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Placed an order for it. Still have not been charged. Is this a preorder, if it is I haven't seen it on the page at all.

I know most readied actions will go before what it triggered against. But I have a special question in a strange situation.

1. Pc has one action left. He opens a door.
2. Npc readied actions triggers and attacks Pc due to the door opening.

In this situation my group was arguing were the Npc goes on the initiative. Most are going with the rules saying it goes before him, effectively being aloud to go before the Pc the next time the Pc goes. But others are arguing that the Npc should go after the Pc since the opening of the door was the last action the Pc has did, since the Npc did not effectively interrupt his action.

Can you dispel the effect of mage's disjunction to repower magic items? Since disjunction has a duration of 1 minute per caster level, I assume you can dispel the effect since it is not instantaneous.

During our game today we had a run in with a problem. We could not figure out the amount of attacks you get while grappled. The rules state you just may attack with a light or one handed weapon. But was that limited to a single attack or a full attack action? Clarification is welcome.

I might be confused but death and active buff spells. Do all active spells that are on you (I.e shield of faith, telepathic bond, bless) end once you are considered dead. I know that a dead body is considered an object after death but wouldn't the spell duration continue on til they end?

And what would happen to active spells right before your an target of a Breath of life when your considered dead?

Sorry if this looks weird typing during a session on a tablet.