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Awesome Module.
The best of those long modules so far.
My players enjoyed the 2nd part the most, 3rd part the least (very much a dungeon crawl).
The only reason I cannot give 5 stars, is because of the first opponent at the black corral cave.
Reducing the HP is not enough in order to justify this monster at this tier. It does not scale well.
The attack bonus is ridiculous, and damage (plus Power Attack as written in the tactics at Bab+11) and crit range 19-20 means that you can easily kill any char with one attack.
If that was the boss fight it would be ok, but this should not happen right after they rolled their first initiative and did not commit any stupid mistakes. And it actually did happen at my table. I had to cheat and ignore the critical hit from the claw (50 dmg), which I really don't like doing.
Also the CMD makes it incredibly hard for meele rogues to participate in this fight (tumbling into flank).

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I would give this one zero stars


Just ran it at a game day in Aschaffenburg.
This is by far the worst adventure I came across.
Mechanically this scenario is sound, allthough tier 3-4 is significantly harder than all the other tiers.
What disappointed me was the plot, the motivation of the PCs and the Society as a whole.
The Venture Captain and the Society are acting like hypocrits, cut-throats, thiefs and liars (plain evil) in this scenario and every PC following their instructions should shift alignment (probably more than once). LG characters and Paladins especially should not be able to fullfil the goal of the interactive.
This Product should vanish in oblivion.