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I've put a little bit of time into the game, but I've not made too much progress, at least I don't think I have. Combat is challenging but not quite as bad as some games I've played. So far I haven't touched any online team capabilities but I was sorely tempted for one fight.

I've started up two new characters, mainly for the fun of trying out new weapon types in parallel.

The bow wielding huntress Sindrea and her partner Nightshade and

A more personal character:
Steven and Tuli. You might recognize the cat name from here. I figured I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a butt kicking partner cat and not name her after my old cat.
I haven't settled on what sort of weapons to test out on the other character but it'll likely be a gunlance, buster sword, or other melee weapon. My first used the Insect Glaive extensively and I think that has a very unique play style.

I'll share the experiences of my new characters starting tomorrow, likely starting with Sindrea.

I'd also like to hear from anyone else there experiences with the game.

This was originally going to be our backup game for when people can't show, but we have played this more often recently than the main game.

SPOILERS ahead as I have combined the AP and Scenarios in a blender! Woohoo!

The party started as:
40&2 - Android Mechanic
Ricket - Ysoki Soldier
Elaina - Lashunta Mystic

on a shuttle bound for the town of Maro on Akiton. It is making a stop before it heads to Absalom Station. 40&2 and Elaina chatted on the shuttle for a bit as Ricket made his way to the port to board and leave the planet. He really wants to leave.

Just as the shuttle lands Ricket hears screaming coming from behind him as the crowd scatters revealing a man being chased by two Ysoki and a Shobhad. The Shobhad guns the man down just as the doors to the shuttle open with stray fire going inside the shuttle damaging some components. The man struggles to push a datapad towards the shuttle occupants as he dies from his wounds.

The native Akitonians on the shuttle scatter into the crowd but the Shobhad levels her gun at the rest and tells the new-comers to leave, that the people of Akiton finely have something good going on and that the outsiders should stay away. The team attempt to calm her down but Ricket had had enough of this place and pulls his gun to fire.

*Combat commences*
Setting - Open air space port, wide walkways with evenly spaced pillars.

Most of the party stays in the shuttle to utilize it as cover but Elaina heads out to get behind a pillar. Fairly standard gun fight ensues except the Mystic fries a brain or two.

*Combat ends*

The party then goes about looting the assailants and investigating the data pad. On the data pad they find information from a Venture Captain Arvin detailing a mission regarding the retrieval of a Charlatan's Stone from a rogue agent, Reynald Talbot. The data pad also details the fate of the Starfinder team that was sent and their eventual death at the hands Talbot's loyal followers. The previously surviving Starfinder, now dead at the threshold of the shuttle, also mentions in the datapad's notes that while Talbot hasn't left the planet yet, he is likely to leave soon.

The party, seeking to gain entrance into the Society, decides to accomplish the mission.

-More when I have time to get this caught up-

I think I'm done statting up that frog thing now. Anyone see any crazy errors?

I decided on it being a combatant, animal, skills, and where to put its stat modifiers (though I'm a little unsure where they actually affect things). Perception almost always seemed to be given as a Good skill for most critters, so I gave it that as well.

Volt Frog
N Large animal
Init +5; Senses low-light vision, blindsense (electrical currents); Perception +10
EAC 16; KAC 18
Fort +8; Ref +8; Will +3
Resistances electricity 5
Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee slam +9 (1d6+5 B)
Ranged electrical tongue lash +12 (1d4+4 E)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Offensive Abilities sap current
Str +1; Dex +5; Con +1; Int –4; Wis +2; Cha -1
Skills Acrobatics +15, Stealth +10, Survival +10
Environment warm forests (Castrovel)
Organization solitary
Electrical Tongue Lash (Ex) As an attack, the volt frog can strike at a target with its tongue. The tongue is covered in a multitude of powerful biological capacitors and electrodes. This attack has a range of 60 ft.
Sap Current (Ex) The volt frog may make a ranged disarm attempt against any target within range of his electrical tongue lash that is currently wielding a weapon or device that is powered by a battery. If this attack is successful, the battery in the weapon is completely drained, though not destroyed. If the volt frog uses his electrical tongue lash in the following round, it deals maximum damage.

