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The common room of the Evercandle Inn is, as expected, fantastically lit by the continuous flames of the candles that the place takes it's name from. It is comfortably furnished and spacious enough for quite a few people to use, yet arranged in a way that makes it feel cozy. The proprietor, an older woman named Soceal Murgrave, can be seen occasionally, supervising her business with her attendant always close at hand. A young girl can also be seen, effortlessly attending to the hospitality of those guests of the in in the room, bringing food and drink and such.

A group a five adventures are gathered around one of the masterfully built tables. Valki, Takek, Rhangil and the android most generally known as Othres have recently returned from an expedition into Numeria, seeking sky metal and any technological treasures, while a newcomer, a gnome by the name of Felix has come to Torch in pursuit of rumors of fantistic things below Black Hill.

When Felix mentions a search for Khonnir Baine, the others are taken aback, as he had just left on his second expedition into the caves before they had left on their expedition.

OOC discussion goes here. I hope to get this up and running by Wednesday. You have till then to make minor tweaks to your characters.

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I am recruiting 4 maybe 5 players to go through the Iron Gods AP.

Gestalt rules, if you are unfamiliar.

Character creation:

Level 1

21 point by, on a one for one ration, no stat higher than 20 or lower than 8 AFTER racial adjustments.

All paizo source material, with the following exceptions is allowed. Synthesist Summoner, Sacred Geometry, pre-Unchained Summoner are the exceptions.

No Third Party or 3.5 retro.

Races: Any 20 rp or under.

Alignments: No evil. Chaotic neutral is allowed, but don't play it as chaotic stupid or chaotic evil with a different name.

Two traits, one from the campaign's player's guide. No drawbacks.

Backgrounds: I don't need a novel, and honestly I prefer something streamlined for your proposal. Just enough to get the gist of your character's personality and motivations. Also, remember, you are level 1. You haven't accomplished a whole lot yet. And secondly, this is Golarion, but I'm only moderately familiar with the setting so I don't need you to be intimately familiar either.

Finally: If you are going to ask for me to bend the rules to give your character more power, the answer is probably no. No NG paladins, feats from other races or deities etc etc... Traits are one exception, I am okay with reflavoring traits if appropriate.

Posting requirements: Once daily whenever possible, weekends and holidays are exceptions. Extend absences should be given warning.

No funny business. Don't try and do things out of initiative. Don't ask for things you didn't take the required class / traits / skills / feats etc. for.... Respect the action economy rules. If you didn't declare you did it before hand, in all likelihood I will rule you didn't do it (although I won't make you specify you picked up a dropped weapon outside of turn based combat.) I don't want to seem hostile or off-putting, I just want to make sure you know where I stand.

About me:
I am an active gamer IRL, and fairly active on the boards. This will be my first PbP as a DM. I am aware that the AP's can take quite a bit of time to complete, and as such I will likely streamline bits that seem unnecessary.

Recruitment goes until the end of November. Until then, Happy Robot Hunting.

Always wanted to play this AP, running it on the boards seems like the next best thing. Looking for 4 or 5 players if the interest is there.