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I have found the difficulty ramp in RoR to be fairly good. I do feel that adventure 2 was a bit to easy, but I can see the ramp up in 3 and 4, and I am fairly happy so far.

We will defiantly get S&S, as for the next set it depends on what it is. Right now we are having a lot of fun playing RoR. I could defiantly see us skipping an AP if we aren't finished with the previous one.

I do hope, down the line, someday for in future, we get an advanced adventure set which could be played by any group that has finished any of the APs. I am sure an adventure 7 or 8 would sell well once 3 or 4 APs are out.

Good job Fromper. I agree with all statements.

The basic problem is that the paizo folks thought it was obvious that only the active player could defeat, evade, or succed at a check.

The thing is that board gamers are all Rule's lawyers at heart, so they didn't see this as obvious.

The solution is to state specifically in the rules that "only the player encountering a card can defeat, evade, or succed at a check". Without this change, you will never satisfy the obtuse.

Asking for replacement cards for these very minor errors is silly. I would never think to ask for such a thing.

FFG printed replacement cards for their game, because their game was broken and unplayable.

This game is neither broken or unplayable.

Most of the changes are clarifications.

The number of typos are very small.

I don't have any problem remembering what the very small number of actual typos are.

The only difference between roles is the power selection.

You can replay scenarios, but you can not get the reward for winning more then once.

Here are Vic's board messages:


Here are Mike's board messages here and at bgg:


http://boardgamegeek.com/article/browse/boardgame/0?username=mike%20selinke r&sort=recent

Q1) Has been answered before. You add just the skill die. So if you have a skill that is d12+4, and then a blessing is played you would get 2d12+4 not 2d12+8. If your skill is d6 and you play a weapon that gives a d10, then play a blessing, your roll is 2d6+1d10. There is no choice of die.

Q2) I actually agree with h4ppy here. If a blessing is played and then Lini switches her strength dice to a d10, you would still roll 2d10.

For example if Lini discards a card to change her d4 to d10 then plays a blessing she rolls 2d10 for that strength check.

But I would also rule that if she plays the blessing first than discards a card to change the d4 to a d10 she would still roll 2d10 rather then 1d10+1d4.

Why? Why not it is a coop game. There is no tactical advantage to the order of card play, so why punish a player for making a random decision.

You can use Cure on someone else's turn, but not in the middle of a check.

It is one of the nice things about being in the same location as a healer.

Here is a list of all the boons you can use to help anyone anywhere that I can find:

All Blessings
Find Traps
Fiery Weapon
Tome of Knowledge (1st power only)
Sheriff hemlock (1st power only)
Guard (2nd power only)
Shalelu Andosana (1st power only)

Here is the list of the boons you can use to help anyone at your location that I can find:

Aldren Foxglove (1st power only)
Grizzled Mercenary (1st power only)
Allying Dart +1 (2nd power only)
Potion of Vision
Potion of Ruggedness
Potion of Ghostly Form
Potion of Fortitude
Potion of Healing
Potion of Glibness
Potion of Energy Resistance
Potion of Hiding
Potion of Gracefulness
Blast Stone
Staff of Minor Healing

Here is a list of the boons that you can use to help someone at a different location (not your location) that I can find:

Light Crossbow (2nd power only)
Heavy Crossbow (2nd power only)
Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 (2nd power only)
Shortbow (2nd power only)
Longbow (2nd power only)
Longbow +1 (2nd power only)
Shock Longbow +1 (2nd power only)

Note this list does not include hero powers, and I might be missing something. Please ask if you think something is missing or wrong.

You can not play spells or weapons, since these are not combat checks.

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The Poison Pill

"Add 2 to your checks to acquire allies."

Strength Spell
"... add 3 to that character's checks..."

All cards the improve your roll have the "add X to ... checks" form.

Approach to Thistletop

"The difficulty to defeat monsters with the Goblin trait is increased by 1d4"

Add 1d4 to the difficulty.

Wrathful Sinspawn
"Before the encounter, succeed at a Wisdom 6 check or the difficulty of your checks is increased by 1 for the rest of the turn"

All cards which make checks harder all use the "difficulty ... s increased by X"

it is pretty easy to distinguish between the two.

Charles Scholz wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:
Niassne wrote:
3. The Poison Pill: During this Scenario: Add 2 to your checks to acquire allies. We interpreted this to mean "it is easier to get allies" and added 2 to whatever we rolled, but I could also see where adding two to the check might mean to increase the difficulty. Which is correct?

I dont have a clearcut quote, but this line on page 11 - Determine the Difficulty: "...a card says that the difficulty is increased by 2, add 2 to the number on the card you encountered." suggests to me that your treatment was correct. (ie that the modifier adds to your roll, not to the target number).

