasonable and that you can work with. They will listen to reason and you can make a deal with them, or get them to see the right thing to do.

Type U: Others that can't be reasoned with, and you have to work *around* them.

The trick is knowing the difference.

If she thinks she's dealing with type R, then she'll talk and try to persuade.

If she thinks she is dealing with type U, then she will try to do whatever she needs to without getting that person involved.


Name: Zaeta 6|10|5|10|8|7
Summary Competent animal trainer and performer.
Age: 38
Species: Human
Homeworld: Torment (Entropic Worlds 0720)

Strength 6 (-)
Dexterity 10 (+1)
Endurance 5 (-1)
Intellect 10 (+1)
Education 8 (-)
Social Standing 7 (-)


Advocate 1
Athletics (Dexterity) 0
Athletics (Endurance) 0
Athletics (Strength) 0
Animals (Handling) 0
Animals (Training) 0
Animals (Veterinary) 1
Broker 2
Deception 1
Drive (Hovercraft) 0
Drive (Mole) 0
Drive (Track) 0
Drive (Walker) 0
Drive (Wheel) 0
Electronics (Comms) 0
Electronics (Computers) 1
Electronics (Remote Ops) 0
Electronics (Sensors) 0
Flyer (Airship) 0
Flyer (Grav) 0
Flyer (Ornithopter) 0
Flyer (Rotor) 0
Flyer (Wing) 0
Gun Combat (archaic) 0
Gun Combat (energy) 1
Gun Combat (slug) 0
Investigate 2
Mechanic 0
Persuade 3
Recon 0
Stealth 1
Streetwise 0
Survival 0
Vacc Suit 0


Cloth +8 | TL10 | 3Kg | 500 Credits

Combat Armor (confiscated "body armor"?) +13 | TL10 | Rad 85 | 20Kg | 96,000 Credits | Requires Vacc Suit 1 (unusable at present)

[Also, see Subdermal Armor (+3) under augments]

Vacc Suit +8 | TL10 | RAD 60 | 12Kg | 10,000 Credits | Requires Vacc Suit 0



Dagger (confiscated "melee weapon") | TL1 | Range: Melee | Damage: 1D+2 | Weight: .5Kg | 10 Credits

Holmgang Sword | TL10 | Range: Melee | Damage: 2D | Weight: 1.35Kg | 250 Credits


Laser Pistol (confiscated) | TL11 | Range: 30m | Damage: 3D+3 | Weight: 1KG | 3,000 Credits | Magazine: 100 (with 1 back up power pack) | Power Pack Cost: 3,000 Credits | Traits: Zero-G

Stunner | TL12 | Range: 10m | Damage: 3D | Weight: -- | 1,000 Credits | Magazine: 100 | Power Pack Cost: 200 Credits | Traits: Stun, Zero-G

Stun Trait: These weapons are designed to deal non-lethal damage, incapacitating a living target rather than killing it. Damage is only deducted from END, taking into account any Protection. If the target’s END is reduced to 0, the target will be incapacitated and unable to
perform any actions for a number of rounds by which the damage exceeded their END. Damage received from Stun weapons is completely healed by one hour of rest.

2 additional power packs for 400

Accelerator Rifle | TL9 | Range: 250m | Damage: 3D | Weight: 2Kg | 900 Credits | Magazine: 15 | Magazine Cost: 30 Credits | Traits: Zero-G

--20 additional magazines for 600


Subdermal Armor | Protection +3 | TL11

(Worth 100,000. Cost defrayed by my Cybernetic Implant credit from being an Agent, however briefly... but still had to cough up 25,000 to cover the remaining after that credit.)



Breather Mask TL8 | -- | 150 Credits
Bugs (10) | TL11 | Audio/Visual/Data | 300 credits (x10)
EM Probe TL10 | 1Kg | 1,000 credits
Light Intensifier Goggles TL9 | -- | 1,250 Credits
Mobile Comm | TL10 | 500 Credits

Note: would like some toolkits, but they are 2000 a pop, so wait till you get more money.

Computer & Software:

Portable Computer/3 TL12 | .5Kg | 1000 Credits

--Agent | Bandwidth 1 | TL12 | 2000 Credits
--Expert | Bandwidth 1 | TL11 | 1000 Credits
--Intelligent Interface | Bandwidth 1 | TL11 | 100 Credits
--Security | Bandwidth 2 | TL11 | 1000 Credits
--Translator | Bandwidth 1 | TL10 | 500 Credits


Contact (professor): Zeke Davinstone
Ally (fan/patron): Camille Jetson
Enemy (homeworld): Darrik Slimek
Rival (academic): Brigid Winther

Pension: None
Debt: None
Cash on Hand: 1,400 credits
Signing Bonus: 2,500
Completion Bonus: 2,500
Ship Salary: 1,000 credits/month
Monthly Ship Payments: None
Living Cost:

===Study Periods===

Training in Skill: Vacc Suit 0
Weeks: 1/2
Study Periods Complete:

Career History:

First Term: Agent. Washed out. Benefits: Cybernetic Implant. Connection with Cor (Investigate).

Second Term: University. Gained a contact. Graduated.

Third Term: Entertainer (Performer). Homeworld hero. Advanced.

Fourth Term: Entertainer (Performer). Gained an Ally. Did not advance. Connection with Kadal (Persuasion)

Fifth Term: Entertainer (Performer). Gained an Enemy. Advanced.

Aging Crisis:

From Connections: Investigate, Persuade

From Skill Package: Electronics, Advocate

Tarondor Bonus:

Mustering Out Benefits:

Reason for taking this journey:

She had wanted to be a spacefaring agent first, and was doing well... was basically cheated out of her position not because of incompetence but because she showed compassion for a prisoner... her parents were prisoners. They are people too. That isn't wrong.

Now that she's retired from her second-chance career, she wants to see if her old agent skills can be of use again. Maybe she can help the Sword Worlds gain some advantage. Either way, it sounds like an interesting trip, which is what matters to her.

Also, as an ex-intelligence agent, she might be of interest to Magnus, because she can perhaps feed his ideas about their incompetence.



Zaeta's trading corner (revised):

Zaeta arranges to carry the following:

30 Tons of Mail
--Spume: 5 tons (1 container). Payout when delivered: Cr25,000
--Condaria: 5 tons (1 container). Payout when delivered: Cr25,000
--Bularia: 20 tons (4 containers). Payout when delivered: Cr100,000

45 Tons of Freight
--Spume: Lot A: 20 tons (Mining and Survey Equipment). Payout when delivered: Cr32,000
--Condaria: Lot B: 25 tons (Workable Alloys). Payout when delivered: Cr110,000

Total Tonnage: 75/75

Total Money Invested: 0/300,000

(Edit: This is based on adding half of Yuri's allotment to mine, so now have 75 slots and 300,000 to work with)
Zaeta Sat, May 21, 2022, 02:48 pm | Flag | List | Reply
Zaeta (pic) | 6|10|5|10|8|7 | Legal Officer | Homeworld: Torment (Entropic Worlds 0720) | (Additional link to Profile)

Zaeta and Frey throw their money in together:

4 tons of Medical Supplies 127,500 each for a total of 510,000.

These are stored in Cor's extra 4 slots, with his permission.

Then we load Cor's cargo area with

50 Tons of Freight:
Condaria: Lot C: 20 tons (Computer Gear). Payout when delivered: Cr88,000
Condaria: LOT E: 15 tons (VR Computer packages). Payout when delivered: Cr88,000
Kardin: LOT F: 15 tons (Personal and Commercial Computers). Payout when delivered: Cr123,000