I'm not too worried about this critter messing with their batteries too much. They each have a few extras at this point and will shortly have a way to recharge them anyways.

Overall I think the guidelines are fairly useful for creating things quickly, but the special abilities section and ability modifiers section hung me up for a bit.

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What is your favorite piece of art in the Core Rulebook?

Mine is the character (My first thought seeing her was literally "Starfinder Seelah"?) on page 502.

I've got everything squared away for my one day trip down to Indy this year.

Next year I want to spend 3 days down there though, this is assuming that it remains in Indianapolis. I have a good idea of what I need to set up and when, but I'm fairly certain that others on the boards have done this multiple times, so I'd love to hear what others do to prepare.

Some info:

I live in Indiana, so getting to Indy isn't much of an issue.

I haven't been involved with organized play at all and I doubt volunteering at a major convention would be a great place to start.

I'll need a hotel room and a good place to park my car for long periods of time assuming the hotel isn't a close walking distance.

Anyone have some advice, time frame to make reservations, etc?

I'll check back tomorrow and answer any other questions.

Thank you for any advice you can give.

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I know this is normally used for suggestions and constructive criticism but it is called 'Website Feedback', so you brought this on yourself. :)

I was surfing around like normal and when I navigated back to the home page, what do I see but a shiny new Advertisement strip.

It looks very nice but that subscription page looks even better.

Nice job!

I'll lay this out real quick before I start actually posting anything that happens. We have had one session, so not a whole lot.

GM- First time GM. He has played in a few campaigns, but he wanted to give GMing a shot after watching tons of Critical Role.

(me) Vigilante (Warlock)
Elementalist (Electrokinetic)
Legendary Rogue

No real frontliner. A friend might want to join in though, and since he is completely new to Pathfinder, he might be a great candidate to show Path of War.

The Leg. Rogue is definitely suited for melee combat and a decent amount of social skills. He has invested in Disable Device and some signature rogue abilities.

The Elementalist is definitely focused on area denial and ranged combat. He warned us he wouldn't be very effective until level 4 or so.

The Incanter has a beefy summons and Destruction sphere stuff. Picked up Crystal Blast to hold enemies down.

I am trying to do something odd with my Vigilante. Reach weapon to focus on some Energy Blade usage while utilizing Darkness to create difficult terrain to trigger plenty of AOOs and slow people down. Not sure exactly how well it will work, but being able to make Mystic Bolts to throw all the time is helpful as a backup.

Other than the mechanical stuff, the GM is hoping that me and the other long time player/GM can help coax the other two into RPing.

As is easily seen, we are utilizing Spheres of Power heavily this time, heck, I'm even converting Clerics into Sphere Casters. My creations honestly scare me. x4 crit with an always keen scythe is easily possible and quite deadly.

Oh well, back tomorrow to post something about the first session we had yesterday.

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This last weekend my group finished the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path while the players utilized Spheres of Power almost completely. We did use a few traditional spells when a Spheres alternative was particularly far out of reach.

The following will be my best attempt to convey my experiences with using the Spheres of Power system mixed with the normal magic system. Some of this will be a copy from previous posts. Questions encouraged, I'll try to get back to them.


Harrower Witch: I picked the Portents patron to really nail the Fortune-Teller feel. Being able to toss cards to give my normal touch spells some range just turned into an amazing benefit at the cost of a swift action. I initially went Fate and Divination, but I quickly diversified for two reasons, organic feel for character leveling and help accommodate for different challenges. I have since put points into Divination, Fate, Destruction, Time, Warp, Protection, and Creation. This makes being a Prepared Caster an exercise in planning.

Bloodrager: Alteration (get big, fly, etc.) Enhancement (enhancement bonuses, DR pen) Destruction (ranged attack in emergencies)

Soulweaver: Life (Healing, Status Removal) Death (Undead Horde), a little bit of Alteration. Later he picked up Permanent Alteration and this was an amazing game changer.

Slayer: Actually doesn’t use any magic, he uses Path of War maneuvers a little though. Great switch hitter, lousy spell caster.