That is, Poison Pill says to add to the check (in contrast to add to the difficulty) so I'd add to the roll as you did.

I disagree. There are also monsters that you have to add the number of the Adventure Path to the card to defeat it. Adding 2 to a card means the number on the card is raised by 2. Thus an ally that says you need a 10 to acquire now takes a 12 to acquire.

This has been confirmed you add two to your roll for allies in Poison Pill.

(If you want proof Vic has confirmed this elsewhere. I can look it up latter if you prefer.)

edit: link - http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2q2q3?The-Poison-Pill

Cainus wrote:

What cards can you play on other players turns?

Spells (strength for instance)?


In general, boons that add dice (Blessings) or bonuses (Strength for example) are good.

Boons that say "defeat", "evade" or "succeed" are not allowed to be played on others. (For example: Invisibility)

Exceptions are thing that specifically break this general rule. (For example: many allies can only add dice to your checks, but some can help others, or Sanctuary says specifically you can help others at your location evade.)


Dural do whatever is most fun for you and your group.

Find traps can be used on other heroes checks.

Doctor Andonuts wrote:

I definitely used Invisibility for another player not at my location to evade a monster during their explore. Was that a wrong use? I don't have to card with me, but the text did not specify you or your in it.

Was that wrong?


FloMo wrote:
Thazar wrote:
If two players are at another location one of them gets to try and close it but not both as only one check is allowed per location.
Just a quick question: Where can I find this in the rulebook. I have been looking, but haven't found it yet.

For the Rulebook (p. 18)

"Attempt to Temporarily Close Open Locations: When a player encounters the villain, each player at any other location may immediately attempt to fulfill the “When Closing” requirement
for his location. If any player at a location succeeds, his location
is temporarily closed and the villain cannot escape there this turn (see Check to See Whether the Villain Escapes, below). Temporarily closing a location does not trigger any of the other effects of closing a location; the location opens again immediately after the encounter. Players may attempts to close locations in any order they wish."

Each character at a location can attempt to temporarily close the location. If ANY player succeeds his location is temporarily closed.

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As said above:

From Rulebook (p. 18)

"If You Defeat the Villain, Close the Villain’s Location: You do not need to fulfill the “When Closing” requirement. Examine the location deck; if there are no additional villains in it, banish all of the cards and flip the location card over. The location is permanently closed, and the location’s “When Permanently Closed” effect is triggered. If there are villains remaining in the deck, banish everything except the remaining villains and shuffle the deck if needed; the location is not permanently closed, but it is temporarily closed, and the defeated villain cannot escape to it."

This is very clear. Defeat a villain and you close the villain's location.

Ok, I guess we will go with this unless told otherwise.

Just wondering if Pathfinder Warhammer +1's were not magical for some reason.


In the Watch it Played video the designers use blessings to help each other at different locations.

1) you choose.
2) banished

Should the Warhammer +1 have the Magic trait like all of the other +1 weapons?

With Tomb I would say the Reveal can be played on others, but you can only recharge on your checks.

NOG the Demoralizer wrote:

Since the rules mention others at your location using boons to assist you, it would be nice if at least a few actually could be used that way. Other than ranged options and character special abilities we haven't really found any that explicitly work this way, sort of disappointing as it removes a lot of the teamwork aspect the game could have encompassed.

Hopefully you find the answer I am also looking for.

There a lot of cards that help others.

All of the blessings.

Some spells like Guidance, Aid, and Cure

Some items like the blast stone.

Many Allies like the Guard, most of the named allies can help anyone.

What about cards that evade or defeat a monster like caltrops.

The rules make it clear that, in general, only the active player may evade an encounter.

Rules (p. 10)
Encountering a Card
When you explore a location, flip over the top card of the location deck and put that card on top of that deck. If you have a power or card that lets you evade that card, you may immediately shuffle it back into the deck; it is neither defeated nor undefeated."

Note if YOU have a power or card that lets you evade. So in general other heroes can't help you evade, except in cases where the card says otherwise, like with Sanctuary.

Mike has said on the geek that only the active player may play a card that "defeats" a bane, like Caltrops.


Hope that helps.

Here is a link to Mike's response to this on BGG.


Hmmm. I thought I put that "only-reward-once" rule in the rulebook, but it looks like I dropped it out. We'll FAQ that."

Hope that helps.

Also this


I sure hope we didn't "acknowledge" that. The game is designed so that if you like a scenario, you can play it over and over again.

Maybe this concept got caught up in one of our discussions of the ongoing story arc. If you're playing in "campaign mode," your characters won't get the rewards for *winning* the same scenario over and over again. You're expected to move on, because the villain you just beat is presumed to be six feet under, and thus can trouble you no longer.

Well, except the villains who *like* being six feet under.

