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Not an official errata, but an official response from James Jacobs here:

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2l7ns&page=455?Ask-James-Jacobs-ALL-your-Qu estions-Here#22707

Perhaps the new wizard to go another class. I recommend a normal summoner; eidolons are very strong and can take a lot of hits and deal out tons of damage.

The closest you'll get is the ultimate equipment book. It has a lot of different types of foods/drinks in it, though no exact specific thypes. However it does give you prices for the genera things.

Righteous enhancement on armor but it costs 27,000 GP.

It also does not stack with enlarge person or giant form


However unless you're a wizard/sorcerer, you won't be able to get giant form on yourself as the range is personal.

Make environment a huge issue in your game and make your ranger's ability to lead through swamps, forests, deserts, tundra, caves, and more a real strong point. Survival skill also should come up with tracking and assisting the party in staying alive in hostile places.

If a certain type of enemy doesn't show up commonly, have the ranger take the guide archetype. If your ranger wants to be from town instead of the wilderness, have him take urban ranger too (they do stack).

As for rangers in combat; archery is extremely powerful. Deadly Aim + Rapid Shot + Manyshot + Improved Precise Shot and the ranger can take some of these feats earlier before they would normally be permitted (such as improved precise shot).

You also have to remember that rangers generally don't have to move a lot to hit their targets unless they are around corners. Longbows have a 110 feet and that means the ranger can rapid shot/manyshot/full attack all day long without having to move. Your melee people will have to move constantly and when they kill someone, probably have to move again. For every turn they aren't getting their full attack, they are losing out on damage in comparison to the ranger who is raining hell down on the enemy.

Once he starts casting gravity bow and aspect of the falcon (which can be made into wands), he'll do a very nice damage. Plus with the spells above 19-20 crit range and a x3 crit with a +1 to hit, not bad. Once he gets the clustered shot feat, DR won't even be that bad.

Don't count the ranger out yet.

As others said, intensified snowball is a good one. 10d6 damage and possible staggered for a level 1 spell at level 10 CL? Not bad.

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Shawl of Life keeping, 1000 GP and allows you to store 10 HP which heals you if you fall below 0.

I'd recommend going elven wizard with the fleet-footed racial trait (+2 initiative)

With the elf trait, reactionary, a +4 familiar, and improved initiative, you're looking at an 11 initiative at level 1 (with a 12 DEX)

I know that everyone has a different style of playing wizard, but I prefer battlefield control and summoning wizards; "god: style.

Resource based classes get harder to use when you have to factor in these things:

1. Do you have a party larger than 4? Then that means the GM will most likely have to throw more monsters at you to challenge you, that means you have to use the set resources you have against greater numbers, which will wear you down much quicker.

2. How often you will rest. You stated the GM doesn't let you rest much, but you should push it on the party if you can. Not having a wizard who can cast spells means no one can blame him when he doesn't do something.

You should instead try to rely on spells that have bigger bang for the buck. Summon Monsters is the key here. Using summon monsters permits you to have monsters that can fight for several turns and absorb attacks/damage.

You don't have to heal summon monsters, so every attack against them is an attack not on an ally and every time they absorb a hit, that's one hit not going towards an ally. They basically help flank, absorb damage, and deal out some damage.

Other great spells help amplify your party. Enlarge person for the melee is amazing, grease helps take out some enemies by forcing them to drop their weapons or fall prone (inviting AOOs by standing up).

I generally recommend giving NPCs a small percentage of the loot found. While not as large as a share earned by a player, a small amount should be acceptable (5-10%)

Ghoul touch paralyzes the target if you make a successful melee touch attack, the fortitude save is only to not become sickened.

This means if you are touched, you are paralyzed.


My GM does a very high end roll system which makes characters fairly strong but does make them enjoy their characters a lot.

Roll 7 4d6, drop lowest one in each set, drop lowest set. Make your 2nd highest number an 18 (ties still count, so 2 17s, one becomes 18)

The key is making sure all your characters are within the same area. If someone has a 20 point buy and another one has a 50, then you need to let the 20 reroll.

Our group of 6 has a 40-47 point buy, but it works pretty well as each character is good at what they do.

Blessed book has 1000 pages and doesn't cost anything to write a spell in it. However it does cost 12,500 Gp.

Level 1-6 Quicken Metamagic Rod

Nothing beats action economy and casting more spells per round only makes you vastly more dangerous.