Experiences by Adventure:

Book 1:

Book 1: Fate Sphere: Divine Force was great for debuffing groups of piddling little goblins. Time: Haste definitely helped melee kill more enemies than normal. Death Sphere didn’t get too much use but the occasional zombie goblin did find traps for us. I think we all laughed for a few minutes straight as the GM tried to describe the skeleton goblin crawling into the ‘lavatory’ to retrieve the treasure, and pulling the treasure chest back out while covered in enough manure to make him look like a normal dung covered goblin. Good times. We quickly realized that the Life Sphere could definitely hold its own with a little investment and undead create great blockers, even for ranged attacks. Using Pain with Echoing Words from the Fate Sphere also let me throw around enough non-lethal damage to save us from a TPK against Nualia, and also stopped Lyrie from using a wand during the fight.

Book 2:

Book 2: The undead at the start of this didn’t prove too bad for out melee since they passed a ton of Fort saves. Nothing really remarkable occurred in the other locations before Magnimar, but the Warp Sphere and Hallow in the Fate sphere stopped the Bloodrager from killing me. Remember, Echoing Words and Hallow BEFORE you bump into Dominate effects. We stumbled into a huge fight against the cultists and prevailed. Undead are great to fight against those crazy Skinsaw guys, especially since DR against slashing and they don’t get that buff against undead targets make them great targets. The GM did turn these guys into Sphere Casters and they leveraged level damaging melee attacks against us. Their leader also summoned a pair of snakes, but we managed to kill them all with area undead creation, melee with an almost-Haste, and a lot of use of Cackle and Fortune Hexes.

Book 3:

Book 3: Enter the big enemies, big enemies mean big bloody skeleton undead minions. I have a new terrified respect for a Soul Weaver ordering the bloody skeleton ogre into melee with an Ogre Hook. This is also when the Warp Sphere and Divination Sphere started to shine. I could Warp melee into flanks, myself out of trouble, and also divine in a large enough area to find enemies before they find us. Protection was also picked up around now; it made a handy damage soak against ranged attackers. We did wander into another meat grinder of a melee against all of Hook Mountain. An enlarged Bloodrager, Slayer shooting the rock throwing giant, Soul Weaver that created undead as they died and I tried to keep up good hexes and protection shields. It was rough, but we managed.

Book 4:

Book 4: The siege on Sandpoint was fun. Protection walls forced a dragon to crash to the ground. Giants had to batter them down since a Nat 20 Strength check wasn’t strong enough to burst through. Undead minions and a flying huge Bloodrager are lots of run.

So, Advanced Magic Talents are fun. I picked up Scry and Teleport around this level. I forgot to question the giants about how to get to Jorgenfist quickly, so I tried scrying Mokmurian. He failed his save on a roll of a 2, and I was able to get a good enough idea of the area to Teleport in. As soon as we arrived he went out and we searched for a bit before the horde of giants descended on us. We decided to port back out before they arrived. Took the long way back, killed a Taiga giant, which became the most terrifying undead minion to date, and ported back in again after all access looks like it was covered. This time the boss was out so we snuck around… well, killed stuff as we tried to sneak around. To fast forward, the fight against Mokmurian really showed the difference between spell systems.

I spent almost all of my swift actions and standard actions dispelling and counterspelling the Disintegrates and Cloudkills/Fog Clouds. Invisibility is amazingly powerful, especially since there isn’t a great way to purge or see it without multiple Divination Talents. Disintegrate eventually nuked me, killing me instantly since the GM rolled a little high for damage. Finding him took quite a while and he only died since he flubbed a Defensive Casting roll. Either way, it took the party weeks to make it back to get me Reincarnated (The GM wanted to throw me a bone and mess with me, Lizardfolk Witch now. Roll with the punches)

Book 5:

Book 5: The crazy spells going out from some of the casters here have helped us realize that Spheres of Power is about creating interesting effects and utilizing the built in counters. The spells in the game are about I-Win buttons and Save-or-Die. Rarely can a Spheres spell trivialize an encounter, but an Echoing Word Hallow did prevent a room of succubi from doing anything at all… the GM just waived the fight.