One thing I like is that the tactics of the game change depending on the number of heroes and the particular heroes in that group.

There is no one way to play that is correct for every group. If you have two heroes you have to things differently then with 4 or 6. This makes the replayability very high.

ryric wrote:

So here's something that came up in our first game that I want to make sure we did correctly.

We were way behind the curve, blessings-deck wise, only about 12 cards or so left in a 6 player game. We had closed one location, and had no idea where the villain was. An exploring character gets the barrier where every player fights an Ancient Skeleton. First player kills his no problem - but wait, the skeleton (which is a henchman) says now you can close the location! So he did. Thus we went around the table fighting relatively easy skeletons and closing almost all the locations (as we were set up at locations good for each character to close), plus finding the villain. We quite handily then positioned people to temporarily close the remaining two areas and stomped the villain into the ground (3 turns left). This seems like a huge help from a supposed "barrier" - did we do this right?

No. From the rules: (p 12)

Summoning and Adding Cards
Sometimes you will be told to summon a card and encounter it, or to add a card to a deck. When this happens, retrieve the card from the box. If you need to summon or add a number of cards and there aren’t enough copies of that card in the box, the current player decides how to distribute the cards that are there; ignore the rest. After encountering a summoned card, return it to the box unless you’re instructed otherwise. If the summoned card is a villain or henchman, defeating it does not allow you to close a location or win the scenario—ignore any such text on those cards."

Look at the last sentence. It clearly states that you may not do this.

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Let me try again.

Important point.

There are two kinds of powers.

Card power listed on cards like, spells, allies, weapons, armor, and items.


Character Powers, listed on the character sheet.
(For Lini: her ability to change her strength and dexterity die to a d10, or her ability to add d4 to any check)

From the rules:

during a check you can play card powers one of each type of boon, (p11)

and use each character power once each. (P11)

When you play a card, (not a character power) you are revealing, displaying, discarding, burying, or banishing the card. (P10).

So for example:

When Lini Reveals her longsword for a fight this DOES count as playing a weapon since she played a card power on her card. She may not play another weapon.

When Lini Discards her blessing to become a bear this DOES NOT count as playing a blessing because it is a character power on her character sheet. She may play another blessing.

When Lini Reveals her Animal Ally to add the d4 this DOES NOT count as playing an ally because it is a character power on her character sheet. She may play another or even the same ally for its effect.

This is actually something that is not clear in the rules, but has been confirmed by Mike in many posts. I hope you found this helpful. If not I will stop.

TClifford wrote:
I'm pretty sure that it has been mentioned a number of times in this subforum that revealing a card isn't playing it. That is why it doesn't go against the 1 card type per check rule.

TClifford Chad Brown is one of the developers of the game.

He is correct.

Besides it is written in the rules that revealing a card is playing it when it is written on a "card" power.

For Lini she can also play an ally because revealing an animal ally is a "character" power, NOT because revealing is not playing a card. If that was the case, Valeros could reveal 4 weapons on a check, which is obviously silly and against the rules.

cartmanbeck wrote:
Shikutz wrote:

Another question:

After the reset portion of a turn is a player allowed to play a card that would allow for an additional exploration (though never more than 2 per turn), or must all exploration occur on the "explore" part of one's turn?

Is that bolded part actually true? I looked through the rules and it says this:

rulebook wrote:

Explore: When you explore, flip over the top card of your current location deck. If it’s a boon, you may attempt to acquire it; if you don’t, banish it. If it’s a bane, you must try to defeat it. (See Encountering a Card on page 10.) You may explore your location once per turn. Many effects allow you to explore again on your turn; if, during a single exploration, multiple effects each give you an additional exploration, it counts as a total of 1 more exploration, not a series of additional explorations. You may never explore on another player’s turn.

The way I interpret the bolded part there is if you defeat a monster which says "You may immediately explore again" and the location also says "If you defeat a monster at this location, you may immediately explore again", then you get only one more exploration, not another extra one afterwards.

However, if you finish your first exploration by defeating a monster, you can play a blessing or Ally to explore again. If you then defeat a monster or acquire a boon, you can still use another blessing or Ally to explore again, right? You're not actually limited to just 2 explorations at most per turn, correct?

Just wanted to make sure that clarification is made. :)

Yes this correct. You can explore many times in a turn up to 10 ;).

TClifford wrote:
Also, as far as I can tell reveals don't count towards limit of 1 card per type. That is why say Lini can reveal a Snake Ally for the 1d4 to the check and then Discard the Snake Ally for an additional 1d6 based on the text on the card.

Reveals do count as playing a card. Lini can do this since one is playing a card and the other is using a character power. During a check you can play (reveal, discard, dispel, etc whatever it says in card power box) one of each type card, and use each character power once.

