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I've seen a lot of information released on Cheliax, Taldor, Andoran, and Varisia, but I feel many of the other major countries in Avistan are being neglected.

What about other countries such as Molthune, Nirmathas, and lastly, Galt?

I feel that Paizo could make a wonderful adventure revolving around Galt and its infamous dread dungeons, perhaps freeing that prisoner who holds the hidden secret behind ending the Revolution?

I've noticed from the pre orders that there will be no AP or books on these locations for up to April 2013. I'm hoping soon that Paizo makes an AP in Galt or at least release a book on one of the 3 nations above.

I had a question about the pathfinder society traits that were mentioned in the shattered star player's guide.

On page 5, there are a list of traits that were originally only permitted to be taken by specific classes. However in this player's guide, they've changed the traits to only be an entire category such as combat or faith.

For example, the defender of the society trait used to require you to be a fighter. Does it no longer require you to be a fighter and any class can take it as long as its their only combat trait?