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Hey guys,

I've added a new payment card but now I've gotten a second declined notice from you about the old card.

Paizo Order # 4783145 Will Be Canceled Soon

When I hit the change button on the order the screen refreshes but nothing changes. I don't wanna miss out on the Beta pre-orders. I've replied to the emails but gotten no responses...

Can someone PLEASE help?!?!

Xethik wrote:

I believe the date moved to the 27th (according to the Playtest homepage).

EDIT: Quote from the Playtest page

Preorder Update: preorders for Pathfinder Playtest products will begin March 27. We are delaying the start to provide better shipping options, including picking up at Gen Con 2018! The preorder period will still end at 11:59 PM Pacific on May 1.

It's the 27th... Where are the preorders?