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Ah, to travel the stars and see all the distant planets that the Song of Spheres has left for us to find. How I long to harmonize with that song., I hear there are some attractive green people on that planet over there...

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pjrogers wrote:
Thanks, I'd read it that he was banned just from the temple, but corrupting a librarian would probably be enough to get you banned from the entire town. As a librarian myself, I know that we are a fragile and sensitive lot.

Hey now! There was no corruption of any kind; everything was consensual. She got in trouble for shirking her duties and I was banned from the library. These knights aren't as uppity as everyone makes them out to be, even me. I mostly poke fun at them to get under their skin.

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Stephen Wight wrote:

A cat, a rooster, and sovereign glue?

Am I to interpret this as someone having picked up the wrong lube bottle? My players will absolutely catch this!

Well... I'm not going to spell it out for you... But let's just say that she didn't find my gift of universal solvent amusing.

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joe kirner wrote:
excellent. not only a random encounter table but a random location and plot. can't wait.

I can assure you, each my selections were made meticulously. The only thing random are my dice... usually.

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BretI wrote:
Looks like Shevar got into too much of the pumpkin juice!

Oh, no... no more pumpkin juice for me. At a party for last year's First Brewing, I drank an entire keg on a dare then—well, it wasn't pretty. Now I stick firmly to aged bourbon. Just last week I got in a barrel from my favorite distillery in Alkenstar.