Summon monsters, grease, snowball and any other spell that ignores SR.

Grease is laughably effective; golems are not known for their high reflex saves.

Buy a wand of enlarge person and hand it to someone else to cast it for you or have potions.

I have an ipad 3 and I use it quite a bit for gaming. Yes its an apple product, but I still enjoy it.

You want to find a tablet with the following:

1. Its got a powerful processor, which is important for any tablet PC, which helps you sort through pdfs quickly.

2. A high resolution screen for crisp reading.

3. Internet connection and not just wi-fi, a data plan if you can afford to. However if the area you're playing in has wi-fi always and its accessible, then don't worry about it as much.

Most GMs I've played with enjoy the tablet as they like to post things online such as pictures, characters, ongoing plots, etc. You can just pull it up on your tablet and show everyone. I also find that sometimes other players do not know what sort of enemy they are fighting and I usually find a picture on google to show them and it gives them a deeper understanding of the game.

Also being able to pull up your sheet on your tablet is helpful and easier than paper/pencil.

Remember witches at the end of the day are still full spellcasters with level 9 spells and the ability to prepare them. While their spell list is more limited than a wizard's, they still have a lot of power to throw around and picking the right patron can help you get great spells (such as the time patron).

Hexes also never run out of steam and are useful from 1-20, they don't provoke AOOs and ignore spell resistance. While do you not have the utility power of the wizard as much or the overt damage nature of martial classes, you're ability to prevent things and to force things to happen (fortune to help allies hit and misfortune to make the enemies miss) is amazing.

Misfortune, Evil Eye, and Fortune hexes are very good reasons to be a witch.

Misfortune works on everything and anything (even golems and undead) as its a non-type supernatural ability. Misfortune is a GM's bane and will prevent unimaginable levels of damage as your GM looks on in frustration as his constant misses (and almost impossibility of doing a critical).

Evil Eye helps lower the AC, ATK rolls, saving throws, and more of an enemy and it will ALWAYS go through (unless they are immune to mind-affecting), even if they make the save.

Fortune just helps your buddies who make full attacks re-roll one of their attacks to try and land more attacks.

Witches have great spells and their hexes provide a lot of versatility. Hexes do not provoke AOO or require any form of movement (generally) which means you could use them while being grappled or even paralyzed.

As a witch you need to measure how much damage you cause by allowing your allies to hit an enemy easier with evil eye or rerolls through fortune and how much damage you prevent with evil eye and misfortune. Not to mention retribution, slumber, and ice tomb also help take decimate encounters.

Aside from that, you have a lot of great spells and while you aren't as versatile as a wizard, you still got a lot of tricks.

Con belt will help you stay alive a bit. Gloves of Recon are a personal favorite of mine and jaunt boots/sandals of quick reaction are helpful.

I play a wizard in my game and I craft all of the party's wondrous items and I generally charge 10% on the crafting cost of the item (20% if the item takes more than 2 weeks; I double time my item crafting)

The party members I'm with realize that this is vastly cheaper than buying it themselves and are perfectly happy with it.

They also all realize that the cost of writing spells into my book gets really expensive (especially if you add about 40 spells a level) and that I have to spend my own money to make scrolls or symbols (Symbol of Mirroring) for the party's benefit. It is because of these extra costs they are perfectly happy with paying me extra in order keep my funds for these extra items.

They also realize that I have to spend 8 hours of every day crafting, while this is normally hand-waived it still takes a toll on my character that I RP out and IC they all realize I'm stuck at a desk for 8 hours crafting every day.

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Disclaimer: I'm basing this line of thought on Pathfinder Society and the scenarios/modules ran in it. I don't care what you do in your homebrew setting or if you have an evil GM or any house rules you may have. I'm going strictly off of PFS rules.

There are several factors that come into play, none of which works in favor of your player.

Gunslingers are already amazingly powerful and overpowered (I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for that).

1. They can do touch AC attacks which will dominate almost anything at high levels that isn't specifically prepared for firearms (and few mythical creatures are). This means they can take all the penalties of deadly aim because they will virtually never miss, gaining a huge bonus to damage.

2. x4 critical and with improved critical that's a 19-20 range. A gunslinger can do 100+ damage with a single crit by level 5.

3. DEX to damage (I'm assuming he's a pistolero or a musket master). This is insane as it permits gunslingers to only need one stat for their ranged attacks. One stat that gives huge boosts to AC, initiative (to shoot flat-footed targets), reflex saves, damage, and to hit.