Book 6:

This is when the fights got really hectic and the permanent Alteration effects really started to come alive. Permanent flight, darkvision, and bonus versus mind affecting saves is crazy. The GM decided to knock up Karzoug's champion to 11 and she was capable of dispatching our meat tank relatively quickly. Our Slayer was able to damage her effectively, but we had to find some way to keep her occupied and not hacking us into tiny bits. Walls of Force proved effective, and I quickly earned the enemies ire, getting grappled and having her teleport right behind me ready to kill me the next turn. Luckily another full attack from the Slayer knocked her out and the Necro's skeleton destroyed the Lamia holding me. Another useful strategy against single enemies I discovered was a channeled Word:Harm. Adding 8 damage to any damage they suffer can add up quick when two damage dealers can Full Attack.


No monologue from a boss is great. Right down to business.

This was an intense fight. Khalib had retreated back here, and a Planetar had joined us since we spent the night resting right outside the entrance so we could level up. Prepared Casting isn't so great a drawback when you have ONE fight to prepare for, and have a decent idea what you will need.

I augmented my previous strategy with a Group and Ranged Time so I could Eject multiple enemies. Other than that, Emergency Teleport is definitely a great pick. Not sure what the other guys picked for there new stuff, but it all worked fine.

I won initiative, and had been rolling great initiative all night. I started with a gutsy move forward and an Eject Time to every giant in the room. The two Rune Giants passed, but the other two failed. Knocked two enemies out at the start, awesome. The Necro ordered his soldiers forward to guard me and his conjured Shadow to harass Khalib. The Slayer and Bloodrager engaged the Rune Giants after one giant knocked a skeleton of ours into the molten abyss.

Karzoug laid down some serious damage and buffs during his turn while Khalib tried to ruin some of our defenses against Transmutations. The Dragon flew around, not accomplishing much really, but he did some damage.

Next turn I threw out a room wide Word : Harm to speed up the fight, and managed to beat Khalib and Karzoug's SR. Rune Giants quickly dropped, Planetar died from a Wail of the Banshee, thankfully preventing me from dying since he managed to absorb enough HP from the spell. More defenses, were put up, including a Prismatic Wall and other effects, which destroyed the Greater Shadow. Dragon was out of sight of the Slayer, so he was safe for a turn.

A room wide Word:Pain started ticking serious damage every turn, and would continue long after I suspected I would die from a failed save. Karzoug hit the Necro with Maze, which would need a Nat 20 to get back, and the Slayer with a Meteor Swarm, he rolled low though. Khalib stripped another defense from the Slayer. The Slayer took out the dragon handily and the Bloodrager delayed for me.

I opened a Portal so the Bloodrager could get to Karzoug and the Slayer could easily shoot him. The ticking non-lethal from Pain caused Khalib to fall unconscious. Bloodrager beat Karzoug up and the Slayer poked him full of holes. Karzoug stepped back, Wished for his HP back and vanished.

We identified it as a Dimension Door. The two martials went to scour the area for him while I just popped off a quick Divination, easily finding him and sending in the cavalry. Karzoug gave it his best, trying to turn the Bloodrager into a harmless critter, but Khalib hadn;t done his job well enough and it fizzled harmlessly off the Dominant weapon. Two Full Attack routines later and he was finished.

Khalib was left alive to find his place in this new world and as a gesture of good will Transmuted my half-elf Reincarnated as a Lizardfolk back into a Half-Elf. A successful end to a long journey.

Definitely plan on going to Gen Con again this year. I'm hoping to drag a few more of my friends along this time.

Question though:
If I plan on picking some of this stuff up down in Indy, should I pre-order here on the site, or just wait to visit the booth?

Can't wait to see some of you down in Indy this year. Take it easy everyone.

Hello again wonderful customer support people,

I know this order as well as my subscription had an issue where no payment information was entered (wish I knew how that happened). I am pretty sure I solved all the problems and just wanted to make sure everything looks good on your end.

