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So one of my players is playing a 13 level Druid. Last session he came up with a new tactics. He turned into a huge air elemental with 15' reach and cast Antilife Shell on himself.
He claimed - and it seems he is correct - that
1. He can hit stuff with his 15' but they can't get to him.
2. They happened to fight a dragon that did have the reach, but since it's a natural weapon, technically he can't enter the shell.

While I see no obvious fault in his logic, it kind off renders every encounter with melee creatures pointless from now on - he'll do the same and kill everything that's not huge (and even some of those), while the other characters stand from afar cheering and shooting.
Of course I can dispel this, or have ranged enemies, casters etc, but I can't have EVERY fight like this, and this seems to be a fail proof invulnerable shield that makes 80% of melee creatures useless against in battle.

Any advice how to deal with his?

Hi, help me clear something up please.

I'm playing a Wild druid, just hit level 4 and thinking about taking Assurance in Athletics.
I'm trained in Athletics so normally with Assurance I'll have a score of 16 (10+2+4).
However Animal Shape at my level grants me +9 Athletics.

So, will my Assurance score be 16 or 19 while in Animal Shape?


Thanks :-)


So one of my players took the feat Acrobatic Dodge
( eats/acrobatic-dodge-combat/)

Now last session he was hit on a surprise round and I ruked that since the feat states that if he can't take a five foot step he can't use it, he is not allowed to use this on surprise round.
He argued that since he also has uncanny dodge he can't be caught off guard so he should be allowed to use it.

I ruled against, but later I had doubts...

Can you help me decide?