A musket master can only do a touch attack within 50 feet (if she spends a move-equivalent action to gain an extra 10 feet to the musket's range).

A rifle can shoot a touch attack up to 400 feet with penalties. However these penalties are very little because you're still shooting touch which is easy to hit and he probably will get far shot to lower the penalties.

If your player gets distance on his firearm, double the range. 800 feet for a Rifle and 100 feet for a musket. That's significant; that's sniper territory. I haven't even added the Deadeye Grit which only increases the range he can shoot at.

Imagine him shooting touch attacks at 1600 feet for a -15 penalty (not really that big at higher levels and its still just touch AC). This doesn't even include if he's got + weapon bonuses on his guns or buffs.

Example: Group sees a dragon in the sky far up and heading for the group, that gunslinger can probably kill it before it gets close.

The other main thing is that he will only be able to use metal cartridges for his gun, which will cost him 7.5 GP a shot (to make) unless he gets a potion/oil, wand, or a friendly caster just to cast abundant ammunition.

If you still want to do it (and I'm assuming he's a musket master), remind him that he needs to take Rapid Reload AGAIN as the rapid reload feat under musket master specifically says MUSKETS, not rifles.

I'm a power gamer and a min-maxer to a certain extent as well as DM for a group that are largely made of them. I generally don't see it as an issue if most of the group is pretty powerful as its not bad to have a group that's powerful, but a group that's unequally powerful as that will hurt your far weaker players.

I also do tremendous amounts of RP and organization for my games as I'm OCD about keeping track of loot, managing party resources, and the rules. I also do a lot of RP in character and don't meta. I generally walk away from the table or ignore any situation for which my character isn't present for. I find that a lot of the times my ideas and suggestions are exactly the solution to the problem or issues other party members have in their private missions and this helps prevent anyone from suspecting that I'm meta gaming as well as me; everything I do is coincidence or just good strategy.

Going along with everyone else here and having DM a 7 man game; the logistics are a nightmare. Not only do you have to plan encounters for 7 people, the resources of your group are also further strained (Healer only has so many spells to heal with, wizard only has to many spells to throw at the enemy etc). On top of that, not having people who participate or worse, distracting hurts the game. I would say you are perfectly in your right to remove D and E from the game. E will probably not care and D didn't voice himself earlier.

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There's virtually no advantage of going universalist: there will probably only be a handful of spells on the schools you prohibit and if you really want them, spend two spell slots. Also you can take opposition research at level 9, permitting you to remove this requirement.

Fangwood Keep will be something I definitely think is cool.

I've seen a lot of information released on Cheliax, Taldor, Andoran, and Varisia, but I feel many of the other major countries in Avistan are being neglected.

What about other countries such as Molthune, Nirmathas, and lastly, Galt?

I feel that Paizo could make a wonderful adventure revolving around Galt and its infamous dread dungeons, perhaps freeing that prisoner who holds the hidden secret behind ending the Revolution?

I've noticed from the pre orders that there will be no AP or books on these locations for up to April 2013. I'm hoping soon that Paizo makes an AP in Galt or at least release a book on one of the 3 nations above.

I had a question about the pathfinder society traits that were mentioned in the shattered star player's guide.

On page 5, there are a list of traits that were originally only permitted to be taken by specific classes. However in this player's guide, they've changed the traits to only be an entire category such as combat or faith.

For example, the defender of the society trait used to require you to be a fighter. Does it no longer require you to be a fighter and any class can take it as long as its their only combat trait?

I had a question about the pathfinder society traits that were mentioned in this book.

On page 5, there are a list of traits that were originally only permitted to be taken by specific classes. However in this player's guide, they've changed the traits to only be an entire category such as combat or faith.

For example, the defender of the society trait used to require you to be a fighter. Does it no longer require you to be a fighter and any class can take it as long as its their only combat trait?

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I've always enjoyed flavor items and hope you guys put some more into the game.

I've felt that bards don't really have many interesting items that don't already duplicate another specific spell.

For example, the lyre of building is a very fun item that isn't specifically duplicated by another spell and is a great item for bard RP. Not to mention other items that are for the benefit of NPCs you may come across, such as a small table that enlarges into a buffet table to provide food for the group. I would like to see more items that support users can buy for the group's benefit.

Or a bard's music box that could hold a bard's song that he puts into it for a few rounds.