Of course there is so much stuff in this order you might have to haul it by pickup truck. =)

Hopefully everything is good. *crosses fingers*

Have a good one and hopefully you can enjoy the weekend.

Hello, I hope everything is going alright for everyone today.

I have been trying to add this to my sidecart, Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curse of the Crimson Throne (PFRPG) Limited Edition Hardcover. I complete the steps and try to place my order, but it never gets added.
Of course I bet site is a little busy with the Hardcover just popping up.

Any idea what is causing the problem?

First off, I couldn't find a thread to post your experiences from Gen Con this year, so I figured I would start it off. If you have something you want to share from Gen Con this year, please do!

I'll spoiler it by sections to reduce the wall of text.

The Trip:

This was my first year seeing it. I only live a few hours north of Indy, so the trip down wasn't too bad, but the highway system leading there was a little, confusing. Thank God for GPS. After a little over 2 hours, more than a few quick lane changes but thankfully no angry drivers, I pulled into the parking lot.

A short walk to the convention hall, some helpful directions to 'Will Call' and a short wait in a very long line and the fun began.

Most of my day was spent wandering around the Exhibition Hall or the Convention Center. After some thought, my friend and I believe we walked around or stood watching games and talking with people for about 8.5 hours. Not enough time.

I don't know if I have ever been around so many people at one time that all acted as courteously, were so polite bumping into and being bumped into, and so nice overall. Never has there been such a wretched hive excellent gathering of scum and villainy respectful and kind people. If you have ever thought about heading to Gen Con, but haven't, I encourage you to do so.

Part 1:

I checked out the Dark Souls board game being showcased at the Steamforged Games booth. I didn't stick around too long because there is so much to see, and it looked like those poor guys were about to bite it against the Dancer. Oh well, it is Dark Souls. Wandered over to the Chaosium booth with my friend and picked up new rule book for a mutual friend of ours that couldn't make it this year. After that we wandered over to Adventure-A-Week/Playground Adventures booth and met Stephen Rowe and Thilo "EZG" Graf. Had a nice long chat with Thilo and then continued the journey through the exhibition hall.

Paizo's Booth:

At some point I passed by Paizo's area and I felt drawn to check out whatever they had on display. I had an opportunity to shake hands with Wayne Reynolds and check out some art he had on display. Truly great stuff, only wish I had the cash this year to purchase something. I did get to check out the iconic villain artwork and others, which was really cool. After the artwork we checked out the books on the table and I was amazed at how well done the new Pocket Core Rulebook was done. When it was first announced I couldn't possibly imagine how you could get so much good stuff into a small book, but it is a very manageable size. We then checked out some of the other stuff and we were asked by Jessica Price if we were finding everything alright. This is a moment when my situational awareness lapsed, and I forgot to congratulate Jessica Price for being a featured presenter. That is why the read name seemed so familiar. *sigh* I managed to pick up the Witch and Oracle Class Deck for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I also checked out the Pathfinder Tales novels and with recommendations from the excellently dressed (as Capt. America) Josh Vogt, I picked up some light reading. It wasn't until talking with Josh that I realized it has been over a year since I read anything that wasn't based on politcal philosophy or religion. During check out my wits were with me a little more and I happened to meet Sara Marie. I should have spent some time here to meet anyone else running the booth, but they looked a little busy checking other people out.

Part 2:

At one point we walked by the Loneshark Games booth, which looked rather busy at that moment. Checked out Rio Grande and my friend picked up a box to try out a new Dominion addition. Passed by Phil Foglio's booth and met the man behind the Girl Genius web comic. It wasn't even something I was aware of, but between the setting, art style, and having females in strong character roles, I'm sold on checking it out. Checked out a game of strategic orphan burning, yes, that's right. We also found a table that had an opening to try out a new Ascension box set. The new mechanics seem interesting but we had to cut the session short to go and get some food.

If I remembered that the exhibition hall closed at 7, I would have pushed off grabbing food till after that. Oh well, something to remember for next year. The 2 hour drive back gave me a long time to think and do some introspection about the day I had. Lessons learned from someone else can be valuable, so let me share some of them.


