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Alright, so I've searched a fair bit on this and so far I can't find anything that answers this question.

I'm playing in an evil game, and I'm playing a character with the Negative Energy Affinity trait. My class is Antipaladin, and soon I am going to receive Channel Energy.

I mentioned that a great thing about Channel Negative Energy for me is that I can always heal myself, even while harming others. My DM argued that by the wording of Channel Energy, that's not the case.

He says that I am only healed by Negative Energy that is channeled to heal undead, and not to harm the living. Now, if it was another cleric/antipaladin channeling to affect me I would say he is right, but it says under Channel Energy "A cleric may always choose to include himself in this effect."

To me, that means that I can always be included in my own Channel Energy, and will be affected by my Negative Energy depending on whether I am alive or undead. In this case, I will be healed because I am considered to be undead.

Am I right that I can heal myself Negative Energy that is channeled to harm the living, or is he right that I can only be healed by Negative Energy channeled to heal undead?

I would be immensely grateful to any dev wandering by that could provide an answer, because both myself and my DM are 100% sure of our positions.

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Alright, my friend and I were testing our character against each other and we came upon an interesting question. The situation is this;

My character charged his and went to make an attack. His character had a ranged attack readied for when my character came within 40ft. He hit and my character was dropped to 0hp, so he was conscious but disabled.

I want to know whether or not my character would be able to finish the charge action he was already taking before the other guy hit him, since it could mean the difference between who actually dies.