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I agree, release it as a book.

Awesome, looking forward to the physical release.

Do you think after a few releases you could collect them into a print on demand?

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Delvians from Farscape. Religious Plant people who take energy and pleasure from the sun, seems like they'd be quick to worship a certain sungod.


You're tearing me apart doggie! *raises fists*

Release it already, or are you chicken? Chip-chip cheep cheep cheep cheep

I'm brand new to GMing, with Starfinder being my first game. I was wondering, where do I buy the maps that are in this book?

Looks like they start shipping on the 21st.


Looks like that these are unpainted resin, if you want pre-painted plastic miniatures, they'll be out later in the year.

It wouldn't be science-fantasy without at least a desert planet! lol

Will there be a physical copy available on drivethrurpg?

I was able to just buy it from DriveThruRPG without any issues, looking forward to receiving my physical copy!

Hi, I wanted to order this but you don't have any option to ship to the United Kingdom in the country list.

Can we get some dividers?