1. Time : You need more than one day at GenCon to really see it all.
2. Badges : You never know who you might bump into. Take a second to read the name on it.
3. Thanks : Take some time to find some of the excellent people that manage this website and forum, produce books and adventures, and thank them for what they do.
4. Stuff : If you spend much time walking the floor you will definitely see stuff you want to get. Fancy dice, art for the game room, a new book, it's here.

That seems like most of the highlights. I eagerly await what others have to share about their Gen Con experience.

A group of friends and I have been playing through WotR recently and I got this back out at home to play solo. I was looking to try out different characters from class decks and other sets with it, and I wanted to create a challenge from the get go.

What I have done to provide this challenge is play with 4 characters but with locations set for 6 characters. It took me 2 tries to beat the first scenario, 1 for the next, and so far the third scenario has stumped me 3 times, though the last one was nearly a victory.

I don't quite remember the end scenarios too well, so I'm not to sure if this setup will become impossible to beat later on. I was thinking of keeping the ratio of explorations to turns the same as 4 characters by increasing the number of cards in the blessings deck.

Usually: 4 Characters = 6 Locations (60 Explorations) in 30 Turns [2:1]
Modified to: 8 Locations (80 Explorations) in 40 Turns [2:1]

It will give me more time, but I'll still have the same resources to complete it in, which will allow me to play less with the same level of aggression as a 4 character run, but I will need to exercise endurance with the increased amount of locations and turns.

Has anyone tried something like this before? Any advice on how to balance this?

A friend of mine was a little interested in creating character cards for a playthrough of WotR. In particular he was wanting to remake his tiefling wizard, but in general I was wondering if anyone knew of any good sources for art for cards since my searching has not yielded many results. I am aware of the policy regarding using the art on the Paizo Blog and which ones you can use from that.

I imagine that any cards I make would be Private rather than Public.

It might be a bit till I get back to check the thread but I wanted to thank everyone in advance for helping. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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Hello everyone. I’ve been playing Pathfinder for a little over a two years; mainly GMing it, but I didn’t discover the wonderful forums until about a year ago. I have read plenty of wonderful discussions and also been clued into so many different 3PP products I have come to love.

To date I have home brewed every adventure I have put my players through, though a friend of mine is GMing Rise of the Runelords for us. Just a session into it and I can tell definitely that these wonderful APs would really help me provide a better experience.
With all the wonderful inspiration I have gotten from reading through the forums, I wanted to provide some little bit of my own content to hopefully help others. This is a chase scene I designed that my players loved. Like many GMs, if my players loved it, I felt wonderful that my imagination was able to provide an engaging encounter. I will say that it took me 5 hours to fully pin down all the details on this, and it only lasted 10 minutes to run through. That experience has given me a much greater respect for developers and designers in this field.

Setting: A city is being evacuated to save as many people from a host of Proteans being led by a Protean Lord. The section of the city the PCs happen to be in is a slum with destroyed/condemned buildings, debris strewn streets, and clogged sewer. To further complicate matters a hurricane is approaching, so high winds and driving rain are making some checks a little harder to beat than normal. The PCs are here to secure an artifact not rescue civilians.

PCs: Four Gestalt Lvl. 4

Pursuers: 3 Naunets [Reason: Flying enemies with dimension door at will seem like good enemies to use. They are much tougher than the PCs, so they would hesitate to stop and fight.
Rules: I followed the normal rules for chase scenes with the added rule that is everyone going a certain path all passed the check on the first try, something would happen to a pursuer to give them a slight buffer between a failed roll and an angry Naunet. Also, rather than a linear path with two checks, I made multiple paths with multiple checks to determine which obstacles they faced, and where they went. I kept most of the DCs low enough so that the less physically gifted PCs could advance, as well as some only needing one PC to accomplish to allow passage for others.