Each player can use one of each type boon in a check, so each player could play an ally, blessing, spell, weapon, armor, and item.

But must weapons your checks.

You are also limited to one card or power that changes the type of check. So you couldn't play acid arrow and the longsword together since the longsword makes the check melee and acid arrow makes the check arcane.

Thanks Mike, my mistake.

Charles Scholz wrote:
My point is you can't close a location until you defeat a henchman. Unless the henchman is near the top, there are not enough blessings if the villain is in the last location explored.

A couple of things, blessings you find in game can also be used to explore. Many allies also let you explore. The odds of all henchman and villains being on the bottom of all the decks is very small. (1 in 100,000,000 for 6 players). Blessings also can sometimes be recharged, so they might able to be used again to search.

Basically the chance of a group being unable to finish a scenario due to the villains/henchman being to low in the location decks is probably about 1 in a 1000 for 6 heroes and much less for even 5 heroes.

Will it happen to some groups? Sure maybe once, but it will not happen very often.

Mike posted elsewhere, that this is a typo and was meant to be 4.

Disinherited Knight wrote:


I waited patiently and today my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game base set + add-on deck came! First, I would like to say great job! This game is everything I thought it would be and more. I played a solo game and came upon a situation and could not find a clear answer in the rules so I am hoping you can help.

I am playing the druid, Lini, and one of her powers caused me to have questions. "You may discard a card to roll d10 instead of your strength or dexterity for any die check." She also has an ability that states "When you play an ally with the Animal trait, you may recharge it instead of discarding it."

So my question is about the definition of "played" in this instance. If I discard an animal ally to roll the d10 for strength or dexterity, does it go to my discard pile or do I recharge it? In other words does discarding a card always count as it being played no matter the reason?

Another example: If I discard a spell to roll the d10 for str or dex, do I still get to roll my Divine skill to recharge it instead of discarding it?

Thanks in advance for the help and for making an awesome game!

Not Mike, but none of what you are saying works. Playing the card is using the "card" power not the "charecter" power.

So if you discard the animal ally to fuel the "charecter" power you do not get to recharge.

If you discard the spell you do not get to recharge it either.

Update: Friday night, 4 buisness days after the order was declared ready by paizo, UPS claims they have sorted the package, and that it will arrive in next Friday in 5 business days.

I have never heard of 9 day shipping before.

What is your recommendation for shipping on future orders? So that I do not have to UPS again. I find nine business day shipping to be crazy, I would prefer not to use UPS if that is their standard shipping practice.

Is USPS better to the East Coasst?

Thanks Justin!

Here is what the UPS website says Friday morning:
"A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated."

Do you think they just haven't updated the tracking information, but the package is on the way?

Or do you think UPS is so swamped that it is still sitting in their warehouse 4 days latter?

Thanks again, I guess I am just used to online game stores where the tracking information gets updated right away.

Sorry for being a pest.

It is not UPS-MI

What is the status of order 2679352?

I got a shipping notice on Monday, but UPS still says they have not received the order is this normal.

Sorry for the newbie question.


I guess I just hope the UPS guy gets going and picks up his order.

Thanks all!

I am confused. Has my order shipped?

My tracking number says that UPS hasn't received the package yet, but my subscription page says it has shipped.

What should I look for? UPS tracking?

Just wondering when I can start counting down the 5 business days till it gets here.


For Lini's power:

You may reveal an ally with the Animal trait to add 1d4 ( +1) ( +2) to your check.

Can she use this power and then play an ally on the same check? Or does this count as her Ally play for the turn?

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Spells are like scrolls. One use for non-casters, and permanent for casters. I think it is an elegant design.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Basically, after you reach those points, whenever you banish a bane with the appropriate trait, you remove it from the game, and whenever you banish a boon with the appropriate trait, you can choose to remove it from the game.

I like it. Very neat design.

Vic Wertz wrote:

From "Summoning and Adding Cards" in the Rulebook:

Rulebook wrote:
If the summoned card is a villain or henchman, defeating it does not allow you to close a location or win the scenario—ignore any such text on those cards.
If The Sandpoint Devil shows up, the *best* possible outcome is that you avoid taking damage from him. The worst outcome is that he empties your hand. (Well, okay, the *real* worst outcome is that he empties your hand, and you don't have enough cards to reset your hand at the end of the turn, so you die...)

Of course, thank you!

What happens if you actually defeat the Sandpoint Devil?

A) Nothing, you don't take damage.
B) close the location
C) win the scenario maybe?

I am guessing A, but not sure

If I am at the end of the ship list, August 23, then I will get the card game after the retail stores, August 21, for PACG?

To get PACG fastest, what should I do, OLGS, FLGS, or subscription?