Street #1
A debris covered street flanked by buildings, Naunets appear one at a time on the rooftops. [As soon as the third appeared, everyone said “RUN” at the same time]

Path 1: Run down the debris covered street, slick with rain.
Check: Acrobatics (15)
Destination: Street #2
Path 2: Spot a partially covered doorway to get off the street.
Check: Perception DC (10)
Destination: First Building Ground Floor
Part I:

Street #2
As they dash down the street they turn a corner and come to a jam created from abandoned belongings and partially collapsed buildings

Path 1: Slide and crawl under the rubble blocking the street.
Check: Escape Artist (15)
Destination: Street #2
Path 2: Climb over the debris.
Check: Climb (15)
Destination: Alley #1
First Building Ground Floor
Heading into the building reveals a remarkably intact ground floor room.

Path 1: Jump out the window to the alley
Check: Acrobatics (15)
Destination: Alley #1
Path 2: Squeeze pass collapsed wall and head upstairs.
Check: Escape Artist (10)
Destination: Balcony
Path 3: Break through the door to the side, and head to the basement.
Check: Strength (13)
Destination: Basement
Part II:

Alley #1
After the rubble and debris, the street becomes impassable. Turning down an alley is the only option.

Path 1: Slip under the wall, through a small broken section.
Check: Escape Artist (15)
Destination: Alley #2
Path 2: Use piled up barrels to climb over the wall.
Check: Climb (20)
Destination: Alley #2
Path 3: Spot a sewer drain that is covered with wooden planks
Check: Perception (15)
Destination: Sewer #1
Overlooking the back alley with a partially broken ladder leading to the roof

Path 1: Climb to the Roof
Check: Climb (15)
Destination: Roof #1
Path 2: Leap to the far alley
Check: Acrobatics (15)
Destination: Alley #2
It is a dark basement with an unstable wall in the back, and a terrible stench emanating from something on the other side of the wall.

Path 1: Push through the wall
Check: Strength (15)
Destination: Sewer #1
Path 2: Spot a gap in the wall near the corner
Check: Perception (20)
Destination: Sewer #1
Part III:

Alley #2
No openings on the lowest level lead into the building.

Path 1: Climb ladder all the way to the roof
Check: Climb (10)
Destination: Roof #2
Path 2: Jump off of crates to get to the balcony and head inside the building.
Check: Acrobatics (15)
Destination: Second Building Second Floor
Roof #1
The rooftop is bare with only a narrow footpath leading to the adjoining building and a collapsed corner.

Path 1: Run across narrow ledge
Check: Acrobatics (20)
Destination: Roof #2
Path 2: Slide down section of collapsed roof and leap to the balcony on the second floor.
Check: Dexterity (13)
Destination: Second Building Second Floor
Sewer #1
A stinking sewer clogged with debris.

Path 1: Balance across large debris to the other side.
Check: Acrobatics (15)
Destination: Sewer #2
Path 2: Wade through the sewage to the other side.
Check: Fort Save (13)
Destination: Sewer #2
Part IV:

Second Building Second Floor
A whole level of a building nearly collapsed to the floors below.

Path 1: Spot a ladder that can be used to descend.
Check: Perception (15)
Destination: END
Path 2: Climb down broken ledges.
Check: Climb (20)
Destination: END
*A pursuing Naunet smashes through a weak pillar as it tries to bite you. The resulting damage to the structure causes the above floor to collapse, crushing and killing the Naunet*
Roof #2
A bare roof with the exception of some wood piled in the center of the roof.

Path 1: Break weak roof section.
Check: Strength (12)
Destination: END
Path 2: Spot a large drain in the center of the roof leading to the sewer depth.
Check: Perception (20)
Destination: END
*Pursuers dimension door down into the building to assault you. Their attacks weaken the already fragile structure and cause it to collapse, killing them*
Sewer #2
Same sewer as before, but this time a weak wall must be overcome.

Path 1: Break through the wall.
Check: Strength (15)
Destination: END
Path 2: Slip between cracks in the weak wall
Check: Escape Artist (20)
Destination: END
*As the wall breaks, the Naunet lunged after the PC to get crushed*
I included a narrative death to the pursuers, though I bet more clever individuals could devise something better. I did give the PCs a chance to square off against a Naunet later to get some revenge. They had a good time with it, hopefully someone else can use this mental labor of love to have some good times.